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Evony Prestige & Battle Changes

Thursday, August 13th, 2009
Originally stated by Dawnseeker, an Evony liason representative:
“In our efforts to make Evony more balanced, we are considering implementing a change to Prestige to prevent players from gaining Prestige at high rates by bypassing normal progression.

What we will do is cap Prestige at a fixed amount, based on the player’s title:

Civilian…… 100k
Knight……. 200k
Baronet….. 300k
Baron…….. 400k
Viscount…. 500k
Earl………. 700k
Duke……… 800k
Marquis….. 900k
Furstin…… 1,000k
Prinzessin… No Cap

So a civilian won’t be able to go above 100,000 Prestige, a Knight 200k, etc. What do you guys think of this? Do you think its fair? Any better suggestions? We’re listening!

We also intend to make a small change in battle reports. Right now it is easy for players to gain information about cities without scouting, by simply launching an attack. We would like to change this so that if an attacker is defeated in a battle and the defender does not take 10% casualties, the attacker will not receive information on the city, such as the number of troops and towers.

We want to do this so that scouts are valuable and we dont see “warrior scouting.”

Let us know what you think of these ideas! Thanks!”

These are possible changes that will come into play at Evony. If you agree or disagree – there’s still time! Please put your reply in this thread.

Chapter 14 – Communication and Misinformation

Tuesday, August 4th, 2009
  1. Communication and Misinformation

There are a few forms of communication in this game, all of which are important, when utilized correctly. There are the (currently 4) types of chat, and the two different mail types.

Chat: A live room in which you can talk to other player online. They type of chat lets you know what players you will find there.

Beginners Chat: A free chat that can be used until the player leaves beginners protection. This is useful for asking for help.

World Chat: 0.36$ per text string, you will receive a few free speakers for this, but otherwise can’t chat here. It isn’t worth it anyway. The only two reasons to look here are:

  1. You’re looking for an alliance or
  2. You’re looking for alliance members

Alliance Chat: Only alliance chat can be seen here (and whispers). Alliance chat is in blue, and does show in world chat. Less spam.

Private Chat: A clear form of chat in which you can have a private discussion with other players. It is vital you learn how to do this early in the game.

Hint: How to whisper. 2 options:

  1. Type a backslash (/) then name (/Arumen) (caps don’t matter)
  2. Or left click there name and a small menu will appear. Select whisper.

The two forms of mail are private mail and mass message. Mass messaging (as of 5/18) is currently broken, but is supposed to, if you have a high enough rank, send a message to all the alliance members you have.

Private mail is a simple single person mail you send when the other player isn’t online. Good for talking to bullies, since you can get out more words.

Misinformation: a way to keep enemies off you is too lie. But, be careful. The enemy may have ways of telling you’re lying.


I have experienced a few of these;

“My cousin is at the top man, he can destroy your whole alliance” Killed this player. There is No player good enough to destroy an alliance with 4 million prestige. Sorry.

“My prestige is double yours” Anyone can check this. Many players don’t realize this. Type / and then the liars name. “/liepants” and then say “Hi” or something like that. Then right click the name and select check to see the number of cities and the prestige of the other player. Be careful whispering something insultive though. They may be two times your size. I was actually double his size.

“If you attack me too much, I will report you to Evony” Bullying isn’t reportable. I wouldn’t do it, but you are allowed to. Now, insulting another player, that’s against the rules.

There isn’t a good written lie in this game. The best way to lie is too kill all of the enemies spies and by having a high level informatics tech. If you do, your enemies will get nothing, and not consider attacking you.

Lord Arumen

Chapter 13 – Prestige and Honor

Tuesday, August 4th, 2009

13. Prestige/Honor

Prestige and honor can be two confusing things. How do you earn them? What do they do? Well, in the simple form, nothing. But they show everything.

Prestige: Gained by building units and buildings, researching techs and killing NPC’s

Honor: Gained by killing more of the enemy than you lose. Must be another player

Wait… I lost Honor but won the fight… Honor is based on the resources that were transferred in the fight. This most often happens when you attack a city with a small amount of traps. Your men may be more valuable than the traps you took down, therefore resulting in a loss of honor.

