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Goblin Wars

Wednesday, July 28th, 2010

Goblin Wars is an MMO game on Facebook with adventure and conquest!

Become the strongest, wealthiest, or just plain coolest in the game!

Go to

Play Goblin Wars Now!

Goblin Wars is a sponsor of – News Sponsors!

Sunday, April 11th, 2010 is now Hods’ sponsor! is focusing on the facebook game, Treasure Isle. To visit Raids Treasure Isle, please click HERE.

Raids has also opened a couple other game fan sites such as Farmville and Mafia Wars. has a facebook games fan sites topsite where all fan sites of facebook games should sign up to see who is number 1! Click HERE to visit the topsite. becomes Earl Class fansite!

Thursday, October 22nd, 2009

Two fan sites for Evony have been made Earl Class (both ourselves and a radio station) – a step up from the Knight Class we previously had.
Thank you Evony Staff and thank you all for your support! Feel free to promote Hods Realm throughout any part of Evony as we are an approved and official Earl Class fan site.


Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

As you hopefully have already noticed, we have an official Hods Realm facebook page set up for you all to discuss and further network with each other. Please feel free to upload pictures, comment, discuss, etc.

A quick link to our page is at the right (sidebar) of Please become a fan!

Hods Realm Statistics

Sunday, September 13th, 2009

Hi all,

Due to everyone’s amazing support, has received over 11,000,000 (11 Million) hits since we first opened.

Thanks again for your support!

Kind Regards,

Hods Realm

Evony Knight Class Fan site

Tuesday, September 8th, 2009

Evony Knight Class Fansite is proud to announce that we are now an official Evony Knight Class fan site.

What does this mean? This means that you all may now promote Hods Realm throughout Evony because we are an approved fan site.

Thanks for your support everyone!

Empire Craft – Web Browser MMORTS

Sunday, August 16th, 2009

Empire Craft is a new free MMORTS (massively multiplayer online role-playing strategy) game that allows players to develop cities, armies, resource plots, and battle for dominance against other players on a massive world map. Each player starts out with a plot of land and must build up his/her city, defenses, food and resource production, and a massive army to conquer neighbors and nearby resource locations. Battle plans are enacted in real-time, and working together with your union members, basically guild mates, is the only option when faced with some of the more powerful lords in your area.

Interestingly enough, this sounds very familiar right? There are only a couple changed twists in this game.

There are three different races in Empire Craft each with a specific set of graphics for their buildings and landscape. Troops also have different strengths and statistics depending upon their race. The races are Humans, Dwarves, and Orcs. Unions (alliances) can be based on race or geographical location, but different races start in different areas. Heroes are also race specific, but you can still hire them regardless of their race.

There’s a lot more but here’s the real question – is this Evony or is this a rip-off game trying to be like Evony?

There are a lot of questions to be answered. We’ll be addressing Empire Craft later on.

Evony Server Manager – Beta!

Tuesday, August 11th, 2009 has released a great tool for all Evony players! After hours of work, we’ve completed the beta stage of the Evony Server Manager.

Short summary:

This manager allows you to access multiple servers or worlds at the same time on the same page. This is very useful for people who play on many servers or worlds.

This manager makes Evony faster for you.

For more details and information, please read THIS THREAD.

As stated in that thread, we want all the feedback we can get. Please don’t hesitate to post suggestions or questions.

For all suggestions, questions, and feedback, please post them in this section: Evony Server Manager – Beta Forum

Evony Database – Resources

Tuesday, August 11th, 2009

We’ve added a new section for the Evony database: General. In this General category, we’ve completely finished adding the “resources” section. We plan to add multiple other parts in addition to redoing our Evony buildings database and finishing the Evony items portion of the database.

Evony Gold, Evony Food, Evony Lumber, Evony Stone, and Evony Iron are the five resources that we’ve added.

Stay tuned, because we’re going to have a lot more of information for you at the Evony database!

Evony Database – Research Technologies

Sunday, August 9th, 2009

Today, we completely finished the researched and technologies portion of the Evony Database. All 19 technologies are now available at the database.

We’ve divided them into three categories: Resource Technologies, Combat Technologies, and City Technologies

If you have a suggestion to add something to all of the research technologies in the database, or an suggestion on the Evony database at all then please, post it HERE.

Evony Database and Popular Posts

Sunday, August 9th, 2009

Two changes to Hods Realm: one major, one minor.

1. The Evony Database has been added! This means that you can access information on Evony buildings, items and more! Keep in mind that it will take time to add all of the individual parts so stay tuned!

2. The top 10 most popular posts has been added to the main page. You should scroll up and check it out!



Corg Network

Thursday, August 6th, 2009

Hods Realm is now part of the Corg Network! The Corg Network provides multiple help & guides sites as well as wikis and tools. Corg is definitely your source for mmo gaming. The Evony Fan Forum has been relocated at the mmo gaming forum. All your accounts and posts have been transfered over so no worries about lost account details.

