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Evony Stable

Friday, July 31st, 2009

In Evony, a stable is a building where your horsemen (cavalry, cataphracts) are kept. Stables decrease the time it takes to train horsemen, and the higher level your stable, the faster your horsemen will move.

You cannot research Horseback Riding technology without a stable and you cannot build a Relief Station without Horseback Riding. Horseback Riding and your Relief Station are vital to any city, or else you’ll be waiting a day or two to attack a player who’s far away.

Evony Beacon Tower

Friday, July 31st, 2009

The beacon tower is vital building to any player who wants to fight battles. The higher level your beacon tower is, the better chance you have of knowing exactly who is attacking you with what military force, and what your targets’ defenses are. This is a warning building to give you time to prepare for your fight and it contributes to information on your opponents’ cities.

Evony Rally Spot

Friday, July 31st, 2009

The Rally Spot is a building for your army to live in, where you can give an order to attack or conduct a military exercise.

The higher the level, the more troops you can dispatch at a time.

Level 1 you may send 10,000 units to attack a target.

Level 5 you may send 50,000 units to attack a target.

Level 10 you may send 100,000 units to attack a target.

You get the point.

What does opening my gate do?

The “Open Gate’” feature determines whether your army adds its strength to the city defenses, or stays safely in barracks to leave the wall defenses to take on an attack unaided.

If you open the gate, your army will help defend your city but you also risk losing the troops.

If you close the gate, your troops will stay put as an opponent attacks you, but you have no way of losing your army save losing your city.

What is the Medic Camp?

In your Rally Spot you will find a button that says Medic Camp. This holds all of the troops that have been wounded in your recent battles. You may heal your wounded troops for a certain gold fee, or else they will eventually all die.

Evony Amulet

Thursday, July 30th, 2009

Hods Realm has posted one of the most useful guides yet – the complete article on the Evony Amulet Wheel. The amulet wheel, otherwise known as the “Aries Amulet” or “Roulette Wheel” is one of the most complicated parts of Evony. It makes people angry, makes people very happy and occasionally just mystifies some people.

It’s time to put your thoughts to rest. In Hods Realm of the Amulet Wheel, we cover aspects from the most important items, to your chances of getting a specific reward.

We’ve been working tirelessly to release the percentages and finally have! You can now know instantly what your chances of getting a specific reward are.

Get ready for a lot of information: Evony Amulet Wheel

Conquer a Level 10 NPC – Norm & Cheap

Monday, July 27th, 2009

Hods Realm has released the first two guides to conquering a level 10 NPC. These are the first of many to come. We have tested over a dozen different ways to conquer a level 10 NPC and are going to share the best ones with all of you! Some of the processes are ones that you’ve never heard of before.

So we’ll start off with these two guides: Norm & Cheap

Norm is the level 10 NPC conquering guide that is a fairly regular way that people do it these days.

Cheap is a level 10 NPC conquering guide that is for people who don’t want to wait weeks to train. Cheap introduces a way to conquer that level 10 NPC with cheap troops that didn’t take long to recruit.

Keep your eyes open for the next level 10 NPC conquering guide – it’s going to be a big one!

Evony Game Cents

Sunday, July 26th, 2009

Game Cents or Game Coins are a currency that Evony uses for people to buy items with. Game Cents can be obtained by either purchasing them from Evony for real money, or by winning them off the Amulet Wheel.

People who do not buy these Game Cents are constantly angry at the people who do purchase Game Coins. We must ask ourselves – why is that?

“Because they have an unfair advantage over the rest of us”

“They advance quicker and become more powerful”

“They cheat”


Guys & gals – Game Cents do not affect how good or powerful you are in the game. Plenty of the top players have not spent 1 penny on Evony. They simply understood the game better and used all their skill on strategy. People who do not spend money on Game Cents are not behind those who do. As long as you do things the most efficient way, you’ll rise in the ranks.

So really, don’t complain about those people who support Evony, but rather show them who’s better by defeating them on the battle field!

Evony F.A.Q. Released!

Sunday, July 26th, 2009

After much thought, Hods Realm has decided to remove the Evony Chat due to security issues.

On a positive note, Hods Realm has released the Evony FAQ! The Evony F.A.Q. has many common questions with their complete answers. We expect to be updating the F.A.Q. page often so that all of your questions can be answered

Here’s the link: Evony F.A.Q.

If there’s a question that you think should be on the page, please email [email protected] with your suggestion, or post it on the forum boards.

I hope it helps you new players out a bunch!

Evony Statistics – 3 Months

Saturday, July 25th, 2009

After nearly 3 months of its release, Evony has moved in to be not only the most popular MMORTS game and browser game, but possibly, the most popular online game in the world.