WHAT! I just lost 11k honor because some jerk with three times my prestige destroyed my army! This isn’t all that unlikely. Honor isn’t really that important: Though fun to earn, it isn’t really a measure of ability so much as a measure of bullying.

Prestige is required for rank advancement and a quest requires prestige. This makes prestige more important than honor. There is no way to cheat for prestige. Some people say you can by building and rebuilding cottages. This wastes 700 goods and gets 1 prestige.  It’s almost as fast to just make warriors. Warriors also generate 1 prestige per make, but it’s not at all cheating. Warriors are a staple to the fighting force. Feel free to build as many as you want, or as few as you want.

This is the player scale for ability:

20k or less prestige: Beginner

21k — 30k prestige: Learner

31k — 40k prestige: Low Player

41k — 50k prestige: Average player

51k — 70k prestige: Advanced player

71k — 100k prestige: Threat Player

101k–200k prestige: Power Player

201k and up prestige: Player Lord

Of course, any of these ranks could be an inactive player, but the further you move up the spectrum, the less likely.

Hint: Judge peoples cities by their prestige, their armies by their honor

How to quickly earn prestige: Be active. There isn’t any way to really speed your prestige. Make sure you are building and researching things in all of your cities. Also, make sure you are always producing troops and wall defenses, and those troops are attacking valleys. Of course, attacking valleys doesn’t result in much prestige, but the rank advancement and medals will help you.

Honor scale: (only applies to 50k prestige and up)

% of honor compared to prestige:

0% honor = hasn’t fought/been fought or lost big

1-9% honor = probably attacked an inactive, or lost honor recently.

10-20% honor = average player

50% honor = fighter

80% honor = champion

100% honor = warlord

150% and up (some over 1000% honor) = war god

But in truth, there are a lot of war gods. Just make sure you don’t get in there way.

Lord Arumen

Chapter 12 – Loyalty

Sunday, July 19th, 2009
  1. Loyalty

Loyalty is a very important part about this game. You will see that it is the small number next to tax rate. It will probably say “80/0” unless you have a tax rate higher than 20%. So what happens when you lose loyalty? You lose people. You then lose gold. If you lose enough people you lose goods. A simple slide to doom. Fortunately, loyalty is easily recovered. All you must do is go to your town hall, go to comfort, and select Praying or Disaster Relief.

Hint: Disaster relief is cheap and costs food. Prayer is expensive and costs gold. Which one is a smart idea? Disaster DUH! (Prayer is only for emergencies.)

So how do you lose loyalty anyway? Well there are 3 different ways:

Over Taxation: You’ve taxed your people more than they want (and they want 0). Its no big deal to only have 75% or even 50% of your max population, so long as the jobs get done.

Getting Attacked: When you lose a defense, the enemies damage you town’s loyalty. If it is too low, they steal it.

Levees: Fairly useless late in the game, levees are the opposite of comforting. Levees deal 20 damage to loyalty that automatically comes back slowly.

Public Grievance: This is damage to loyalty that doesn’t repair on its own. You have to use disaster relief for this one (That quickly fixes public grievance, a whole 15 points)

Comforting and levying can only be done once every 15 minutes.

Lord Arumen

Chapter 11 – Defending Yourself

Sunday, July 19th, 2009
  1. Defending yourself:

Something that many players want to learn how to do is how to adequately defend themselves. Here is the how to on defending yourself:

Hint: Looking weak. Don’t look like a target till you are strong enough to defeat your enemies. Keep your town hall below lvl 7 and upgrade everything else.

Traps are only one time use

Machinery: this tech requires a lvl 9 academy. It allows your traps to have a higher survival rate, important to have traps actually be useful.

Note: Traps are also known as “fortified units”. It is sometimes difficult to tell what the game designers meant by certain phrases.

Another good way to defend is through exploitation of armies of archers and swords. These units are the best defenders and must be employed as such. But in all likelihood, you will lose battles in Evony. When attacking, you only lose honor. But when defending, you lose something much more important. Loyalty.

Opening the gates: Go to your rally point and select open the gates. This will send your army to fight the opposing ones. It may be advisable to not open the gates, in case of a larger attack, but it is up to the player’s judgment.

