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The Importance of a Ware House

Monday, November 30th, 2009

For intermediate level players.

You have most likely heard from everyone that you don’t need any ware houses and while that may be true for more advanced players it’s not for you intermediate level players. I’m not about to say you need you need to have five plus ware houses, but only one. This is mainly because maybe for example if you were in an alliance and your alliance went to war with other stronger players you might get attacked. They would also take all your food enabling you to comfort your city. So you need to preserve your food with ware houses. And sometimes the fact of the mater is that it can be simply to late for your alliance to help you in some situations. So that’s where the ware house comes in, but for it to work properly make sure 100% of the storage is at food.

Some of you may be asking about privateering, but not many research it because most do not care to spend the money to research it. So while there are some that have it researched you have a better chance of being attacked by someone with out privateering than someone with privateering. Now if you are on any older server(servers 1-50) that might not be the case. So I would suggest that if you are on one of these servers that you get your ware house and research your stock pile to the highest level you can too.

So once you are no longer an intermediate player you can then destroy the ware house if you wish.


Evony Workshop

Saturday, August 8th, 2009

In Evony, the workshop is very similar to your Forge – rudimentary at best and has fairly minimal uses. The workshop is necessary for offense and defense mechanics. You also need to upgrade your workshop in order to research the Metal Casting technology. Once you have fully researched your Metal Casting, the workshop ceases to have much of a point. It would be best to demolish the workshop and use that space for something more useful.

Evony Forge

Friday, August 7th, 2009

In Evony, a forge is the workplace of a smith or blacksmith. The main and only point of a Forge is to upgrade your Military Science research which enables you to create troops more quickly. A forge is also the pre-requisite for building your Walls. Hopefully in the future there is a more important role for Forges.

Evony Embassy

Friday, August 7th, 2009

In Evony, the Embassy hosts military units from your other alliance members. You need an Embassy if you want to create or join an alliance (level 1 to join, level 2 to create). An alliance host may increase the maximum capacity by upgrading his/her Embassy. For people who want their alliance’s military support, the level of the Embassy allows that number of armies to be stationed in the embassy’s city regardless of the army’s size. This means that if you have a level 7 Embassy, 7 of your alliance members may assist you with however much army they want.

Sending a bunch of your troops to reinforce an ally’s city will leave them there to fight and defend the city. The owner of the city may not control your army and you may recall your troops at any time. Food will be consumed on the owner’s part as if your army were his/hers.

You have to select the “allow troops of allied members to garrison your current city” option in the embassy to allow your alliance teammates to support you.

Evony Warehouse

Monday, August 3rd, 2009

The warehouse is the most useless building in Evony. What the warehouse does is keep a certain amount of your resources from being plundered after you get attacked. Unfortunately, these numbers of resources are so low that it’s insignificant and you’re better off using the space for another more useful building.

Evony Stable

Friday, July 31st, 2009

In Evony, a stable is a building where your horsemen (cavalry, cataphracts) are kept. Stables decrease the time it takes to train horsemen, and the higher level your stable, the faster your horsemen will move.

You cannot research Horseback Riding technology without a stable and you cannot build a Relief Station without Horseback Riding. Horseback Riding and your Relief Station are vital to any city, or else you’ll be waiting a day or two to attack a player who’s far away.

Evony Beacon Tower

Friday, July 31st, 2009

The beacon tower is vital building to any player who wants to fight battles. The higher level your beacon tower is, the better chance you have of knowing exactly who is attacking you with what military force, and what your targets’ defenses are. This is a warning building to give you time to prepare for your fight and it contributes to information on your opponents’ cities.

Evony Rally Spot

Friday, July 31st, 2009

The Rally Spot is a building for your army to live in, where you can give an order to attack or conduct a military exercise.

The higher the level, the more troops you can dispatch at a time.

Level 1 you may send 10,000 units to attack a target.

Level 5 you may send 50,000 units to attack a target.

Level 10 you may send 100,000 units to attack a target.

You get the point.

What does opening my gate do?

The “Open Gate’” feature determines whether your army adds its strength to the city defenses, or stays safely in barracks to leave the wall defenses to take on an attack unaided.

If you open the gate, your army will help defend your city but you also risk losing the troops.

If you close the gate, your troops will stay put as an opponent attacks you, but you have no way of losing your army save losing your city.

What is the Medic Camp?

