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Historical Additions

Sunday, January 10th, 2010

“We want to make Evony as historically accurate as possible! As such, we would like to make triple sure that all of our content is top quality.

We are looking for qualified, intelligent individuals to assist us with this process of contributing vast amounts of historical research for the next instalment of Evony.

What will I be required to do?

You would be given access to documents that contains information relating to historical people and places, the very text that will be present in the next big release of Evony.

You would be required to put in about 5 hours a week of work and this would include contributing vast amounts of historical information on figures and places as well as proof reading the work you put in.

Do I get paid for this?

No. But we’ll be compensating your volunteer time with 10 Evony Cents per historical figure/city you contribute and is approved. The more information you help write, the more credits you are eligible to receive!

Am I eligible to apply?

You must meet the following criteria to apply:


  1. Must be 18 or over
  2. Must be able to sign an NDA
  3. Must be able to contribute 5+ hours per week
  4. Must be able to install Skype (a free IM client for communication with your project manager)

You must also meet one or more of the following:


  1. Must have had experience working in an historical related job field (e.g.: researcher, history teacher)
  2. Must have had experience working in an historical related institution (e.g.: school, museum)
  3. Must have an historical related university degree or diploma
  4. Must have owned or contributed to a historical related project

If you feel you are eligible to apply, please continue to read below.

How to apply

Please fill out the following application and return it to Ken Peterson, the project manager for Historical Research at [email protected].

Application form

Full name:
Date of birth:
Forum name:
Game name:
E-mail address:
Country of residence:
Do you hold any historical related degrees/diplomas:
Which point of section B of the application form (above) applies to you:
Are you able to contribute over 5 hours a week to this project:
Please tell us in less than 100 words why you think you should be selected to participate:


Successful and unsuccessful applicants will be notified by e-mail and successful volunteers will be picked at our discretion. You will be working with highly confidential material and therefore would be required to scan or photograph, sign and send us a confidentiality agreement. You will be sent further instructions via e-mail if accepted.”

Evony Game Cents

Sunday, July 26th, 2009

Game Cents or Game Coins are a currency that Evony uses for people to buy items with. Game Cents can be obtained by either purchasing them from Evony for real money, or by winning them off the Amulet Wheel.

People who do not buy these Game Cents are constantly angry at the people who do purchase Game Coins. We must ask ourselves – why is that?

“Because they have an unfair advantage over the rest of us”

“They advance quicker and become more powerful”

“They cheat”


Guys & gals – Game Cents do not affect how good or powerful you are in the game. Plenty of the top players have not spent 1 penny on Evony. They simply understood the game better and used all their skill on strategy. People who do not spend money on Game Cents are not behind those who do. As long as you do things the most efficient way, you’ll rise in the ranks.

So really, don’t complain about those people who support Evony, but rather show them who’s better by defeating them on the battle field!

Evony Forum Happenings in July

Monday, July 13th, 2009

Today, I’d like to take the time to describe some of the happenings at the Evony forum boards:

Ever since the release of iEvony Beta, the official Evony forums and on all the Evony servers and worlds, players have been heatedly discussing and debating about iEvony. As I discussed earlier, iEvony is a client that allows members to gain credits, which can be turned into Game Cents. Obviously, everyone wants free money & Game Cents, so hundreds upon hundreds of players piled threads into the Evony forums in attempt to gain more credits for themselves. There are over 328, different threads (and some of them have hundreds of posts in them) about iEvony within just over a week of release. Remember, this is only in beta as well!

Recently, NPCs & Medals are the hottest spot of discussion for Evony Guides, due to the everchanging variables. When will the level 10 NPC be changed next? What’s the current Medals drop rate?

Evony has, in theory, four liasons now. Dawnseeker, Swansea, Thalin Athasian, and Valkirah. Unfortunately, we have not heard hide nor heels from Valkirah and he has done nothing but post an introduction.


Wednesday, July 8th, 2009

iEvony is the newest hit in Evony. Described as a way to gain game cents, all you have to do is refer a few friends, and you have game coins!

“Have you ever wished you could earn Evony Game Coins totally FREE? Here it is! You can now earn game coins just by telling your friends and family about Evony! Every time you recommend a friend and they successfully sign up for an account, we will reward you with a certain amount of Credits and increase your Discount Quota for each recommendation! Credits can be exchanged for Evony Game Items or Game Coins on our website for FREE! All you have to do is refer your friends and tell them about Evony! What could be easier?

iEvony is used to invite your friends to become Evony players. In return, it will give you Credits and increase your Discount Quota on Cent purchases! iEvony gives you a URL address that is unique to you. You are assigned the URL when you register and you can login to the Member Center on the official website to see the URL address at any time. When someone clicks your link and signs up for Evony, it will award you points which will accrue to award you Credits and increase your Discount Quota on Cent purchases!”

Now what I see, and many others see, as the most appealing reward for earning credits through referring, is the long-awaited alliance member limit extension. The Ritual of Pact (Advanced, Premium, and Ultimate) gives alliance hosts and members a chance to change their member limit to 1,000! That’s right, extend your member limit to 1k. The only downside is it only lasts 15 days, 30 days, or 90 days depending on how many credits you spend. You need 4,500 credits to extend your member limit to 1k for 15 days, 12,000 for 30 days, and 30,000 for 90 days.

Although this is extremely difficult to get, the work is well worth the time. 1,000 members could easily mean 9,000 cities to dominate an entire region!

If you’d like to be invited to join iEvony, please send an email to [email protected]

Alternatively, to save time, you may visit this page: iEvony Codes