Lord Arumen

Chapter 10 – Buying Things / Speaking

Sunday, July 19th, 2009
  1. Buying things/ Speaking

A question in this game occurs on whether or not it is indeed, “Free Forever.” Well, there isn’t a single thing in the game you need to buy. I’d say on average, players who buy are 20% more successful (Prestige wise) than others. I advocate supporting UMGE for this great game, but           don’t ever feel pressure to buy anything.

Cents: Just to clarify for you new players, 1 game cent is 10 cents, so its 1 USD = 10 game cents.

Speakers: In world chat, you need speakers to talk. (They cost $$$) I personally have no issue with that, because the scum going on in world chat isn’t worth reading anyway. Alliance chat is free though.

Hint: Whisper! When you have a question or want to join an alliance, left click the speaker’s name. Then click whisper. These private messages are very nice. There is even a private channel.

I hope after reading this you will feel inclined to help others on this game too. When you are on world chat and you see a noob falling behind, whisper him the answer to his question. Maybe even suggest this guide.

Lord Arumen

Chapter 9 – Combat Phacts

Sunday, July 19th, 2009
  1. Combat Phacts

Phacts: Pseudo or fake facts.

A lot of faulty information surrounds combat.

Walls: At some point in the game when you attack walls, you may notice that while the enemy has no defenders, you lost your men. This usually happens because of small contingents of archer only forces fail to break the wall.

Rumors/Common Questions:

Did those Abatis kill my men? No. Abatis only kill Calvary (and Cataphracts). If you lost a fight on a wall, you failed to break its durability.

Do I have to stock my archer’s towers with men? Archers Towers cost no food and require no archers. They are, however, about as powerful as 4 archers.

What happens if I run out of food? Your men will die until you reach a balance. This most often happens when you build a bunch of men over night and forget about the fact they must be fed.

Catapults are going to KILL ME! You actually can’t lose any buildings in any attack, except if you lose a city.

The simulator at the rally point said I would win… but I didn’t. When you attack a valley, assume it has tech equal to its level. For example, a lvl 4 valley has lvl 4 archery, lvl 4 compass, lvl 4 iron working, etc. But you can also assume it only has an academy equal to that level: lvl 1 at valley lvl 1, so no archers. Attacking lvl 3 or lower valleys will cause the least casualties, while lvl 4 have a huge leap in damage.

The reason the rally point doesn’t work: it doesn’t take tech into account.

How can I improve my chances in combat? Well you have three things to take into account:

Tech:  If you have a high attack tech, you will deal more damage. A high ranged tech will improve archer range (an extremely important advantage)

Hero: Your heroes attack will improve your army (% improved is = to number. Example: Hero with 54 attack increases attack to 154% of normal)

Items:  These will improve your army a lot:

Corselet:  An armor improver. This improves your army’s armor by 10% for a time (24 hours or 1 week, depending on which one it is) ex. Swordsman has 385 armor (-38.5% damage)

War Horn: An attack improver. This improves your army’s attack by 10% for a time (24 hours or 1 week, depending on which one it is) ex. Pike man has 185 attack (185 possible damage)

War Ensign: Allows a 25% increase to max number of troops sent in one battle. Useful late in the game. (125,000 troops at lvl 10)

Penicillin: Adds 30% to the cure rate, this allows a total of 40% of all attacking troops to be recovered at least, near 70% of all defenders.

Hint: Wait… Recover troops? After a battle you can go to your rally point and select the cure troops button. A certain number of your men may be healed for a price.

These questions are constantly posted all over the forum and have now been answered.

Lord Arumen

Chapter 8 – Your Second City

Sunday, July 19th, 2009
  1. Your second city

Soon after getting your town hall to level three, you will want to build your second city. First, find a flat on the map. Click it to check two things. If someone owns it and what level is it. If someone owns it look for another. You don’t want a possible enemy. If no one owns it, check its level. 4 or higher? Unless you have around 300 men now, leave that alone too. (200 men probably could take a lvl 4, but why bother risking your men?) Send around 150 men to capture a lvl 3 and 100 or so to capture a two or one.