Corg Network

MMO Gaming Forum

Evony Amulet

Thursday, July 30th, 2009

Hods Realm has posted one of the most useful guides yet – the complete article on the Evony Amulet Wheel. The amulet wheel, otherwise known as the “Aries Amulet” or “Roulette Wheel” is one of the most complicated parts of Evony. It makes people angry, makes people very happy and occasionally just mystifies some people.

It’s time to put your thoughts to rest. In Hods Realm of the Amulet Wheel, we cover aspects from the most important items, to your chances of getting a specific reward.

We’ve been working tirelessly to release the percentages and finally have! You can now know instantly what your chances of getting a specific reward are.

Get ready for a lot of information: Evony Amulet Wheel

Conquer a Level 10 NPC – Norm & Cheap

Monday, July 27th, 2009

Hods Realm has released the first two guides to conquering a level 10 NPC. These are the first of many to come. We have tested over a dozen different ways to conquer a level 10 NPC and are going to share the best ones with all of you! Some of the processes are ones that you’ve never heard of before.

So we’ll start off with these two guides: Norm & Cheap

Norm is the level 10 NPC conquering guide that is a fairly regular way that people do it these days.

Cheap is a level 10 NPC conquering guide that is for people who don’t want to wait weeks to train. Cheap introduces a way to conquer that level 10 NPC with cheap troops that didn’t take long to recruit.

Keep your eyes open for the next level 10 NPC conquering guide – it’s going to be a big one!

Evony F.A.Q. Released!

Sunday, July 26th, 2009

After much thought, Hods Realm has decided to remove the Evony Chat due to security issues.

On a positive note, Hods Realm has released the Evony FAQ! The Evony F.A.Q. has many common questions with their complete answers. We expect to be updating the F.A.Q. page often so that all of your questions can be answered

Here’s the link: Evony F.A.Q.

If there’s a question that you think should be on the page, please email [email protected] with your suggestion, or post it on the forum boards.

I hope it helps you new players out a bunch!

Advanced Evony Troop Training Calculator Released – Beta Stage!

Monday, July 20th, 2009

Hods Realm has finally finished an advanced calculator that factors in Technology levels and Hero attack levels.

The link: Troop Training Calculator – Beta Version

As this is in beta stage, we’d like all users to please submit feedback, good and bad, so that we can improve on all aspects of the calculator.

Submit Feedback & Questions for this calculator.

Expect great edits to this calculator and also expect more basic, advanced, and even premium calculators in the near future!

Hods Realm Announcements

Sunday, July 19th, 2009

Well on the 19th of July, it’s time to inform everybody about some of the changes that have been going on.

If you don’t already know:

* Evony Calculators have been released as part of Hods Realm. With these calculators, we hope that your Evony experience will be aided even more.

* Evony Chat has also been released as part of Hods Realm. You may talk for unlimited time with other Evony players.

* Lord Arumen has agreed to move his guides to be part of Hods Realm. By doing this, he is agreeing to help Evony players all over the world. His chapters of Evony guides are a great assistance to newbies. Thank you Lord Arumen.

* Evony Wiki has been modified to concentrate on people who want to advertise their iEvony URL and iEvony invitation codes, as well as NPC battle results.

Expect more in the future, and don’t hesitate to make suggestions: email to [email protected]

iEvony Wiki

Saturday, July 18th, 2009

Due to the new shortage of iEvony codes, Hods Realm has decided to dedicate part of the Evony wiki to posting iEvony invitation codes, and advertising peoples’ iEvony URLs.

To post invitation codes for other players to use, please visit this link: iEvony Codes

To advertise your iEvony URL for other players to use, please visit this link: iEvony URLs

Hods News – 7/4/09

Saturday, July 4th, 2009

Happy 4th of July Everybody,

I apologize for the gap between this and the last article. Unfortunately, we had a short vacation. All will be back to normal.

Now on to the good stuff! There are so many new features and updates that I don’t know where to start.

– Due to several new additions to, the “Hods Fan Site” has ceased to exist. From now on, we shall be known as “Hods Realm of Evony”.

– The new additions to are: a fully customized Evony Wiki, a useful Evony Top Site, and a re-formatted community forums. Please read the information at the top of the page about the Hods Realms.

* All contributions and help towards the new Evony Wiki are greatly appreciated.

– All news, updates, changes, announcements, or otherwise broadcasts, are now posted in the Hods section here on this blog. They are no longer posted on the forum.

– A Questions & Answers section has been added on the community forums. Hods will personally answer each and every one of your questions. Our answers will always be in-depth so as to help you fully understand.

– has a new banner up top. The image can be easily clicked if you wish to return to the main page.

– has joined the Evony TopSite. Please vote for us by clicking on the top list button.

Hopefully nothing was missed,

Stay tuned,