Evony Inn

In Evony, the Inn is used to recruit Heroes which benefits your city immensely. Increasing the level of your Inn allows more Heroes of higher level to be recruited. The quality of available Heroes varies respectful to your Inn level. For example: You may find 5 heroes in a level 5 Inn. The best way to… Continue reading Evony Inn

RTTH – Prestige Building Secret

Why am I not getting as much prestige now? Why is my prestige rising slower than it did when I first started? Many players often wonder what they did wrong. “When I first started, I got 11 prestige just for upgrading a farm to level 4! Now I get 3!” So what is the secret?… Continue reading RTTH – Prestige Building Secret

City from Map View

What makes your city look bigger from the Map View? What makes your walls look bigger? On the outside, your Town Hall level affects the appearance, or how big, your city looks. Level 1 Gives you a small village. Level 4 Gives your city some walls. Level 7 Gives your walls towers, a gate, and… Continue reading City from Map View