So how do I make a second city? Well, you need a flat. As far as I know, flat level in no way affects the city based on it. Then you need 250 workers. (The lord’s package provides these). Once you have a choice flat and your workers, you need 10,000 of EVERY resource, including gold. You also need to do the quest PROMOTION and under that, KNIGHT. The lords package will give you the necessary medals for this.

Medals: Very important in Evony, these are required for rank advancement. You can gain these, with a 40% success rate, by attacking valleys. Certain valleys yield certain medals more frequently. (See charts section, posted later)

A second city can fulfill many purposes:

  1. A Barracks: Make 80% farms and 9-16 barracks
  2. A (insert resource here) camp: Make 80% one good
  3. A Second city: Don’t focus on anything
  4. An Army Hopper:  80% farms, lvl 9-10 rally point, lvl 5-6 feasting hall
  5. A Fortress: Even goods, high level wall, tons of traps

It’s advisable that by your third city you have at least one barrack city.

City Planning: While the location of buildings doesn’t matter, what you make does:  There are 11 buildings that you can only have one of (not including the Town hall) and there are 32 building spots. There are three buildings you can make multiples of: Barracks, Cottages, and Warehouses. Of the 11 buildings, a few become useless later in the game. Forge: You only need 1, maybe 2. You can destroy it in any other city after you build a workshop. The Inn: You only need one high level one; your other cities can be reinforced with a hero that they can use. So the first city you make has 21 spots for 3 buildings. A perfectly balanced city would have 7 of each, but that’s stupid (No offense). You should have, for balance, 12 cottages, 2 warehouses, and 6 barracks. Less barracks and more cottages is fine for a warrior factory.

Hint: Capturing Cities, this saves a lot of time and effort, and can be fairly easy. But who know what this noob you just stole from has. You may have gotten worse than if you had just built your own city. But probably not.

Lord Arumen

Chapter 7 – Allies & Enemies

Sunday, July 19th, 2009
  1. Allies and Enemies

One of the most important things to do is to get in a good alliance. Without one, you are in trouble. Once you do get into one, you may get anywhere from 200 to 1000 prestige upon joining. But what makes a good alliance? 3 main points:

Locality: Are you close to them? If not can you teleport to them?

Teleport: There are two types of teleportation items. The regular teleport is sort of random. You do get to choose which state so you have about a 1 in 500 chance of being near an ally. The second type is advanced teleport. This lets you choose the exact location to teleport to.

Activity: Are the players active? If not, just leave. You want an active alliance.

Honor code: Are the players like you? Do they share your beliefs? It may make it hard to stay in the alliance if they don’t.

Should you make your own alliance? No. Not unless it’s within the first week or two of the server. A new alliance to late in the server will simply fail.

Enemies: Well, where you have 100 allies, you may have thousands of enemies. Fortunately, many of these players (90%) will listen to an honest plea for them to stop. The last 10% will stop at nothing to get under your skin. These players often attack new players (like you). How to stop them?

Alliance: A powerful alliance will deter most attacks

Truce Treaty: This item stops enemy attacks temporarily.

Truce Agreement: This will put you under a 12hour beginner’s protection-like state. Very useful, but you can’t use it again for 12hours afterwards.

Warehouse it up: Yes I said that these where bad, but not useless. Warehousing up is building that up warehouses and making sure you spend all your goods. This is perhaps the best way to deter these attacks, as long as you only have one city. Otherwise, the aggressor may just want your city.

Lord Arumen

Chapter 6 – Resourcing Versus Outsourcing

Sunday, July 19th, 2009
  1. Resourcing versus Outsourcing

An important thing to make sure you do in this game is to gather goods. There are a few ways to do this:

  1. The gatherer approach. All players go through this. It is simply when you build lots of city things so you can increase flow of goods.

Hint: Important Numbers:  1800 is 1 good/2 seconds, 3600 is 1:1 goods: seconds and 36000 is 10 per second.

  1. The raiders approach: This is simply when you steal all the goods you need. An excellent approach that yields a lot of goods, I don’t do this myself.
  2. The gold approach: You gather as much gold as possible through any means and then you have a high level marketplace. Why is this good? Well, when you have a decent inflow of your own goods, you can prowl the market for deals. This will allow you to get a lot of goods per gold.  (I’ve seen iron and food hit .01 on the market)
  3. The lumber approach: This is the only good an entire economy can be based off. Extremely valuable and tradable, a lumber city can generate up to 4 times as much as any other city.

