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Evony Town Hall

Thursday, July 23rd, 2009

Of all the buildings in Evony, you had better know the Town Hall through & through, or you are missing out on a fundamental of the game.

First, I’ll go over the basic “features” that a Town Hall has.

– In the Overview tab of the Town Hall, it lists all your buildings and what level they are.

– In the Production tab of the Town Hall, it lists your Productivity, Max Labor, Required Labor, Production Rate (which you may change at any time), Basic Production, Providence, Technology Plus, Troops Upkeep, Hero Plus, Valleys Plus, Buff Plus & the Total Production for each resource.

– In the Valleys tab of the Town Hall, it lists how many valleys you have, what type they are, and what level.

– In the Cities tab of the Town Hall, it lists how many cities you have, the names you gave each city, your cities’ coordinates, your cities’ mayors, your cities’ population, and the loyalty of your city (determined by tax rate).

– In the Tax Rate button of the Town Hall, you can adjust your tax rate to get different amounts of gold, and different amounts of population. For a guide on earning efficient gold in Evony, please click here.

– In the Comforting button of the Town Hall, you may gain different things: Disaster Relief gains 5 loyalty and decreases Public Grievance by 15, Praying gains 25 loyalty, Blessing gives you food related to your population limit, and Population limit increases the amount of people you have.

– In the Levy button of the Town Hall, you may levy your people to gain more resources for gold, food, lumber, stone, or iron. Keep in mind you lose 20 loyalty if you do this.

– In the City Rename button of the Town Hall, you may quite simply, rename the city to something else that you desire.

Second, I’ll describe the importance of the Town Hall.

– The Town Hall affects how many resource fields you have to build more resource buildings on. At level 1 Town Hall, you have 13 resource fields, and you get an additional 3 fields each time you upgrade your Town Hall. At level 10 Town Hall, you can have a total of 40 resource fields to produce your resources.

– The Town Hall also affects how many valleys you can conquer. The limit to conquering valleys is your Town Hall level. At level 5 Town Hall, you may capture 5 valleys. Obviously, the more valleys you can get, the better your production is.

– The Town Hall is the reason some peoples’ cities look “bigger” than other peoples’ on the World Map. For more information, click here.

– The Town Hall is a pre-requisite for cottages and many quests.

Evony Valleys

Friday, May 29th, 2009

This is a very basic article with information about Evony “valleys”.

A valley is the generic term that consists of Flats, Forests, Lakes, Swamps, Hills, Deserts, and Grasslands. So yes, a flat is a valley.

A flat is an area of land that you may attack and if successful, take for your own. The purpose of a flat is to build more cities. When somebody constructs a city, and abandons it, the barbarian city level is that of the flat when he/she conquered it.

A forest is an area of land which has many trees and shrubbery. You may attack and if successful, takes for your own. Forests are extremely useful, because they increase lumber production. The higher level the forest is, the higher percent increase you will receive upon conquering.

A lake is an area of land that you may attack and if successful, take for your own. Lakes are used to increase food production, and are a higher percent increase than grasslands. A higher level of the lake means a higher increase in food production.

A swamp is an area of land that you may attack and if successful, take for your own. Swamps are also used to increase food production. A higher level swamp results in a higher increase in food production.

A hill is an area of land that you may attack and if successful, take for your own. Hills are the only valley that is used to increase iron production. A higher level hill means a higher increase in iron production.

A desert is an area of land that you may attack and if successful, take for your own. Deserts are also the only valley used to increase stone production. A higher level desert means a higher increase in stone production.

A grassland is an area of land that you may attack and if successful, take for your own. Grasslands are used to increase food production. A higher level grassland results in a higher increase in food production.

Remember, your valleys can be re-conquered by other players, so be sure to defend them well.

Evony Medals

Sunday, May 17th, 2009

May 17th, 2009:

As of the date above, I will summarize, describe, and elaborate on the medals in Evony.


Medal drops have been updated. The previous medal drops of basically zero have now been changed to a higher drop rate. The medals are worth more with increasing value based on how much loyalty the medal will give to a hero, how easy it is to obtain the medal, and what promotion you need the medal for.

The medal rankings, from lowest to highest / easiest to hardest:

Cross Medal
Rose Medal
Lion Medal
Honor Medal
Courage Medal
Wisdom Medal
Freedom Medal
Justice Medal
Nation Medal


If you are trying to get a lower level medal, like a Lion Medal, then you will need to attack lower level valleys and barbarian cities, such as levels 1-3. If you are trying to get a higher level medal, like a Freedom Medal, you will need to attack higher level valleys and cities, such as levels 6-9.


The type of valley does not matter. If you attack a level 2 lake, you have the same chances as obtaining a medal as attacking a level 2 flatland. The medal quest information has not been updated. Although the quest still says that you have a higher chance of getting a medal from a certain valley, I repeat, it does not matter.


Scout Spamming is not a very effective way of obtaining medals now. The first reason is because you get negative prestige for scout spamming. The second reason is because a main factor in getting medals is how much the valley has regenerated its troops. If you attack an empty valley, your chances of winning a medal are next to zero. If you let the troops completely regenerate within the valley, you have a much higher chance of getting a medal.

Hods Way of Getting a Medal:

If you want to know exactly how to get the medals you need, then please read THIS GUIDE.

That’s the story everybody. I hope this helped you be more informed on the current medal happenings. Good luck on getting your medals and getting promoted!

Resource Valleys

Wednesday, May 6th, 2009

This is the fourth (and final one) of four detailed guides to maximizing your resource production. Without a doubt, after you have read all four, you will have a much better idea of how to get iron, lumber, stone, and food much more quickly. The first guide on resource buildings and fields can be found HERE. The second guide on the Castellan / Mayor can be found HERE, and the third guide on researching technology can be found HERE.

To start off, I would highly advise that you scout your target before every attack. You never know what may be up their sleeve. Recruit a hero with a high intelligence rating and use this hero for scouting. You will yield better results. You will also need to upgrade your rally point to at least level 2.

When attacking a valley, I would suggest doing so with a large enough army that you outnumber the opponent 3 to 1. This will guarantee you very low casualties.

Try to only conquer valleys that are NOT controlled by another lord. The reason for this is because conquering land that is someone elses’ could lead to a war between you two. This would only cause resource loss on both sides.

Determine what resources you want to add a production bonus to and find level 1 valleys nearby and attack them. After the attack is over you have to tell the army to return, otherwise they will just camp at the valley. You will need as many soldiers as you can as you expand your conquest.

After you have all the level 1 valleys that your town hall can support, upgrade the town hall, now you can attack another 3 valleys (for each Town Hall upgrade). Keep upgrading the town hall until you have a level 4 town hall. Conquer as many level 1 valleys as the town hall at level 4 will support.

Now recruit some more scouts, preferably more than 30. Scout a level 2 valley. Research archers and recruit some archers, depending on what army you will be facing in the level 2 valley you just scouted. To be safe, get at least 50 archers.

Recruit an army so that it is 3 times larger than the army in the level 2 valley.

Abandon one of your level 1 valleys and attack the level 2 valley. Continue doing this for each level 2 valley. Continue doing this as you move up to ultimately, level 10 valleys.