Where’s the proof?

Well, nothing like some good old pictures:

Evony MMORTS Competition

Click Here to Enlarge Picture

As you can see, although Travian and Ikariam have been up for over a year, they are not even half as large as Evony. Evony has been up for 3 months and already has an unprecedented amount of visitors. By this alone, Evony is the most popular MMORTS (massively multiplayer online real time strategy game) in the world.

Evony July Traffic Rank

Click Here to Enlarge Picture

Evony (as of July 23rd, 2009) has a traffic rank of around 400. A couple weeks ago it was even in the low 300’s. Without a doubt, Evony gets an enormous amount of gamers.

Runescape July Traffic Rank

Click Here to Enlarge Picture

Runescape (as of July 23rd, 2009) has a traffic rank of about 475. Runescape has declined slightly over the past few months. As the two pictures show, Evony surpassed Runescape in traffic.

WoW July Traffic Rank

Click Here to Enlarge Picture

Finally, the all-famous World of Warcraft. Since you do not play WoW on your browser, it’s hard to say whether Evony or WoW is more popular. Obviously, Runescape and Evony have more traffic, but that is mainly because you have to play on your browser.

Evony or WoW – you decide which game is the most popular.

All things considered, Evony has done quite well for the first 3 months, and it looks as if we can expect only uphill from here.

Evony News – End of July

Saturday, July 25th, 2009

At the end of July, Evony has made quite a bit of progress.

– Evony has promised the Age II (Age 2) beta will be released sometime in the near future.

– Evony selected a lot of new forum moderators to help manage the boards.

Here’s a list of all the moderators in order from oldest to newest:








Lord Drazsyr























– Evony has yet to post the results of the Queen of Evony contest. We’re all crossing our fingers that our Queen is the winner!

– On July 16th, the following Item update occurred:

Item Changes

  • The Wealth of Nations increases hero’s Politics by 25%. Effective for 7 days (up from 24 hours).
  • Excalibur increases hero’s Attack by 25%. Effective for 7 days (up from 24 hours).
  • The Art of War increases hero’s Intelligence by 25%. Effective for 7 days (up from 24 hours).
  • Corselet increases Defence of attacking troops by 20% (up from 10%). Effective for 24 hours.
  • Ultra Corselet increases Defence of attacking troops by 20% (up from 10%). Effective for 7 days.
  • Penicillin decreases casualty by 30%. Effective for 7 days (up from 24 hours).
  • War Horn increases Attack of attacking troops by 20% (up from 10%). Effective for 24 hours.
  • Ivory Horn increases Attack of attacking troops by 20% (up from 10%). Effective for 7 days.
  • Tax Policy increases tax revenue by 100% (up from 25%). Effective for 24 hours.
  • Adv Tax Policy increases tax revenue by 100% (up from 25%). Effective for 7 days.
  • Anabasis Increase hero’s Experience by 1,000 or 8% of current level cap (whichever is greater).
  • Epitome of Military Science Increase hero’s Experience by 10,000 or 30% of current level cap (whichever is greater).
  • On War Increase hero’s Experience by 100,000 or 100% of current level cap (whichever is greater).

– There are over 50 different servers or worlds that people may play at. Yes, that’s right! In a little less than 3 months, Evony has over 50 different locations that people may play. This is extremely impressive.

That’s all for now, folks. In a few short minutes, Hods Realm will be releasing some statistics of the Evony game. Keep your eyes open!

Evony Town Hall

Thursday, July 23rd, 2009

Of all the buildings in Evony, you had better know the Town Hall through & through, or you are missing out on a fundamental of the game.

First, I’ll go over the basic “features” that a Town Hall has.

– In the Overview tab of the Town Hall, it lists all your buildings and what level they are.

– In the Production tab of the Town Hall, it lists your Productivity, Max Labor, Required Labor, Production Rate (which you may change at any time), Basic Production, Providence, Technology Plus, Troops Upkeep, Hero Plus, Valleys Plus, Buff Plus & the Total Production for each resource.

– In the Valleys tab of the Town Hall, it lists how many valleys you have, what type they are, and what level.

– In the Cities tab of the Town Hall, it lists how many cities you have, the names you gave each city, your cities’ coordinates, your cities’ mayors, your cities’ population, and the loyalty of your city (determined by tax rate).

– In the Tax Rate button of the Town Hall, you can adjust your tax rate to get different amounts of gold, and different amounts of population. For a guide on earning efficient gold in Evony, please click here.

