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Evony Database – Resources

Tuesday, August 11th, 2009

We’ve added a new section for the Evony database: General. In this General category, we’ve completely finished adding the “resources” section. We plan to add multiple other parts in addition to redoing our Evony buildings database and finishing the Evony items portion of the database.

Evony Gold, Evony Food, Evony Lumber, Evony Stone, and Evony Iron are the five resources that we’ve added.

Stay tuned, because we’re going to have a lot more of information for you at the Evony database!

Using the Evony Community Forum

Monday, August 10th, 2009

Many players, or members, of Evony do not fully understand how the official Evony Community Forums work. This guide will answer all of the misunderstandings and should teach you a few things about forum boards.

Guide Last Updated: August 9th, 2009

1. Basics

a. How to register a forum account

b. How to create a thread

i. How to make a post / reply to someone

ii. Why isn’t my thread / post appearing?

c. How to search for information

d. How to send a private message

2. Staff

a. The staff hierarchy: explained

b. How to report a forum moderator

c. How to become a forum moderator

1. Basics

a. How to register a forum account

First, go to this url: Forum Registration URL

Second, if you accept Evony’s terms and conditions, continue:

Accept Evony Forum Conditions

Third, choose your desired username and password, and continue to filling out your email and the human verification

image: Evony Forum Account Creation

Click complete and you’re finished!

b. How to create a thread

First, go to this url:

Second, choose which forum board you’d like to make a thread in:

Choose Evony Forum Board

Third, click on the button “New Thread”:

Evony Forum New Thread

Fourth, fill in the title, content, and tags:

Evony Forum Thread

You’re all done! Your thread should now appear in the forum section that you posted it in.

b. i. How to make a post / reply to someone

First, find the thread that you’d like to reply to, or post in:

Find Evony Thread

Second, there are two options: 1) Advanced Reply or 2) Quick Reply

1) Advanced Reply – click on the “Post Reply” button:

Post Evony Reply

Then fill in the content:

Evony Forum Post

You have successfully posted!

2) Quick Reply – go to the bottom of the page, and you should see a box named “Quick Reply”. Put your reply in that box and “Post Quick Reply”:

Evony Forum Quick Reply

Nice, you’re successfully quickly replied!

b. ii. Why isn’t my thread or my post appearing?

There is only one reason why your post would not be appearing. It’s because your posts need to be “approved” and are in the moderation que for approval. You’ll have to wait until a moderator approves your post or thread. Your threads and posts are put into moderation probably because the system suspects you to be a spam bot. The reason for this is because you posted a link or URL within your first or second post on Evony. You were then “flagged”. To un-flag yourself, please contact Valkirah or Dawnseeker to adjust your account so that you no longer have to get your posts or threads approved.

c. How to search for information

First, go to

Second, click on the “Search” button towards the right side of the navbar:

Evony Forum Navbar Search

Third, fill in the information you want to search for. You may either search by keyword, or by username:

Evony Forum Search

d. How to send a Private Message

First, go to

Second, click on “Private Messages” at the top right corner of your page:

Evony Forum Private Messages

Third, click on “Send New Message” on the left sidebar of your screen:

Evony Forum Send New Message

Fourth, fill in the details and “Submit Message”:

Evony Forum Submit Message

Your recipient should receive the message within a few moments!

2. Staff

a. The staff hierarchy: explained

Contrary to what you may think, colored names on the forum do not necessarily mean “Evony staff”.

Evony members – This is the ordinary player who is out there to have some fun. The color for regular members is plain:

Evony Forum Members

Evony forum moderators – Evony forum moderators are volunteers who are in no way hired or paid by the company, Evony LLC. Forum moderators volunteered to help organize and maintain order within the forum. The color for forum moderators is green:

Evony Forum Moderators

Evony liason representatives – Evony liasons, or Evony representatives, are paid by the company, Evony LLC, to do certain jobs. They are there to help convey thoughts, questions, and ideas to and from the players and the developers. The color for liasons is cyan:

Evony Forum Liasons

Evony administrators – Evony administrations are employed for Evony and have set jobs they have to do. Administrators can vary from developers to someone in charge of forum affairs. The color for administrations is red:

Evony Forum Administrators

b. How to report a forum moderator

It’s quite simple to report an abusive forum moderator. All you have to do is send a private message to Valkirah or Dawnseeker and tell them about the situation. They will deal with it accordingly.

c. How to become a forum moderator

It’s also easy to apply to be a forum moderator, but not easy to become one.