Each individual city may be based off one of these economies, and I have personally tested all of them. Raiding yields the most danger, but the lumber economy is a gigantic lure.

More on Economy:

City Plots: These are where you build your resource buildings.

Hint: High Level vs. Many. It’s always good to have one high level building rather than 10 low level buildings. But you still want to fill up your city spots. It is advisable to leave two or three spots open, in case you really need a resource

Market: This is where players trade goods. Wood will be the highest price, iron the lowest price.

Warehouses: A lvl 9 warehouse with lvl 9 storage tech is good, but otherwise warehouses are really very bad. I’d build one only for the quest and for the prestige by making the tech.

Rally Point: This is an economic building in the fact that goods transports count as troop movement. Make sure this is a high enough level.

Resource buff:  If you go to your items (remember where that is?) and open up produce, you will see a few items. These will temporarily increase how much you produce for a certain amount of time. Some last one day, other 7. These buffs DO stack if you use more than one. New Players: It is advisable you wait till you have a 36000 production in what you want to buff first.

Hint: Types of resource buffs: There is the item, as described above. In addition, your Mayor’s POLITICS level will affect it positively.  (Bonus % = hero politics). All cities also have a 100 base production. The technology plus is from the agriculture tech, etc. The valley plus is what was described in the taking over valley section. The basic production is how much your city plots produce.

Lord Arumen

Chapter 5 – Trap Lesson

Sunday, July 19th, 2009
  1. Trap lesson

So what is up with traps? Well, there are 4 types of expendable ones and 1 permanent type. But are any of them worth it?

Well here is a trap by trap analysis: (cost is total goods cost and worth is what it is good for)

Trap: A cheap trap. Built en masse and quick.

Trap: This is a very good weapon, but only for fighting players of equal power. If a level 10 wall had 55,000 traps (the max) then it would be effective against powerful enemies. But that magnitude of traps is very expensive and is quickly used up. (Costs: 700 goods) Worth: Killing anything but scouts, warriors, workers and pike men.

Abatis: A wooden barricade that kills horses very effectively.

Abatis: This trap is useful, but at the same time not. It only hurts horses, but takes units an extra round to get through. This increases defensive archer’s effectiveness. (Costs: 1450 goods) Worth: Killing any Calvary.

Rolling Log: A very deadly trap, but unfortunately a trap, so it can be used up quickly.

Rolling Log: I wouldn’t buy this trap. Though it consistently kills attackers, it is an expensive one time use item. The problem is that warrior and scout spam can activate and use up the traps. (Costs: 6300 goods) Worth: Killing siege weapons or many other units.

Rock fall: This trap is anti-siege. Useful, but not needed in large number

Rock fall: It is recommendable to have around 200 of these. They can kill siege units easily, and deal a lot to other units. (Costs: 8600 goods, but mostly stone) Worth: Killing siege units. Costs mostly useless material.

Archers Tower: This is a permanent tower. The best wall feature

Archers Tower: They are three times the attack strength, six times the defense strength and eight times the hit points of an archer. This makes them about five times better than an archer. Filling a level 9 wall with only towers is 15,000 towers. That’s as good as 90,000 archers ( a level 9 rally point) this is why archers towers are the best.

Lord Arumen

Chapter 4 – Combat Lesson 2

Sunday, July 19th, 2009

Before fighting in this game realize this one fact:

“All the fighting calculations thus far are poor at best and result in unrealistic and unfair battles.”

-Lord Arumen

As above, you can quote me on that. So how do you overcome this? Well, this will teach the basics of combat.

