Evony Medals

May 17th, 2009:

As of the date above, I will summarize, describe, and elaborate on the medals in Evony.


Medal drops have been updated. The previous medal drops of basically zero have now been changed to a higher drop rate. The medals are worth more with increasing value based on how much loyalty the medal will give to a hero, how easy it is to obtain the medal, and what promotion you need the medal for.

The medal rankings, from lowest to highest / easiest to hardest:

Cross Medal
Rose Medal
Lion Medal
Honor Medal
Courage Medal
Wisdom Medal
Freedom Medal
Justice Medal
Nation Medal


If you are trying to get a lower level medal, like a Lion Medal, then you will need to attack lower level valleys and barbarian cities, such as levels 1-3. If you are trying to get a higher level medal, like a Freedom Medal, you will need to attack higher level valleys and cities, such as levels 6-9.


The type of valley does not matter. If you attack a level 2 lake, you have the same chances as obtaining a medal as attacking a level 2 flatland. The medal quest information has not been updated. Although the quest still says that you have a higher chance of getting a medal from a certain valley, I repeat, it does not matter.


Scout Spamming is not a very effective way of obtaining medals now. The first reason is because you get negative prestige for scout spamming. The second reason is because a main factor in getting medals is how much the valley has regenerated its troops. If you attack an empty valley, your chances of winning a medal are next to zero. If you let the troops completely regenerate within the valley, you have a much higher chance of getting a medal.

Hods Way of Getting a Medal:

If you want to know exactly how to get the medals you need, then please read THIS GUIDE.

That’s the story everybody. I hope this helped you be more informed on the current medal happenings. Good luck on getting your medals and getting promoted!

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