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Evony Forum Happenings in July

Monday, July 13th, 2009

Today, I’d like to take the time to describe some of the happenings at the Evony forum boards:

Ever since the release of iEvony Beta, the official Evony forums and on all the Evony servers and worlds, players have been heatedly discussing and debating about iEvony. As I discussed earlier, iEvony is a client that allows members to gain credits, which can be turned into Game Cents. Obviously, everyone wants free money & Game Cents, so hundreds upon hundreds of players piled threads into the Evony forums in attempt to gain more credits for themselves. There are over 328, different threads (and some of them have hundreds of posts in them) about iEvony within just over a week of release. Remember, this is only in beta as well!

Recently, NPCs & Medals are the hottest spot of discussion for Evony Guides, due to the everchanging variables. When will the level 10 NPC be changed next? What’s the current Medals drop rate?

Evony has, in theory, four liasons now. Dawnseeker, Swansea, Thalin Athasian, and Valkirah. Unfortunately, we have not heard hide nor heels from Valkirah and he has done nothing but post an introduction.

Evony NPCs

Monday, June 15th, 2009

Evony NPCs

In Evony, an NPC (Non-player character) is a city that is not controlled by another player. Their levels can vary, and the higher level the NPC, the more difficult it is to defeat. A level 1 NPC has all level 1 buildings. A level 5 NPC has all level 5 buildings, and so on. NPCs are the most common source for supplying a persons’ army and are great for earning hero EXP. Of course, if you lose, you’ll lose your army and prestige. Currently, the goal of many people is to conquer a level 10 NPC, because of its benefits as all level 10 buildings. Unfortunately, these are one of the most difficult to defeat in the game, because they have 400,000 warriors and many defenses. I’ll be describing how to defeat a level 10 NPC in a later guide.