First, you must apply to be a forum moderator by sending a message to Evony Admin.

Second, you must wait for him to reply. Upon the reply, you will receive your rejection or acceptance. Good luck!

Evony Database and Popular Posts

Sunday, August 9th, 2009

Two changes to Hods Realm: one major, one minor.

1. The Evony Database has been added! This means that you can access information on Evony buildings, items and more! Keep in mind that it will take time to add all of the individual parts so stay tuned!

2. The top 10 most popular posts has been added to the main page. You should scroll up and check it out!



Evony Amulet

Thursday, July 30th, 2009

Hods Realm has posted one of the most useful guides yet – the complete article on the Evony Amulet Wheel. The amulet wheel, otherwise known as the “Aries Amulet” or “Roulette Wheel” is one of the most complicated parts of Evony. It makes people angry, makes people very happy and occasionally just mystifies some people.

It’s time to put your thoughts to rest. In Hods Realm of the Amulet Wheel, we cover aspects from the most important items, to your chances of getting a specific reward.

We’ve been working tirelessly to release the percentages and finally have! You can now know instantly what your chances of getting a specific reward are.

Get ready for a lot of information: Evony Amulet Wheel

Evony Game Cents

Sunday, July 26th, 2009

Game Cents or Game Coins are a currency that Evony uses for people to buy items with. Game Cents can be obtained by either purchasing them from Evony for real money, or by winning them off the Amulet Wheel.

People who do not buy these Game Cents are constantly angry at the people who do purchase Game Coins. We must ask ourselves – why is that?

“Because they have an unfair advantage over the rest of us”

“They advance quicker and become more powerful”

“They cheat”


Guys & gals – Game Cents do not affect how good or powerful you are in the game. Plenty of the top players have not spent 1 penny on Evony. They simply understood the game better and used all their skill on strategy. People who do not spend money on Game Cents are not behind those who do. As long as you do things the most efficient way, you’ll rise in the ranks.

So really, don’t complain about those people who support Evony, but rather show them who’s better by defeating them on the battle field!

Evony NPCs

Monday, June 15th, 2009

Evony NPCs

In Evony, an NPC (Non-player character) is a city that is not controlled by another player. Their levels can vary, and the higher level the NPC, the more difficult it is to defeat. A level 1 NPC has all level 1 buildings. A level 5 NPC has all level 5 buildings, and so on. NPCs are the most common source for supplying a persons’ army and are great for earning hero EXP. Of course, if you lose, you’ll lose your army and prestige. Currently, the goal of many people is to conquer a level 10 NPC, because of its benefits as all level 10 buildings. Unfortunately, these are one of the most difficult to defeat in the game, because they have 400,000 warriors and many defenses. I’ll be describing how to defeat a level 10 NPC in a later guide.

Evony Resources

Monday, June 15th, 2009

This is a very basic guide on Evony resources.

In Evony, the four resources are food, lumber, stone, and iron. These resources are used to construct buildings, research technology, and train troops. Gold is not a resource in Evony, but it is a supply. Gold is required to research technology, comfort your villagers, and is used as a currency to trade the other four resources.

You can get the four resources and gold in several different ways. You may build farms for food, sawmills for lumber, quarries for stone, and ironmines for iron. The higher level you upgrade your resource buildings, the more resources you will obtain per hour. You may also buy and sell resources at the market. You sell your surplus resources for gold, and use that gold for research or to buy a resource you’re more in need of. Finally, you may obtain resources and gold from defeating an opponent in battle. If you win a battle against an NPC or player, you will get resources according to how much they have and how much you can carry.

RTTH – Prestige Analysis

Monday, June 15th, 2009

After publicly releasing RTTH, we got many requests for more information. I’m going to extend a bit about RTTH and the implications about it.

In the first article, we learned that the Rank, Title, and Town Hall level affects how much prestige you get per completion. Now many people went on to panic, completely regretting promoting themselves. Let’s look at this logically:

Scenario 1:

I have 1 city and I am a Civilian Rank and Civilian Title. I receive 18 prestige for each time I upgrade a cottage to level 5.

