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Top Evony Players

Tuesday, September 8th, 2009

I’d like to take this time to post the top Evony players in different aspects of Evony.

Top Forum Poster: whiterosedreams with over 7,750 posts.

Top Overall Alliance: MISC (Server 3) – Over 100,000,000 {100 Million} Prestige, Over 215,000,000 (215 Million) Honor, and over 670 Cities.

Highest Prestige: Arctic – Over 15,800,000 {15.8 Million} Prestige (Server 2)

Highest Honor: Excella – Over 84,420,000 {84.42 Million} Honor (Server 4)

Highest Hero Level: 574 – Name: Kimochi – Owner: Arctic (Server 2)

Nice job you all!

Evony Prestige & Battle Changes

Thursday, August 13th, 2009
Originally stated by Dawnseeker, an Evony liason representative:
“In our efforts to make Evony more balanced, we are considering implementing a change to Prestige to prevent players from gaining Prestige at high rates by bypassing normal progression.

What we will do is cap Prestige at a fixed amount, based on the player’s title:

Civilian…… 100k
Knight……. 200k
Baronet….. 300k
Baron…….. 400k
Viscount…. 500k
Earl………. 700k
Duke……… 800k
Marquis….. 900k
Furstin…… 1,000k
Prinzessin… No Cap

So a civilian won’t be able to go above 100,000 Prestige, a Knight 200k, etc. What do you guys think of this? Do you think its fair? Any better suggestions? We’re listening!

We also intend to make a small change in battle reports. Right now it is easy for players to gain information about cities without scouting, by simply launching an attack. We would like to change this so that if an attacker is defeated in a battle and the defender does not take 10% casualties, the attacker will not receive information on the city, such as the number of troops and towers.

We want to do this so that scouts are valuable and we dont see “warrior scouting.”

Let us know what you think of these ideas! Thanks!”

These are possible changes that will come into play at Evony. If you agree or disagree – there’s still time! Please put your reply in this thread.

Chapter 13 – Prestige and Honor

Tuesday, August 4th, 2009

13. Prestige/Honor

Prestige and honor can be two confusing things. How do you earn them? What do they do? Well, in the simple form, nothing. But they show everything.

Prestige: Gained by building units and buildings, researching techs and killing NPC’s

Honor: Gained by killing more of the enemy than you lose. Must be another player

Wait… I lost Honor but won the fight… Honor is based on the resources that were transferred in the fight. This most often happens when you attack a city with a small amount of traps. Your men may be more valuable than the traps you took down, therefore resulting in a loss of honor.

WHAT! I just lost 11k honor because some jerk with three times my prestige destroyed my army! This isn’t all that unlikely. Honor isn’t really that important: Though fun to earn, it isn’t really a measure of ability so much as a measure of bullying.

Prestige is required for rank advancement and a quest requires prestige. This makes prestige more important than honor. There is no way to cheat for prestige. Some people say you can by building and rebuilding cottages. This wastes 700 goods and gets 1 prestige.  It’s almost as fast to just make warriors. Warriors also generate 1 prestige per make, but it’s not at all cheating. Warriors are a staple to the fighting force. Feel free to build as many as you want, or as few as you want.

This is the player scale for ability:

20k or less prestige: Beginner

21k — 30k prestige: Learner

31k — 40k prestige: Low Player

41k — 50k prestige: Average player

51k — 70k prestige: Advanced player

71k — 100k prestige: Threat Player

101k–200k prestige: Power Player

201k and up prestige: Player Lord

Of course, any of these ranks could be an inactive player, but the further you move up the spectrum, the less likely.

Hint: Judge peoples cities by their prestige, their armies by their honor

How to quickly earn prestige: Be active. There isn’t any way to really speed your prestige. Make sure you are building and researching things in all of your cities. Also, make sure you are always producing troops and wall defenses, and those troops are attacking valleys. Of course, attacking valleys doesn’t result in much prestige, but the rank advancement and medals will help you.