In your Rally Spot you will find a button that says Medic Camp. This holds all of the troops that have been wounded in your recent battles. You may heal your wounded troops for a certain gold fee, or else they will eventually all die.

Evony Town Hall

Thursday, July 23rd, 2009

Of all the buildings in Evony, you had better know the Town Hall through & through, or you are missing out on a fundamental of the game.

First, I’ll go over the basic “features” that a Town Hall has.

– In the Overview tab of the Town Hall, it lists all your buildings and what level they are.

– In the Production tab of the Town Hall, it lists your Productivity, Max Labor, Required Labor, Production Rate (which you may change at any time), Basic Production, Providence, Technology Plus, Troops Upkeep, Hero Plus, Valleys Plus, Buff Plus & the Total Production for each resource.

– In the Valleys tab of the Town Hall, it lists how many valleys you have, what type they are, and what level.

– In the Cities tab of the Town Hall, it lists how many cities you have, the names you gave each city, your cities’ coordinates, your cities’ mayors, your cities’ population, and the loyalty of your city (determined by tax rate).

– In the Tax Rate button of the Town Hall, you can adjust your tax rate to get different amounts of gold, and different amounts of population. For a guide on earning efficient gold in Evony, please click here.

– In the Comforting button of the Town Hall, you may gain different things: Disaster Relief gains 5 loyalty and decreases Public Grievance by 15, Praying gains 25 loyalty, Blessing gives you food related to your population limit, and Population limit increases the amount of people you have.

– In the Levy button of the Town Hall, you may levy your people to gain more resources for gold, food, lumber, stone, or iron. Keep in mind you lose 20 loyalty if you do this.

– In the City Rename button of the Town Hall, you may quite simply, rename the city to something else that you desire.

Second, I’ll describe the importance of the Town Hall.

– The Town Hall affects how many resource fields you have to build more resource buildings on. At level 1 Town Hall, you have 13 resource fields, and you get an additional 3 fields each time you upgrade your Town Hall. At level 10 Town Hall, you can have a total of 40 resource fields to produce your resources.

– The Town Hall also affects how many valleys you can conquer. The limit to conquering valleys is your Town Hall level. At level 5 Town Hall, you may capture 5 valleys. Obviously, the more valleys you can get, the better your production is.

– The Town Hall is the reason some peoples’ cities look “bigger” than other peoples’ on the World Map. For more information, click here.

– The Town Hall is a pre-requisite for cottages and many quests.

Evony Cottage

Thursday, July 23rd, 2009

Cottages in Evony are probably the most basic building that you can construct. They have one purpose: to house any people who want to live in your town. The more cottages, and the higher level each cottage is, the more population you can obtain.

For a quick reference:

Level 1 cottages offer 100 population.

Level 2 cottages offer 300 population.

Level 3 cottages offer 600 population.

Level 4 cottages offer 1,000 population.

Level 5 cottages offer 1,500 population.

Level 6 cottages offer 2,100 population.

Level 7 cottages offer 2,800 population.

Level 8 cottages offer 3,600 population.

Level 9 cottages offer 4,500 population.

Level 10 cottages offer 5,500 population.

If I had 2 level 7 cottages, 5 level 4 cottages, and 1 level 9 cottage, I would have a total population limit of 15,100 people.

How come I don’t have a population of 15,100 then?

The reason is because of your tax rate. If my tax rate was 0%, then I would indeed get 15,100 people. If my tax rate was 10%, then I would have 13,590 people (90% of my population limit).

Now population is used for two main things: Workers and Troops for your army.

In any city, you need people to work in your farms, sawmills, quarries, and ironmines. Therefore, with each resource building that you build, you a certain portion of your population goes to work.

The remaining population is used to train, or recruit, troops. If I had 5,000 idle population, I have the ability to create 5,000 men. Of course, since troops such as archers take “2 population” I can only train 2,500 archers.

Yes, your population does replenish after you train troops – it just takes a short period of time.

Evony Academy

Wednesday, June 17th, 2009

Evony Academy

In Evony, the Academy is one of the most essential buildings you can construct. The Academy makes people win battles, obtain resources more quickly, construct other buildings faster, and create military units and fortifications with immense speed.

The following can be researched in the Academy:

Agriculture: “enhances food production”

This is just as important as any of the other military enhancements because armies need food. Without food, your armies will starve.

