Evony Forge

In Evony, a forge is the workplace of a smith or blacksmith. The main and only point of a Forge is to upgrade your Military Science research which enables you to create troops more quickly. A forge is also the pre-requisite for building your Walls. Hopefully in the future there is a more important role… Continue reading Evony Forge

City from Map View

What makes your city look bigger from the Map View? What makes your walls look bigger? On the outside, your Town Hall level affects the appearance, or how big, your city looks. Level 1 Gives you a small village. Level 4 Gives your city some walls. Level 7 Gives your walls towers, a gate, and… Continue reading City from Map View


A Quarry is the primary way of getting stone. Although lumber is the most important for the majority of buildings, stone is a must when constructing the most powerful defense in the game: walls. Stone also provides ammunition for the catapults and is needed for certain researches. This is a table of the Evony quarry… Continue reading Quarry