– In the Comforting button of the Town Hall, you may gain different things: Disaster Relief gains 5 loyalty and decreases Public Grievance by 15, Praying gains 25 loyalty, Blessing gives you food related to your population limit, and Population limit increases the amount of people you have.

– In the Levy button of the Town Hall, you may levy your people to gain more resources for gold, food, lumber, stone, or iron. Keep in mind you lose 20 loyalty if you do this.

– In the City Rename button of the Town Hall, you may quite simply, rename the city to something else that you desire.

Second, I’ll describe the importance of the Town Hall.

– The Town Hall affects how many resource fields you have to build more resource buildings on. At level 1 Town Hall, you have 13 resource fields, and you get an additional 3 fields each time you upgrade your Town Hall. At level 10 Town Hall, you can have a total of 40 resource fields to produce your resources.

– The Town Hall also affects how many valleys you can conquer. The limit to conquering valleys is your Town Hall level. At level 5 Town Hall, you may capture 5 valleys. Obviously, the more valleys you can get, the better your production is.

– The Town Hall is the reason some peoples’ cities look “bigger” than other peoples’ on the World Map. For more information, click here.

– The Town Hall is a pre-requisite for cottages and many quests.

Evony Cottage

Thursday, July 23rd, 2009

Cottages in Evony are probably the most basic building that you can construct. They have one purpose: to house any people who want to live in your town. The more cottages, and the higher level each cottage is, the more population you can obtain.

For a quick reference:

Level 1 cottages offer 100 population.

Level 2 cottages offer 300 population.

Level 3 cottages offer 600 population.

Level 4 cottages offer 1,000 population.

Level 5 cottages offer 1,500 population.

Level 6 cottages offer 2,100 population.

Level 7 cottages offer 2,800 population.

Level 8 cottages offer 3,600 population.

Level 9 cottages offer 4,500 population.

Level 10 cottages offer 5,500 population.

If I had 2 level 7 cottages, 5 level 4 cottages, and 1 level 9 cottage, I would have a total population limit of 15,100 people.

How come I don’t have a population of 15,100 then?

The reason is because of your tax rate. If my tax rate was 0%, then I would indeed get 15,100 people. If my tax rate was 10%, then I would have 13,590 people (90% of my population limit).

Now population is used for two main things: Workers and Troops for your army.

In any city, you need people to work in your farms, sawmills, quarries, and ironmines. Therefore, with each resource building that you build, you a certain portion of your population goes to work.

The remaining population is used to train, or recruit, troops. If I had 5,000 idle population, I have the ability to create 5,000 men. Of course, since troops such as archers take “2 population” I can only train 2,500 archers.

Yes, your population does replenish after you train troops – it just takes a short period of time.

Evony Cheats

Tuesday, July 21st, 2009

I am about to tell you all how to cheat in Evony with ease. In fact, Evony cheats are quite easy to come by. In addition to this, hacking Evony and free Evony hacks are about to be released as well!

Well…uhm…. The truth is – you cannot “cheat” or “hack” Evony. Evony is a browser game and you cannot type “cheat codes” in the World Chat to obtain easy resources, gold, or even to speed up construction times.

The following is stated by an Evony Liason Representative:

“Evony has not agreed nor approved any third party non-related site, software or program at this time. Use of such items will place your account in jeopardy of being banned and removed.”

Evony means that they do not (and should not) approve of any Evony autos or Evony bots.

What is an Evony auto?

What is an Evony bot?

Learn more by clicking here.

Evony Autos & Bots

Tuesday, July 21st, 2009

Evony Autos

An auto in Evony would include something like a mouse recorder, building upgrader, or anything related to automatically changing or modifying any part of your Evony city/account.

Autos have been around for many years and mostly have been used for completely legal and commendable reasons. Unfortunately, the gaming world has changed all that. Un-ethical programmers began making these autos to help people “cheat” in certain games. It started with “flash game hacks” and then turned into “runescape auto woodcutter” or “world of warcraft auto killer”.

Allow me to remind you all that anyone using autos in Evony will be banned immediately and all your hours of hard work will have been in vain.

Evony Bots

A bot in Evony is extremely similar to an auto. The difference is that bots are much more advanced and usually include a whole package of autos in one. Bots evolved closely with autos.

Again, anybody using a bot in Evony would be banned and possibly IP banned very quickly.

Advanced Evony Troop Training Calculator Released – Beta Stage!

Monday, July 20th, 2009

Hods Realm has finally finished an advanced calculator that factors in Technology levels and Hero attack levels.

The link: Troop Training Calculator – Beta Version

As this is in beta stage, we’d like all users to please submit feedback, good and bad, so that we can improve on all aspects of the calculator.