Lumbering: “enhances lumber production”

Just like agriculture, lumbering is a must. Lumber is required for every single unit you create.

Masonry: “enhances stone production”

The faster you can get stone, the more fortified units you can create. We all need more defense!

Mining: “enhances iron production”

Similar to lumbering, iron is needed for any creation of a military unit. Iron is a necessity.

Metal Casting: “enhances production speed of mechanics”

From personal experience, trust me, you need at least level 9 or 10 of Metal Casting once you have established yourself. Mechanics are powerful units in Evony and you want to build them as fast as you can.

Informatics: “the more detailed information you gain”

Informatics is not a technology that is most useful for offense, but rather a very helpful and strategic defensive research. If you have high informatics, you will know the size and strength of your attackers and can be ready whether it be retreat or stand and win.

Military Science: “enhances training speed”

Although this does not directly relate to victory or loss in battle, generally the lords who can train their troops the quickest will have a larger army. The larger your army is the most dominant you are. This is also a pre-requisite for many other technologies.

Military Tradition: “enhances army’s attack”

Without a doubt, anyone without a high military tradition will lose many battles. The more attack you have, the stronger you are.

Iron Working: “enhances army’s defense”

Again, this is very vital to a strong civilization. Without defense, your troops will get massacred within moments.

Logistics: “enhances army’s load”

You can carry more resources with higher logistics. This is important if you intend on attacking cities that are far away, or want to transport resources to and from your different cities.

Compass: “enhances infantry moving speed”

The higher this is, the faster your troops will move around. Given the fact that the majority of your army will be infantry (archers, warriors, etc) it would be wise to have a high compass level. It could determine victory or loss in battle.

Horseback Riding: “enhances moving speed of cavalry and mechanics”

The higher this is, the faster your troops will move around. Horseback riding helps scouts, cavalry, cataphracts, ballistae, transporters, battering rams, and catapults. I must say, the mechanics units move very slowly, so you might want to research this.

Archery: “enhances shooting range”

This is considered to be the most important technology. If you do not plan on trying to get level 10 archery you are making a huge mistake. Why? For more information on the importance of range, click HERE.

Stockpile: “enhances warehouse capacity”

This is probably the least essential technology in the game. The goal of this research is to help you keep resources if you get plundered. The biggest problem with this is that anyone with privateering will come in and destroy you anyways.

Medicine: “enhances army’s life”

The higher your medicine level, the more “hitpoints” each and every military unit will have. This is important, because if your attack, defense, and range is exactly equal to your opponent’s, then it will come down to whoever has more life.

Construction: “enhances construction speed of buildings and fortified units”

This is one of the most useful technologies in Evony. The faster you can build buildings and defenses, the more powerful you will be.

Engineering: “enhances durability of walls”

The higher your engineering level, the more space you have to build fortified units. Who doesn’t want to build more defenses?

Machinery: “enhances repairable rate of fortified units”

For those of you who do not understand this, it is similar to when an NPC regenerates its traps and archer towers. The higher your machinery level, the more fortifications will regenerate after being defeated. This is highly useful when an enemy destroys your defenses and then gets a surprise when 75% of your defenses spring back up!

Privateering: “Decreases rival’s warehouse down to 3% whilst plundering”

Although you need a level 10 Academy to research privateering, it is extremely useful. If you have a powerful army, you can plunder your enemies who have a warehouse without fear of them keeping the majority of their resources.

Evony Market

Tuesday, June 16th, 2009

Evony Market

In Evony, the market is a very simple, yet important building. You may construct one by clicking on an open building spot in your Town and clicking on the market. You will need a small amount of resources to build it.

A market is your source for selling surplus resources and buying resources you are in need of (Food, Lumber, Stone, Iron). The currency is gold. You receive gold for selling and spend gold for buying. Often, players will take advantage of high and low prices, and make a profit.

RTTH – Prestige Analysis

Monday, June 15th, 2009

After publicly releasing RTTH, we got many requests for more information. I’m going to extend a bit about RTTH and the implications about it.

In the first article, we learned that the Rank, Title, and Town Hall level affects how much prestige you get per completion. Now many people went on to panic, completely regretting promoting themselves. Let’s look at this logically:

Scenario 1:

I have 1 city and I am a Civilian Rank and Civilian Title. I receive 18 prestige for each time I upgrade a cottage to level 5.

