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Evony Warriors Cheat

Monday, June 22nd, 2009

I went to investigate and got all the information on the pre-existent Evony exploit. Hundreds of players were using a cheat to gain abnormal prestige in unrealistic time.

The bug was discovered when a player decided to crash 1,000 warriors into a high level NPC. That player lost all the warriors but enjoyed a boost of 2,000 prestige. The reason for this is because the troop value of 1,000 warriors was a lot less than what the player was able to kill with those warriors. Thus, the player’s prestige went up quite a bit. That player told his/her alliance and it spread from there. People started gaining prestige in hundreds of thousands every day. The exploit had gone too far. Evony patched the cheat and people who used this continuously had their prestige reset to 0.

Evony NPCs

Monday, June 15th, 2009

Evony NPCs

In Evony, an NPC (Non-player character) is a city that is not controlled by another player. Their levels can vary, and the higher level the NPC, the more difficult it is to defeat. A level 1 NPC has all level 1 buildings. A level 5 NPC has all level 5 buildings, and so on. NPCs are the most common source for supplying a persons’ army and are great for earning hero EXP. Of course, if you lose, you’ll lose your army and prestige. Currently, the goal of many people is to conquer a level 10 NPC, because of its benefits as all level 10 buildings. Unfortunately, these are one of the most difficult to defeat in the game, because they have 400,000 warriors and many defenses. I’ll be describing how to defeat a level 10 NPC in a later guide.

Military Units Basics

Saturday, May 16th, 2009

The basics of Evony military units and troops are essential to making sure that you win your battles. In essence, the point of Evony is to be the most powerful player in the game, but having the largest and strongest army.

Military Units Basics:

Workers: Workers are meant to transfer bulk resources. They are very weak and cannot defend themselves well. Thankfully though, they can carry a lot of load. In addition, you need 250 to construct a new city.

Scouts: Scouts are the weakest of all the cavalry units. Scouts are very important to have however, because you need them to scout out enemy cities and valleys. Scouts also are the only units that can destroy your opponents’ scouts when he/she scouts you.

Pike-men: Pike-men are very fast and are the ideal unit to destroy enemy cavalry units. However, due to the fact that other units are just as effective, few players use Pike-men in bulk.

Archers: Without a doubt, the most intimidating army is one that consists of a large amount of Archers. Archers are by far the most valuable unit. Why? I have explained the importance of range in a past article. To read more on why range and archers are your top priority, please click HERE.

Cavalry: Cavalry are swift and speedy. If you have a lot of them, you can take out archers, swordsmen, warriors, and virtually anything in your path. Their biggest weakness is Abatis.

Cataphracts: Cataphracts are a terror when you have them in great multitude. Of course, everything has a catch. Cataphracts would destroy everyone in your path if you had enough of them, however, they are extremely difficult to support. With a cost of 36 food per Cataphract, anyone who can maintain a large army of them has to be very actively plundering.

Transporters: Transporters are Workers that are beefed up. They are slower but have a load of 5,000 which is very important when you are plundering or putting a city under siege.

Ballista: Ballista are expensive, take a long time to create, and are pretty slow, but are worth it if you make enough of them. They are one of the only units that can effectively take out archers.

Battering Rams: These are powerful durability wreckers. They are used to smash through enemy walls and defenses.

Catapults: These are the strongest ranged units. If your archery technology is high enough, you can take out enemy archer towers without even being hit once. Catapults are also the most expensive to build, not to mention they take a very long time to build.

I will go into more detail on battle strategies in later articles.