Submit Feedback & Questions for this calculator.

Expect great edits to this calculator and also expect more basic, advanced, and even premium calculators in the near future!

Hods Realm Announcements

Sunday, July 19th, 2009

Well on the 19th of July, it’s time to inform everybody about some of the changes that have been going on.

If you don’t already know:

* Evony Calculators have been released as part of Hods Realm. With these calculators, we hope that your Evony experience will be aided even more.

* Evony Chat has also been released as part of Hods Realm. You may talk for unlimited time with other Evony players.

* Lord Arumen has agreed to move his guides to be part of Hods Realm. By doing this, he is agreeing to help Evony players all over the world. His chapters of Evony guides are a great assistance to newbies. Thank you Lord Arumen.

* Evony Wiki has been modified to concentrate on people who want to advertise their iEvony URL and iEvony invitation codes, as well as NPC battle results.

Expect more in the future, and don’t hesitate to make suggestions: email to [email protected]

Chapter 12 – Loyalty

Sunday, July 19th, 2009
  1. Loyalty

Loyalty is a very important part about this game. You will see that it is the small number next to tax rate. It will probably say “80/0” unless you have a tax rate higher than 20%. So what happens when you lose loyalty? You lose people. You then lose gold. If you lose enough people you lose goods. A simple slide to doom. Fortunately, loyalty is easily recovered. All you must do is go to your town hall, go to comfort, and select Praying or Disaster Relief.

Hint: Disaster relief is cheap and costs food. Prayer is expensive and costs gold. Which one is a smart idea? Disaster DUH! (Prayer is only for emergencies.)

So how do you lose loyalty anyway? Well there are 3 different ways:

Over Taxation: You’ve taxed your people more than they want (and they want 0). Its no big deal to only have 75% or even 50% of your max population, so long as the jobs get done.

Getting Attacked: When you lose a defense, the enemies damage you town’s loyalty. If it is too low, they steal it.

Levees: Fairly useless late in the game, levees are the opposite of comforting. Levees deal 20 damage to loyalty that automatically comes back slowly.

Public Grievance: This is damage to loyalty that doesn’t repair on its own. You have to use disaster relief for this one (That quickly fixes public grievance, a whole 15 points)

Comforting and levying can only be done once every 15 minutes.

Lord Arumen

Chapter 11 – Defending Yourself

Sunday, July 19th, 2009
  1. Defending yourself:

Something that many players want to learn how to do is how to adequately defend themselves. Here is the how to on defending yourself:

Hint: Looking weak. Don’t look like a target till you are strong enough to defeat your enemies. Keep your town hall below lvl 7 and upgrade everything else.

Traps are only one time use

Machinery: this tech requires a lvl 9 academy. It allows your traps to have a higher survival rate, important to have traps actually be useful.

Note: Traps are also known as “fortified units”. It is sometimes difficult to tell what the game designers meant by certain phrases.

Another good way to defend is through exploitation of armies of archers and swords. These units are the best defenders and must be employed as such. But in all likelihood, you will lose battles in Evony. When attacking, you only lose honor. But when defending, you lose something much more important. Loyalty.

Opening the gates: Go to your rally point and select open the gates. This will send your army to fight the opposing ones. It may be advisable to not open the gates, in case of a larger attack, but it is up to the player’s judgment.

Lord Arumen

Chapter 10 – Buying Things / Speaking

Sunday, July 19th, 2009
  1. Buying things/ Speaking

A question in this game occurs on whether or not it is indeed, “Free Forever.” Well, there isn’t a single thing in the game you need to buy. I’d say on average, players who buy are 20% more successful (Prestige wise) than others. I advocate supporting UMGE for this great game, but           don’t ever feel pressure to buy anything.

Cents: Just to clarify for you new players, 1 game cent is 10 cents, so its 1 USD = 10 game cents.

Speakers: In world chat, you need speakers to talk. (They cost $$$) I personally have no issue with that, because the scum going on in world chat isn’t worth reading anyway. Alliance chat is free though.

Hint: Whisper! When you have a question or want to join an alliance, left click the speaker’s name. Then click whisper. These private messages are very nice. There is even a private channel.

I hope after reading this you will feel inclined to help others on this game too. When you are on world chat and you see a noob falling behind, whisper him the answer to his question. Maybe even suggest this guide.

Lord Arumen

Chapter 9 – Combat Phacts

Sunday, July 19th, 2009
  1. Combat Phacts

Phacts: Pseudo or fake facts.

A lot of faulty information surrounds combat.

Walls: At some point in the game when you attack walls, you may notice that while the enemy has no defenders, you lost your men. This usually happens because of small contingents of archer only forces fail to break the wall.