Scenario 2:

I have 1 city and I am a Lieutenant Rank and Knight Title. I receive 9 prestige for each time I upgrade a cottage to level 5.

Scenario 3:

I have 2 cities and I am a Lieutenant Rank and Knight Title. I receive about 9 prestige for upgrading a cottage to level 5 in my first town, and I receive about 9 prestige for upgrading a cottage to level 5 in my second town.

Of course, the prestige you get depends on the Town Hall level as well. This is purely an example.

As you can see, Scenario 1 and 3 are more desirable than Scenario 2. This means that it is not bad to promote yourself. It is simply bad to promote yourself at the wrong time. The only reason you should promote yourself, is if you know you have enough support from your other city(cities) to start the next one. Let’s take a look:

Scenario 1:

I have 1 city and I am a Civilian/Civilian. I can construct 1 building at time and research 1 technology at a time. I get roughly double the prestige per completion to that of a Lieutenant/Knight.

Scenario 2:

I have 1 city and I am a Lieutenant/Knight. I can construct 1 building at time and research 1 technology at a time. I get roughly half the prestige per completion to that of a Civilian/Civilian and a Lieutenant/Knight who has 2 cities.

Scenario 3:

I have 2 cities and I am a Lieutenant/Knight. I can construct 2 buildings at a time and research 2 technologies at a time. I get roughly the same prestige total as that of a Civilian/Civilian and double that of a Lieutenant/Knight.

Now, let’s dissect what the above examples:

A person who is a Civilian/Civilian begins to advance in prestige more quickly than that of someone who is a Lieutenant/Knight and has only one city. This is because they both can complete things at about the same time, while the person with the lower Rank and Title gets twice as much prestige. +1 for Civilian/Civilian

A person who is a Lieutenant/Knight and has 1 city begins to fall behind a person who is a Lieutenant/Knight and has 2 cities. This is because they both get the about the same prestige per completion, but the Lieutenant/Knight with 2 cities can complete things twice as fast due to the 2 cities. +1 for Lieutenant/Knight with 2 cities

So what happens when a person who is Civilian/Civilian pits him/herself against a Lieutenant/Knight with 2 cities?

There are two possible outcomes:

The Lieutenant/Knight has a very established 1st city and can fully support both itself and the second city without a problem. The Civilian/Civilian and Lieutenant/Knight will be fairly even, and then the Lieutenant/Knight will begin to pull ahead. This is because although they both are getting roughly the same amount of prestige, the Lieutenant/Knight with 2 cities can start building and researching more things, more quickly. Why? Well, for example, someone who has two academies can research twice as many things. Someone who has two cities could have level 5 construction while the Civilian only has level 3 construction because he/she only has one academy. The person with Lieutenant/Knight begins to pull ahead because all of their constructions are going faster. Due to having two cities, it cancels out the prestige per completion loss. Therefore, the Lieutenant/Knight starts pulling ahead. +1 for Lieutenant/Knight with 2 cities

The Lieutenant/Knight has a poorly established 1st city and can barely support itself, let alone support the second city. The Civilian/Civilian and Lieutenant/Knight will be fairly even, and then the Civilian/Civilian will begin to pull ahead. In theory, the Lieutenant/Knight should be able to stay even with the Civilian/Civilian, except that he/she cannot support the second city. In order to stay with the game, a player has to completely be ready to help his or her next city or both cities will begin to slow down, and thus, slower prestige. +1 for Civilian/Civilian

Wow, what a load to take in. Here’s the breakdown and summary:

– Do not promote yourself, unless you plan on making another city. If you care about prestige, then don’t fool yourself by thinking “I look better if I’m a Baronett”. If you aren’t considering another city, then you’re just hurting yourself.

– If a person wants to make another city while not falling behind in the prestige race, then he/she should be sure he/she is ready to fully support that next city. If he/she is not ready both economically and militarily, he/she will begin to decline in the top players. If in doubt, don’t promote.

– This all comes down to timing/speed and knowing your own strength. If you make the mistake of promoting yourself the moment that you are able to, you are going to regret it. Don’t promote your Rank unless you have enough medals to promote your Title as well and make that next city. A Lieutenant/Knight will have an advantage over a Captain/Knight.

So think about it. Keep your eyes open for another analysis of RTTH. There’s much more to it, and a lot more strategy than you may think!