Honor scale: (only applies to 50k prestige and up)

% of honor compared to prestige:

0% honor = hasn’t fought/been fought or lost big

1-9% honor = probably attacked an inactive, or lost honor recently.

10-20% honor = average player

50% honor = fighter

80% honor = champion

100% honor = warlord

150% and up (some over 1000% honor) = war god

But in truth, there are a lot of war gods. Just make sure you don’t get in there way.

Lord Arumen

What is Evony?

Sunday, August 2nd, 2009

Well, Hods Realm has been around for a few months now and we’ve never actually addressed…What is Evony?

Evony is a completely free MMORTS (massively multiplayer online browser-based strategy game) originally developed by UMGE LLC. Evony LLC now develops Evony – Free Forever.

A player starts with a civilian ranking and a level one town hall with 5,000 each of each resource (gold, food, lumber, stone, iron) and a population of 50 people. Evony has quests to guide new players so they do not get stuck at the beginning of the game. Of course, there are also great Evony guides sites such as Hods Realm to help you.

In the game, when a player logs out, the game continues while they are not around (just like most Real Time Strategy games). For seven days after registering, a player is given protection so they have time to grasp the game’s concepts and begin to achieve its goals.

is a measure of a player’s rank in the game. It is the game’s way of determining who is the “best”. Players gain prestige by following the Evony quests, building or upgrading structures and successfully attacking valleys or (NPC/Other players) cities.

Evony Warriors Cheat

Monday, June 22nd, 2009

I went to investigate and got all the information on the pre-existent Evony exploit. Hundreds of players were using a cheat to gain abnormal prestige in unrealistic time.

The bug was discovered when a player decided to crash 1,000 warriors into a high level NPC. That player lost all the warriors but enjoyed a boost of 2,000 prestige. The reason for this is because the troop value of 1,000 warriors was a lot less than what the player was able to kill with those warriors. Thus, the player’s prestige went up quite a bit. That player told his/her alliance and it spread from there. People started gaining prestige in hundreds of thousands every day. The exploit had gone too far. Evony patched the cheat and people who used this continuously had their prestige reset to 0.

RTTH – Prestige Analysis

Monday, June 15th, 2009

After publicly releasing RTTH, we got many requests for more information. I’m going to extend a bit about RTTH and the implications about it.

In the first article, we learned that the Rank, Title, and Town Hall level affects how much prestige you get per completion. Now many people went on to panic, completely regretting promoting themselves. Let’s look at this logically:

Scenario 1:

I have 1 city and I am a Civilian Rank and Civilian Title. I receive 18 prestige for each time I upgrade a cottage to level 5.

Scenario 2:

I have 1 city and I am a Lieutenant Rank and Knight Title. I receive 9 prestige for each time I upgrade a cottage to level 5.

Scenario 3:

I have 2 cities and I am a Lieutenant Rank and Knight Title. I receive about 9 prestige for upgrading a cottage to level 5 in my first town, and I receive about 9 prestige for upgrading a cottage to level 5 in my second town.

Of course, the prestige you get depends on the Town Hall level as well. This is purely an example.

As you can see, Scenario 1 and 3 are more desirable than Scenario 2. This means that it is not bad to promote yourself. It is simply bad to promote yourself at the wrong time. The only reason you should promote yourself, is if you know you have enough support from your other city(cities) to start the next one. Let’s take a look:

Scenario 1:

I have 1 city and I am a Civilian/Civilian. I can construct 1 building at time and research 1 technology at a time. I get roughly double the prestige per completion to that of a Lieutenant/Knight.

Scenario 2:

I have 1 city and I am a Lieutenant/Knight. I can construct 1 building at time and research 1 technology at a time. I get roughly half the prestige per completion to that of a Civilian/Civilian and a Lieutenant/Knight who has 2 cities.

Scenario 3:

I have 2 cities and I am a Lieutenant/Knight. I can construct 2 buildings at a time and research 2 technologies at a time. I get roughly the same prestige total as that of a Civilian/Civilian and double that of a Lieutenant/Knight.