Scenario 2:

I have 1 city and I am a Lieutenant Rank and Knight Title. I receive 9 prestige for each time I upgrade a cottage to level 5.

Scenario 3:

I have 2 cities and I am a Lieutenant Rank and Knight Title. I receive about 9 prestige for upgrading a cottage to level 5 in my first town, and I receive about 9 prestige for upgrading a cottage to level 5 in my second town.

Of course, the prestige you get depends on the Town Hall level as well. This is purely an example.

As you can see, Scenario 1 and 3 are more desirable than Scenario 2. This means that it is not bad to promote yourself. It is simply bad to promote yourself at the wrong time. The only reason you should promote yourself, is if you know you have enough support from your other city(cities) to start the next one. Let’s take a look:

Scenario 1:

I have 1 city and I am a Civilian/Civilian. I can construct 1 building at time and research 1 technology at a time. I get roughly double the prestige per completion to that of a Lieutenant/Knight.

Scenario 2:

I have 1 city and I am a Lieutenant/Knight. I can construct 1 building at time and research 1 technology at a time. I get roughly half the prestige per completion to that of a Civilian/Civilian and a Lieutenant/Knight who has 2 cities.

Scenario 3:

I have 2 cities and I am a Lieutenant/Knight. I can construct 2 buildings at a time and research 2 technologies at a time. I get roughly the same prestige total as that of a Civilian/Civilian and double that of a Lieutenant/Knight.

Now, let’s dissect what the above examples:

A person who is a Civilian/Civilian begins to advance in prestige more quickly than that of someone who is a Lieutenant/Knight and has only one city. This is because they both can complete things at about the same time, while the person with the lower Rank and Title gets twice as much prestige. +1 for Civilian/Civilian

A person who is a Lieutenant/Knight and has 1 city begins to fall behind a person who is a Lieutenant/Knight and has 2 cities. This is because they both get the about the same prestige per completion, but the Lieutenant/Knight with 2 cities can complete things twice as fast due to the 2 cities. +1 for Lieutenant/Knight with 2 cities

So what happens when a person who is Civilian/Civilian pits him/herself against a Lieutenant/Knight with 2 cities?

There are two possible outcomes:

The Lieutenant/Knight has a very established 1st city and can fully support both itself and the second city without a problem. The Civilian/Civilian and Lieutenant/Knight will be fairly even, and then the Lieutenant/Knight will begin to pull ahead. This is because although they both are getting roughly the same amount of prestige, the Lieutenant/Knight with 2 cities can start building and researching more things, more quickly. Why? Well, for example, someone who has two academies can research twice as many things. Someone who has two cities could have level 5 construction while the Civilian only has level 3 construction because he/she only has one academy. The person with Lieutenant/Knight begins to pull ahead because all of their constructions are going faster. Due to having two cities, it cancels out the prestige per completion loss. Therefore, the Lieutenant/Knight starts pulling ahead. +1 for Lieutenant/Knight with 2 cities

The Lieutenant/Knight has a poorly established 1st city and can barely support itself, let alone support the second city. The Civilian/Civilian and Lieutenant/Knight will be fairly even, and then the Civilian/Civilian will begin to pull ahead. In theory, the Lieutenant/Knight should be able to stay even with the Civilian/Civilian, except that he/she cannot support the second city. In order to stay with the game, a player has to completely be ready to help his or her next city or both cities will begin to slow down, and thus, slower prestige. +1 for Civilian/Civilian

Wow, what a load to take in. Here’s the breakdown and summary:

– Do not promote yourself, unless you plan on making another city. If you care about prestige, then don’t fool yourself by thinking “I look better if I’m a Baronett”. If you aren’t considering another city, then you’re just hurting yourself.

– If a person wants to make another city while not falling behind in the prestige race, then he/she should be sure he/she is ready to fully support that next city. If he/she is not ready both economically and militarily, he/she will begin to decline in the top players. If in doubt, don’t promote.

– This all comes down to timing/speed and knowing your own strength. If you make the mistake of promoting yourself the moment that you are able to, you are going to regret it. Don’t promote your Rank unless you have enough medals to promote your Title as well and make that next city. A Lieutenant/Knight will have an advantage over a Captain/Knight.

So think about it. Keep your eyes open for another analysis of RTTH. There’s much more to it, and a lot more strategy than you may think!

