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Top Evony Players

Tuesday, September 8th, 2009

I’d like to take this time to post the top Evony players in different aspects of Evony.

Top Forum Poster: whiterosedreams with over 7,750 posts.

Top Overall Alliance: MISC (Server 3) – Over 100,000,000 {100 Million} Prestige, Over 215,000,000 (215 Million) Honor, and over 670 Cities.

Highest Prestige: Arctic – Over 15,800,000 {15.8 Million} Prestige (Server 2)

Highest Honor: Excella – Over 84,420,000 {84.42 Million} Honor (Server 4)

Highest Hero Level: 574 – Name: Kimochi – Owner: Arctic (Server 2)

Nice job you all!

Evony Server Manager – Beta!

Tuesday, August 11th, 2009 has released a great tool for all Evony players! After hours of work, we’ve completed the beta stage of the Evony Server Manager.

Short summary:

This manager allows you to access multiple servers or worlds at the same time on the same page. This is very useful for people who play on many servers or worlds.

This manager makes Evony faster for you.

For more details and information, please read THIS THREAD.

As stated in that thread, we want all the feedback we can get. Please don’t hesitate to post suggestions or questions.

For all suggestions, questions, and feedback, please post them in this section: Evony Server Manager – Beta Forum

May Lag

Friday, May 29th, 2009

Evony, the newest hit in the MMORTS gaming world, has over 500,000 players. Unfortunately with all these players, Evony has had a lot of lagging problems, where various servers are down and in-accessible. Players are forced to stare at the ticking clock, and many have gotten angry (and rightly so). I’d like to say that this is very common in early stage MMOs so members really should back off a bit. Yes, you have a right to complain a bit and ask for better service. The developers have heard the pleas and are trying their best.

As of May 28th, 2009, the developers latest solution to preventing lag, is by creating more servers to even out the load. In addition, Evony has made an auto-reconnect when a player is “kicked” or loses connection with the server he/she is on.

Another great upcoming feature is an official Evony Server Status page. The programmers are working hard to release this so that people can view the availability of servers at their leisure.