Rumors/Common Questions:

Did those Abatis kill my men? No. Abatis only kill Calvary (and Cataphracts). If you lost a fight on a wall, you failed to break its durability.

Do I have to stock my archer’s towers with men? Archers Towers cost no food and require no archers. They are, however, about as powerful as 4 archers.

What happens if I run out of food? Your men will die until you reach a balance. This most often happens when you build a bunch of men over night and forget about the fact they must be fed.

Catapults are going to KILL ME! You actually can’t lose any buildings in any attack, except if you lose a city.

The simulator at the rally point said I would win… but I didn’t. When you attack a valley, assume it has tech equal to its level. For example, a lvl 4 valley has lvl 4 archery, lvl 4 compass, lvl 4 iron working, etc. But you can also assume it only has an academy equal to that level: lvl 1 at valley lvl 1, so no archers. Attacking lvl 3 or lower valleys will cause the least casualties, while lvl 4 have a huge leap in damage.

The reason the rally point doesn’t work: it doesn’t take tech into account.

How can I improve my chances in combat? Well you have three things to take into account:

Tech:  If you have a high attack tech, you will deal more damage. A high ranged tech will improve archer range (an extremely important advantage)

Hero: Your heroes attack will improve your army (% improved is = to number. Example: Hero with 54 attack increases attack to 154% of normal)

Items:  These will improve your army a lot:

Corselet:  An armor improver. This improves your army’s armor by 10% for a time (24 hours or 1 week, depending on which one it is) ex. Swordsman has 385 armor (-38.5% damage)

War Horn: An attack improver. This improves your army’s attack by 10% for a time (24 hours or 1 week, depending on which one it is) ex. Pike man has 185 attack (185 possible damage)

War Ensign: Allows a 25% increase to max number of troops sent in one battle. Useful late in the game. (125,000 troops at lvl 10)

Penicillin: Adds 30% to the cure rate, this allows a total of 40% of all attacking troops to be recovered at least, near 70% of all defenders.

Hint: Wait… Recover troops? After a battle you can go to your rally point and select the cure troops button. A certain number of your men may be healed for a price.

These questions are constantly posted all over the forum and have now been answered.

Lord Arumen

Chapter 8 – Your Second City

Sunday, July 19th, 2009
  1. Your second city

Soon after getting your town hall to level three, you will want to build your second city. First, find a flat on the map. Click it to check two things. If someone owns it and what level is it. If someone owns it look for another. You don’t want a possible enemy. If no one owns it, check its level. 4 or higher? Unless you have around 300 men now, leave that alone too. (200 men probably could take a lvl 4, but why bother risking your men?) Send around 150 men to capture a lvl 3 and 100 or so to capture a two or one.

So how do I make a second city? Well, you need a flat. As far as I know, flat level in no way affects the city based on it. Then you need 250 workers. (The lord’s package provides these). Once you have a choice flat and your workers, you need 10,000 of EVERY resource, including gold. You also need to do the quest PROMOTION and under that, KNIGHT. The lords package will give you the necessary medals for this.

Medals: Very important in Evony, these are required for rank advancement. You can gain these, with a 40% success rate, by attacking valleys. Certain valleys yield certain medals more frequently. (See charts section, posted later)

A second city can fulfill many purposes:

  1. A Barracks: Make 80% farms and 9-16 barracks
  2. A (insert resource here) camp: Make 80% one good
  3. A Second city: Don’t focus on anything
  4. An Army Hopper:  80% farms, lvl 9-10 rally point, lvl 5-6 feasting hall
  5. A Fortress: Even goods, high level wall, tons of traps

It’s advisable that by your third city you have at least one barrack city.

City Planning: While the location of buildings doesn’t matter, what you make does:  There are 11 buildings that you can only have one of (not including the Town hall) and there are 32 building spots. There are three buildings you can make multiples of: Barracks, Cottages, and Warehouses. Of the 11 buildings, a few become useless later in the game. Forge: You only need 1, maybe 2. You can destroy it in any other city after you build a workshop. The Inn: You only need one high level one; your other cities can be reinforced with a hero that they can use. So the first city you make has 21 spots for 3 buildings. A perfectly balanced city would have 7 of each, but that’s stupid (No offense). You should have, for balance, 12 cottages, 2 warehouses, and 6 barracks. Less barracks and more cottages is fine for a warrior factory.

Hint: Capturing Cities, this saves a lot of time and effort, and can be fairly easy. But who know what this noob you just stole from has. You may have gotten worse than if you had just built your own city. But probably not.

Lord Arumen