RTTH – Prestige Building Secret

Saturday, June 13th, 2009

Why am I not getting as much prestige now? Why is my prestige rising slower than it did when I first started?

Many players often wonder what they did wrong. “When I first started, I got 11 prestige just for upgrading a farm to level 4! Now I get 3!”

So what is the secret? What’s the trick? Is Evony scamming us?

The answer to these prestige building questions have not been answered anywhere yet. Are you ready? Read on.

The prestige you gain from constructing buildings, researching technology, and training troops comes from three things. Your Rank, Title, and Town Hall level affects how much prestige you get upon completing a building, research, or troop.

The lower you Rank is, the more prestige you will gain for each completion.

The lower your Title is, the more prestige you will gain for each completion.

The lower your Town Hall level is, the more prestige you will gain for each completion.

Why is this so? Where is your proof?

This is an example of logic and history. In the dark ages and olden times, if a King were to build a few factories, nobody would think he was a “better” (more prestigious) lord. Kings would only become famous if they built a huge castle or defeated a powerful nation in war.

This directly relates to the Rank, Title, and Town Hall level in Evony. To relate Evony to the example above, a King would be a Duke or Prinzessin. People who are have the rank of Prinzessin or Duke should not get prestige for upgrading a barracks to level 5 because they have already established themselves as a powerful person. They should only get prestige for winning a war, or finishing their research of Compass level 10. Now, a player with a rank of Knight will get an unearthly amount of prestige for researching Compass level 10, because that would be an amazing feat for somebody who has established themselves as a “less powerful person”.

How exactly does the Town Hall have anything to do with it?

The Town Hall is a representation of wealth, prosperity, and power. The higher a person’s Town Hall is, the larger his/her castle looks on the Map, and the more economic opportunities arise (resource fields). Don’t forget, you need a certain Town Hall level before you can advance in your Rank and Title. For anyone who had doubts that Town Hall is related to the Title and Rank, your doubts are now put aside.

Here’s a short summary and breakdown of what I have just said.

– The lower your Rank, Title, and Town Hall level is, the more prestige you will gain from completing a building, research, or troop.

– The explanation for this is that people who have higher Ranks, Titles, and Town Halls have given a message to the world that they are already a powerful person. They do not deserve to get as much prestige for the little things they do.

I’m sure many of you have realized the importance of this:

With this information, there is a way to get prestige so efficiently that you outstrip all the other Evony players.

I hereby dub these three factors that determine prestige building as: RTTH

So when your friends or fellow alliance members ask, refer them to this page and simply tell them “RTTH”.

Does this mean I should stay a Civilian my whole life? No it does not.

Does this mean I should never make a second or third city? No it does not.

Does this mean I should never upgrade my Town Hall to higher levels? No it does not.


Do you want Hods to release a guide on the exact process of gaining efficient prestige on Evony? Do you want to know when you should promote yourself, make another city, and upgrade your Town Hall?

May Lag

Friday, May 29th, 2009

Evony, the newest hit in the MMORTS gaming world, has over 500,000 players. Unfortunately with all these players, Evony has had a lot of lagging problems, where various servers are down and in-accessible. Players are forced to stare at the ticking clock, and many have gotten angry (and rightly so). I’d like to say that this is very common in early stage MMOs so members really should back off a bit. Yes, you have a right to complain a bit and ask for better service. The developers have heard the pleas and are trying their best.

As of May 28th, 2009, the developers latest solution to preventing lag, is by creating more servers to even out the load. In addition, Evony has made an auto-reconnect when a player is “kicked” or loses connection with the server he/she is on.

Another great upcoming feature is an official Evony Server Status page. The programmers are working hard to release this so that people can view the availability of servers at their leisure.

Evony Valleys

Friday, May 29th, 2009

This is a very basic article with information about Evony “valleys”.

A valley is the generic term that consists of Flats, Forests, Lakes, Swamps, Hills, Deserts, and Grasslands. So yes, a flat is a valley.

A flat is an area of land that you may attack and if successful, take for your own. The purpose of a flat is to build more cities. When somebody constructs a city, and abandons it, the barbarian city level is that of the flat when he/she conquered it.

A forest is an area of land which has many trees and shrubbery. You may attack and if successful, takes for your own. Forests are extremely useful, because they increase lumber production. The higher level the forest is, the higher percent increase you will receive upon conquering.