RTTH – Prestige Building Secret

Saturday, June 13th, 2009

Why am I not getting as much prestige now? Why is my prestige rising slower than it did when I first started?

Many players often wonder what they did wrong. “When I first started, I got 11 prestige just for upgrading a farm to level 4! Now I get 3!”

So what is the secret? What’s the trick? Is Evony scamming us?

The answer to these prestige building questions have not been answered anywhere yet. Are you ready? Read on.

The prestige you gain from constructing buildings, researching technology, and training troops comes from three things. Your Rank, Title, and Town Hall level affects how much prestige you get upon completing a building, research, or troop.

The lower you Rank is, the more prestige you will gain for each completion.

The lower your Title is, the more prestige you will gain for each completion.

The lower your Town Hall level is, the more prestige you will gain for each completion.

Why is this so? Where is your proof?

This is an example of logic and history. In the dark ages and olden times, if a King were to build a few factories, nobody would think he was a “better” (more prestigious) lord. Kings would only become famous if they built a huge castle or defeated a powerful nation in war.

This directly relates to the Rank, Title, and Town Hall level in Evony. To relate Evony to the example above, a King would be a Duke or Prinzessin. People who are have the rank of Prinzessin or Duke should not get prestige for upgrading a barracks to level 5 because they have already established themselves as a powerful person. They should only get prestige for winning a war, or finishing their research of Compass level 10. Now, a player with a rank of Knight will get an unearthly amount of prestige for researching Compass level 10, because that would be an amazing feat for somebody who has established themselves as a “less powerful person”.

How exactly does the Town Hall have anything to do with it?

The Town Hall is a representation of wealth, prosperity, and power. The higher a person’s Town Hall is, the larger his/her castle looks on the Map, and the more economic opportunities arise (resource fields). Don’t forget, you need a certain Town Hall level before you can advance in your Rank and Title. For anyone who had doubts that Town Hall is related to the Title and Rank, your doubts are now put aside.

Here’s a short summary and breakdown of what I have just said.

– The lower your Rank, Title, and Town Hall level is, the more prestige you will gain from completing a building, research, or troop.

– The explanation for this is that people who have higher Ranks, Titles, and Town Halls have given a message to the world that they are already a powerful person. They do not deserve to get as much prestige for the little things they do.

I’m sure many of you have realized the importance of this:

With this information, there is a way to get prestige so efficiently that you outstrip all the other Evony players.

I hereby dub these three factors that determine prestige building as: RTTH

So when your friends or fellow alliance members ask, refer them to this page and simply tell them “RTTH”.

Does this mean I should stay a Civilian my whole life? No it does not.

Does this mean I should never make a second or third city? No it does not.

Does this mean I should never upgrade my Town Hall to higher levels? No it does not.


Do you want Hods to release a guide on the exact process of gaining efficient prestige on Evony? Do you want to know when you should promote yourself, make another city, and upgrade your Town Hall?

Building a City

Wednesday, May 27th, 2009

This is a short but sweet article about how to make a second city, third city, fourth city, and so forth.


You need 10,000 food, 10,000 lumber, 10,000 stone, 10,000 iron, and 10,000 gold. In addition, you need to own at least one flat and have 250 workers available.

In order to build the X amount of cities, these are the Titles you need:

1st City – Civilian
2nd City – Knight
3rd City – Baronett
4th City – Baron
5th City – Viscount
6th City – Earl
7th City – Marquis
8th City – Duke
9th City – Furstin
10th City – Prinzessin

Please keep in mind that you will need the required Rank, medals, and gold to advance through the Titles.


To actually build your city, you need to click on the flat that you want to build your city at, and click “Build City”. You want the allotted time, and ta-dah! You have your next city!


Sunday, April 26th, 2009

Evony Sawmill

Sawmills are your primary means of obtaining lumber/wood. Lumber is the most important supply for building/construction. Wood is also used for research and making military units. Lumber is the most profitable resource to sell in the market.

This is a table of the Evony sawmill without including any research or the castellan.

Sawmill Level

Amount Per Hour Produced

Max Workers


Food Required

Lumber Required

Stone Required

Iron Required

Time To Complete


















01m 30s









03m 00s









06m 00s









12m 00s









24m 00s









48m 00s









1h 36m 00s









3h 12m 00s









6h 24m 00s