Now, let’s dissect what the above examples:

A person who is a Civilian/Civilian begins to advance in prestige more quickly than that of someone who is a Lieutenant/Knight and has only one city. This is because they both can complete things at about the same time, while the person with the lower Rank and Title gets twice as much prestige. +1 for Civilian/Civilian

A person who is a Lieutenant/Knight and has 1 city begins to fall behind a person who is a Lieutenant/Knight and has 2 cities. This is because they both get the about the same prestige per completion, but the Lieutenant/Knight with 2 cities can complete things twice as fast due to the 2 cities. +1 for Lieutenant/Knight with 2 cities

So what happens when a person who is Civilian/Civilian pits him/herself against a Lieutenant/Knight with 2 cities?

There are two possible outcomes:

The Lieutenant/Knight has a very established 1st city and can fully support both itself and the second city without a problem. The Civilian/Civilian and Lieutenant/Knight will be fairly even, and then the Lieutenant/Knight will begin to pull ahead. This is because although they both are getting roughly the same amount of prestige, the Lieutenant/Knight with 2 cities can start building and researching more things, more quickly. Why? Well, for example, someone who has two academies can research twice as many things. Someone who has two cities could have level 5 construction while the Civilian only has level 3 construction because he/she only has one academy. The person with Lieutenant/Knight begins to pull ahead because all of their constructions are going faster. Due to having two cities, it cancels out the prestige per completion loss. Therefore, the Lieutenant/Knight starts pulling ahead. +1 for Lieutenant/Knight with 2 cities

The Lieutenant/Knight has a poorly established 1st city and can barely support itself, let alone support the second city. The Civilian/Civilian and Lieutenant/Knight will be fairly even, and then the Civilian/Civilian will begin to pull ahead. In theory, the Lieutenant/Knight should be able to stay even with the Civilian/Civilian, except that he/she cannot support the second city. In order to stay with the game, a player has to completely be ready to help his or her next city or both cities will begin to slow down, and thus, slower prestige. +1 for Civilian/Civilian

Wow, what a load to take in. Here’s the breakdown and summary:

– Do not promote yourself, unless you plan on making another city. If you care about prestige, then don’t fool yourself by thinking “I look better if I’m a Baronett”. If you aren’t considering another city, then you’re just hurting yourself.

– If a person wants to make another city while not falling behind in the prestige race, then he/she should be sure he/she is ready to fully support that next city. If he/she is not ready both economically and militarily, he/she will begin to decline in the top players. If in doubt, don’t promote.

– This all comes down to timing/speed and knowing your own strength. If you make the mistake of promoting yourself the moment that you are able to, you are going to regret it. Don’t promote your Rank unless you have enough medals to promote your Title as well and make that next city. A Lieutenant/Knight will have an advantage over a Captain/Knight.

So think about it. Keep your eyes open for another analysis of RTTH. There’s much more to it, and a lot more strategy than you may think!

RTTH – Prestige Building Secret

Saturday, June 13th, 2009

Why am I not getting as much prestige now? Why is my prestige rising slower than it did when I first started?

Many players often wonder what they did wrong. “When I first started, I got 11 prestige just for upgrading a farm to level 4! Now I get 3!”

So what is the secret? What’s the trick? Is Evony scamming us?

The answer to these prestige building questions have not been answered anywhere yet. Are you ready? Read on.

The prestige you gain from constructing buildings, researching technology, and training troops comes from three things. Your Rank, Title, and Town Hall level affects how much prestige you get upon completing a building, research, or troop.

The lower you Rank is, the more prestige you will gain for each completion.

The lower your Title is, the more prestige you will gain for each completion.

The lower your Town Hall level is, the more prestige you will gain for each completion.

Why is this so? Where is your proof?

This is an example of logic and history. In the dark ages and olden times, if a King were to build a few factories, nobody would think he was a “better” (more prestigious) lord. Kings would only become famous if they built a huge castle or defeated a powerful nation in war.