A lake is an area of land that you may attack and if successful, take for your own. Lakes are used to increase food production, and are a higher percent increase than grasslands. A higher level of the lake means a higher increase in food production.

A swamp is an area of land that you may attack and if successful, take for your own. Swamps are also used to increase food production. A higher level swamp results in a higher increase in food production.

A hill is an area of land that you may attack and if successful, take for your own. Hills are the only valley that is used to increase iron production. A higher level hill means a higher increase in iron production.

A desert is an area of land that you may attack and if successful, take for your own. Deserts are also the only valley used to increase stone production. A higher level desert means a higher increase in stone production.

A grassland is an area of land that you may attack and if successful, take for your own. Grasslands are used to increase food production. A higher level grassland results in a higher increase in food production.

Remember, your valleys can be re-conquered by other players, so be sure to defend them well.

City from Map View

Wednesday, May 27th, 2009

What makes your city look bigger from the Map View? What makes your walls look bigger?

On the outside, your Town Hall level affects the appearance, or how big, your city looks.

Level 1 Gives you a small village.
Level 4 Gives your city some walls.

Level 7 Gives your walls towers, a gate, and increases the size of your walls.

Level 10 Makes your city extremely larger, much like a castle.

Remember, this is only about appearances from the Map View.

Building a City

Wednesday, May 27th, 2009

This is a short but sweet article about how to make a second city, third city, fourth city, and so forth.


You need 10,000 food, 10,000 lumber, 10,000 stone, 10,000 iron, and 10,000 gold. In addition, you need to own at least one flat and have 250 workers available.

In order to build the X amount of cities, these are the Titles you need:

1st City – Civilian
2nd City – Knight
3rd City – Baronett
4th City – Baron
5th City – Viscount
6th City – Earl
7th City – Marquis
8th City – Duke
9th City – Furstin
10th City – Prinzessin

Please keep in mind that you will need the required Rank, medals, and gold to advance through the Titles.


To actually build your city, you need to click on the flat that you want to build your city at, and click “Build City”. You want the allotted time, and ta-dah! You have your next city!

Alliance Basics

Sunday, May 24th, 2009

An alliance is a group of players that come together to help each other out diplomatically and militarily. Alliances are not easy to run and, on the contrary, are extremely hard to maintain if you expect to become powerful. It takes a lot of effort, time, and patience.

The following are some of the basics on alliances in Evony:

– Generally the alliances that succeed are the ones who have players who are consistently increasing their prestige and armies. If a member of an alliance gets 5k prestige in 2 days, and then gets nothing for another 2 days, and then gets another 5k prestige, this player is not reliable and not a good alliance member.

– An alliance can only reach 100 members if the host has an Embassy level 10. Now, usually this is not simple, except that Evony sells an item called “Ritual of Pact” which automatically allows your alliance to get 100 members. This is how some alliances get 100 members within a few days of starting.

– Usually, a strong alliance will have “sister” or “brother” alliances. These other alliances formed because the original alliance reached its capacity of 100 members. The alliances are all allied with each, and are essentially one alliance.

– Members of the same alliance can do the following with each other: Transport resources to and from each other, reinforce each others’ cities with their own armies, and talk to each other in a private alliance chat.

Evony Medals

Sunday, May 17th, 2009

May 17th, 2009:

As of the date above, I will summarize, describe, and elaborate on the medals in Evony.


Medal drops have been updated. The previous medal drops of basically zero have now been changed to a higher drop rate. The medals are worth more with increasing value based on how much loyalty the medal will give to a hero, how easy it is to obtain the medal, and what promotion you need the medal for.

The medal rankings, from lowest to highest / easiest to hardest:

Cross Medal
Rose Medal
Lion Medal
Honor Medal
Courage Medal
Wisdom Medal
Freedom Medal
Justice Medal
Nation Medal


If you are trying to get a lower level medal, like a Lion Medal, then you will need to attack lower level valleys and barbarian cities, such as levels 1-3. If you are trying to get a higher level medal, like a Freedom Medal, you will need to attack higher level valleys and cities, such as levels 6-9.


The type of valley does not matter. If you attack a level 2 lake, you have the same chances as obtaining a medal as attacking a level 2 flatland. The medal quest information has not been updated. Although the quest still says that you have a higher chance of getting a medal from a certain valley, I repeat, it does not matter.


Scout Spamming is not a very effective way of obtaining medals now. The first reason is because you get negative prestige for scout spamming. The second reason is because a main factor in getting medals is how much the valley has regenerated its troops. If you attack an empty valley, your chances of winning a medal are next to zero. If you let the troops completely regenerate within the valley, you have a much higher chance of getting a medal.

Hods Way of Getting a Medal:

If you want to know exactly how to get the medals you need, then please read THIS GUIDE.

That’s the story everybody. I hope this helped you be more informed on the current medal happenings. Good luck on getting your medals and getting promoted!

Military Units Basics

Saturday, May 16th, 2009

The basics of Evony military units and troops are essential to making sure that you win your battles. In essence, the point of Evony is to be the most powerful player in the game, but having the largest and strongest army.

Military Units Basics:

Workers: Workers are meant to transfer bulk resources. They are very weak and cannot defend themselves well. Thankfully though, they can carry a lot of load. In addition, you need 250 to construct a new city.

Scouts: Scouts are the weakest of all the cavalry units. Scouts are very important to have however, because you need them to scout out enemy cities and valleys. Scouts also are the only units that can destroy your opponents’ scouts when he/she scouts you.

Pike-men: Pike-men are very fast and are the ideal unit to destroy enemy cavalry units. However, due to the fact that other units are just as effective, few players use Pike-men in bulk.

Archers: Without a doubt, the most intimidating army is one that consists of a large amount of Archers. Archers are by far the most valuable unit. Why? I have explained the importance of range in a past article. To read more on why range and archers are your top priority, please click HERE.

Cavalry: Cavalry are swift and speedy. If you have a lot of them, you can take out archers, swordsmen, warriors, and virtually anything in your path. Their biggest weakness is Abatis.

Cataphracts: Cataphracts are a terror when you have them in great multitude. Of course, everything has a catch. Cataphracts would destroy everyone in your path if you had enough of them, however, they are extremely difficult to support. With a cost of 36 food per Cataphract, anyone who can maintain a large army of them has to be very actively plundering.

Transporters: Transporters are Workers that are beefed up. They are slower but have a load of 5,000 which is very important when you are plundering or putting a city under siege.

Ballista: Ballista are expensive, take a long time to create, and are pretty slow, but are worth it if you make enough of them. They are one of the only units that can effectively take out archers.

Battering Rams: These are powerful durability wreckers. They are used to smash through enemy walls and defenses.

Catapults: These are the strongest ranged units. If your archery technology is high enough, you can take out enemy archer towers without even being hit once. Catapults are also the most expensive to build, not to mention they take a very long time to build.

I will go into more detail on battle strategies in later articles.

Importance of Range

Tuesday, May 12th, 2009

In Evony, each military unit has a range. This range is the distance at which that unit can attack from. Before I continue, I will review each unit’s un-upgraded range:

Worker Range = 10

Warrior Range = 20

Swordsman Range = 30

Pike-man Range = 50

Cataphract Range = 80

Cavalry Range = 100

Battering Ram Range = 600

Archer Range = 1,200

Archer Tower Range = 1,300

Ballista Range = 1,400

Catapult Range = 1,500

Now, let’s move on to the basic information on range in Evony:

– The lowest ranged unit is the Worker, and the highest ranged unit is the Catapult.

– Each unit has an un-upgraded starting range, which I have stated above.

– Once a type of unit is in range to attack another enemy unit, they will attack. Any other units that you have that are not in range to attack yet, will advance by their individual speed.

– The battle will start at the highest range on either side. Basically, the highest range from either the offense or the defense will initiate the battle. If someone has a Ballista, the battle will start at 1,400. If the highest range out of both sides is a Swordsman, the battle will start at 30.

– The Archery Technology raises the range of your archers by 5% per technology level researched.

Now, I’m sure many of you have already put two and two together. However, I’ll break it down for you just to make sure:

– Whichever side has the higher range will get at least 1 free round of shots at the opponents which could easily turn the battle. This is because the archers with say 1250 range will start the battle 1250. Unfortunately for the opponent, his/her archers cannot shoot until a range of 1200 which forces them to walk forward while they are picked off.