This directly relates to the Rank, Title, and Town Hall level in Evony. To relate Evony to the example above, a King would be a Duke or Prinzessin. People who are have the rank of Prinzessin or Duke should not get prestige for upgrading a barracks to level 5 because they have already established themselves as a powerful person. They should only get prestige for winning a war, or finishing their research of Compass level 10. Now, a player with a rank of Knight will get an unearthly amount of prestige for researching Compass level 10, because that would be an amazing feat for somebody who has established themselves as a “less powerful person”.

How exactly does the Town Hall have anything to do with it?

The Town Hall is a representation of wealth, prosperity, and power. The higher a person’s Town Hall is, the larger his/her castle looks on the Map, and the more economic opportunities arise (resource fields). Don’t forget, you need a certain Town Hall level before you can advance in your Rank and Title. For anyone who had doubts that Town Hall is related to the Title and Rank, your doubts are now put aside.

Here’s a short summary and breakdown of what I have just said.

– The lower your Rank, Title, and Town Hall level is, the more prestige you will gain from completing a building, research, or troop.

– The explanation for this is that people who have higher Ranks, Titles, and Town Halls have given a message to the world that they are already a powerful person. They do not deserve to get as much prestige for the little things they do.

I’m sure many of you have realized the importance of this:

With this information, there is a way to get prestige so efficiently that you outstrip all the other Evony players.

I hereby dub these three factors that determine prestige building as: RTTH

So when your friends or fellow alliance members ask, refer them to this page and simply tell them “RTTH”.

Does this mean I should stay a Civilian my whole life? No it does not.

Does this mean I should never make a second or third city? No it does not.

Does this mean I should never upgrade my Town Hall to higher levels? No it does not.


Do you want Hods to release a guide on the exact process of gaining efficient prestige on Evony? Do you want to know when you should promote yourself, make another city, and upgrade your Town Hall?

Alliance Basics

Sunday, May 24th, 2009

An alliance is a group of players that come together to help each other out diplomatically and militarily. Alliances are not easy to run and, on the contrary, are extremely hard to maintain if you expect to become powerful. It takes a lot of effort, time, and patience.

The following are some of the basics on alliances in Evony:

– Generally the alliances that succeed are the ones who have players who are consistently increasing their prestige and armies. If a member of an alliance gets 5k prestige in 2 days, and then gets nothing for another 2 days, and then gets another 5k prestige, this player is not reliable and not a good alliance member.

– An alliance can only reach 100 members if the host has an Embassy level 10. Now, usually this is not simple, except that Evony sells an item called “Ritual of Pact” which automatically allows your alliance to get 100 members. This is how some alliances get 100 members within a few days of starting.

– Usually, a strong alliance will have “sister” or “brother” alliances. These other alliances formed because the original alliance reached its capacity of 100 members. The alliances are all allied with each, and are essentially one alliance.

– Members of the same alliance can do the following with each other: Transport resources to and from each other, reinforce each others’ cities with their own armies, and talk to each other in a private alliance chat.

Leaving the 7 Day Protection

Wednesday, May 6th, 2009

There is always the question that people pose: Should I / Am I ready to dive into battle before my 7 day protection is up?

In short, no you should not upgrade your Town Hall past level 4 before your protection time is up.

It’s better to be safe than sorry. I know I would much rather come out dangerous than become a resource farm where my neighbors just mooch off my hard work and steal my resources.

The main reason you should not do this is because all the people who started before you and already let their 7 day protection run, have several days advantage over you. With those few days, they were able to build up an army to wipe you clean. In theory, if you waited the 7 days, you should come out about even and they will not risk trying to fight you.

Moving on, there is one secret situation in which you should upgrade your Town Hall past level 4 before your 7 day protection is up. I’m going to share it with you.

When a server is first released, usually the people who join the server within a few hours have an advantage because they know if they go out of the protection, there is nobody with 250k+ prestige ready to pounce on them. Not only do they have no fear of attack, they get more resource fields because each Town Hall upgrade adds 3 more spaces. Within a day or two, these people have a huge advantage and will be the first one with a large army because of the higher resource production. The chain continues, and they are a powerhouse.

So, the only time I would ever recommend going out of protection before the 7 days expires, is only if you join the server within a day of its being released.