– This ties completely into the Archery Technology. At this point in the Evony game, Archery Technology is by far the most important in the game. Mainly, this is because whoever has the higher range, will gain an unimaginable advantage. For example, you could have 1,000 archers with level 8 Archery, and your opponent has 2,000 archers with level 3 Archery, and you will easily win the battle. I will go more in detail about the Archery Technology in a later guide release.

Now, I’ll move on to fortifications and, more importantly, Archer Towers.

Look up again, and you’ll notice that Archer Towers is italicized and bolded. You’ll also notice that it has 100 more range than regular archers. Thus, Towers always get at least 1 free round of shots on your archers. Thus, it is so hard to defeat Archer Towers, unless your Archery Technology level is much higher than the opponent’s.

I will talk more about the amazing units, Ballista and Catapult in a later article. Please stay tuned, and I hope you understand the importance of range now.

Uncertain Scout Reports

Sunday, May 10th, 2009

Due to many questions, I have decided to just give you the amount of enemies you might encounter if the scout report is not detailed.

Few = 1 – 24

Pack = 25 – 49

Lots = 50 – 99

Horde = 100 – 249

Throng = 250 – 499

Swarm = 500 – 999

Zounds = 1,000 – 2,499

Legion = 2,500 – 4,999

Bulk = 5,000 – 10,000

Giga = 10,000 – “Infinite”

Evony Heroes

Sunday, May 10th, 2009

Heroes are the foundation of a strong army, a wealthy city, and powerful scouts. They are required to lead your army into battle. If used effectively, you can gain a lot of prestige and honor. If used in the wrong way, or not used at all, you will be over-run.

To begin, you need an Inn and a Feasting Hall. You can build these by clicking on an open slot in your town.

Inn: This is where you can find and recruit a hero. The number of possible heroes to recruit increases as the level of your Inn does. The higher level Inn, the more options you have.

Feasting Hall: Everybody needs to live somewhere and the heroes are no exception. The Feasting Hall provides a place for the heroes to live. The number of heroes you can own depends on the level of the Feasting Hall. If you have a level 4 Feasting Hall, you can own/have four heroes.

Castellan/Mayor: In the Feasting Hall there is an option called “Appoint Mayor”. This allows you to choose one of your heroes to lead the town. Mayors do not carry over for different cities, so you’ll need to appoint a new one for each city. Mayors cannot lead your troops into battle or help scout out a city. In order to make your resources maximized, read more about it by clicking HERE.

I’m sure you’d like some elaboration on what each attribute of a hero does. A hero has five stats: Politics, Attack, Intelligence, Loyalty, and Salary. The only three that matter when appointing a Mayor are Politics, Attack, and Intelligence.

Politics: When a Mayor is appointed his Politics level decreases building time and makes your resource collection faster.

Attack: When a Mayor is appointed his Attack level lowers the time it takes to train troops. The higher level Attack, the faster your troops will be trained. The Mayor’s Attack level also helps fortify your city when you are under attack.

Intelligence: When a Mayor is appointed his Intelligence lowers the time it takes to research technology. In addition, if you send a hero with a scouting party, it will reveal more information if it has high Intelligence.

Loyalty: Each Hero has his/her own loyalty. The lower the loyalty of a hero, he/she has a higher chance of being captured and persuaded by an enemy upon defeat.

Salary: This is the most self-explanatory of all the stats. A hero loves to get paid, and thus his salary. He is paid every hour. The hero costs 20 gold for every level it has. For example: A level 3 hero would cost 60 gold per hour, and a level 40 hero would cost 800 gold per hour.

Leveling up:

Every time you upgrade your hero, you can add one point to any of the hero’s attributes.

5 Minute Instant Building

Tuesday, April 28th, 2009

Often, when a player is new to Evony, he/she gets confused on how some buildings can be under 5 minutes, yet he/she cannot instantly construct that building. The reason for this is that the 5 minute instant build is based off of the “base time” it takes to construct a building. Sometimes, you may be able to construct a building in under 5 minutes, or even under 4 minutes. This is because you have a castellan with at least decent politics. If you have a castellan in your city that has any politics stat, the build times are faster (the higher, the faster). In addition, if you have any construction technology, the build times are faster. That 5 minute speed up only works with buildings whose “original time” is under 5 minutes, not your upgraded time.