  1. Pick your battles: Don’t attack people who have double your prestige. Don’t attack any valleys above level four if your archery is smaller than the level of the flat. (Example: lvl 5 archery, lvl 6 flat. DON’T DO IT. Unless you over compensate)
  2. Scout ahead: Learn the enemy’s tech and such. Unless you have a massive army on hand, never go into battle without knowing what you face. You never know if the enemy has anything worth taking. Also, it’s usually easy to tell when a city is inactive. (Check to see if the goods are at a number ending in three zero’s). Also, if the scouts die, it’s a good way to know NOT to attack there.
  3. Army types. These are good forms of armies:
    1. Scouting army: You have leveled up your informatics as fast as possible, and this army consists of 1000+ scouts (never for attack)

Informatics: (see chapter 2)

  1. Speed: No warriors, consisting of Calvary and Cataphracts. Used to thieve from in-actives while your siege force is out and about. Down sides: This army would be the only thing that can take out abatis, so any inactive that did the abatis quest has 100 of these to break through. That’ll cost the average player roughly 60 Calvary.
  2. War party: This is a force of one melee type (warriors are the cheapest) and archers. This would be used to destroy any and all opposing armies in fields and is good for defense.
  3. Siege force: This is a force containing a large amount of archers and swords. Also, it will contain transports for increased capacity and any siege weapons you can afford so to remove archers towers quickly.

How to protect your archers: Though this is taking advantage of the system, it is a perfectly reasonable way to do it. Put one warrior, one swordsman, one pike man, and one Calvary in your army of archers. This will double your kills. Why? Well, the game has it set up so the enemy army has uses their entire move action attacking your one man, so you therefore postpone their attacks for 1 round. With four types with four different speeds in the way, the enemies will be slowed and killed by the archers. (I personally hope this glitch will be removed from the game, but till then, take full advantage of it.)

Lord Arumen

Chapter 3 – Combat Lesson 1

Sunday, July 19th, 2009
  1. The guide to Units and Combat

Your army is a crucial part of this game. While I personally used a very small army the first few months, it all depends on your play style. I categorize war into three different play styles:

  1. Diplomatic: Small armies, a lot of talking to other players. Most people will stop attacking you, for a few days at least, if you ask them (as long as you’re far smaller than them.) Your army will only be for raiding inactive and very weak players.
  2. War Lord: Build up large armies consisting of only warriors and archers. As of the point this was written, archers are the “God” unit that in large numbers beat anything. WIth the new patch though, Ballistae and Trebuchets are more important, so consider making them.
  3. Defensive: Build up large armies of swords and archers. More expensive but a very good offensive force when need be. Also, your walls will be filled with mostly Archers Towers (Which I will talk about later)

The best units to build in this game are: Archers, Warriors, and Swords. But why is this?

Archers: Ranged infantry, and they are the “God” unit. Enough of these can kill any unit, since they do 60 damage to infantry and have a range of 1260 (since they require archery 1 to build). That gives them 5 shots on the fastest infantry.

Warriors: Cost only 230 goods and carry 20. They take a mere 30 seconds to build and become a screaming axe of death when they get to about 70k in size.

Swords: Cost wise, Swords are the best unit in the game. And they are worth it, but only with archers as backup. Else they will be mowed down all the same by the opposing archers.

Other Units:

Workers: Weak and pitiful, they carry a lot. Also, 250 are required for a new city.

Scouts: Worst fighters, besides Transporters and Workers, a scout army is a VERY important thing to have. You will kill off enemy scouts and prevent them from gaining full knowledge. Do reduced damage to walls, or none at all.

Pike men: Fast and with a 50% bonus versus Calvary, they look like a good choice. And if you mass them they are. But don’t rely on them.

Calvary: Powerful against archers in en masse, these units die quickly to abati.

Hint: When you attack a city and your force dies and you all you see are abati, they DIDN’T get killed by them. The units failed to break through the wall. Unless those units are calvary

Cataphracts: Extremely powerful, a legion of these would be the most destructive force in the game. It would also be impossible to support. They cost 36 food each.

Transporters: Hold 5000 goods, but move very slow. Transporters are a necessity for sieges, allowing you to steal a lot of the enemy’s goods.

Ballista: These weirdly target archers first. Good against archers, but often killed by other things soon afterwards.

Ram: Powerful durability wreckers. Use to smash through high level walls.

Catapults:  Powerful ranged units. Can kill towers easily without being hit. Super expensive and extensive to build.

Now what’s important: Don’t mix units of the same type. Send armies of one kind of melee, archers, and siege. Warriors, Pikes, and Swords sounds like it should work the best, but fails too, unless you are trying to use the meat shield method, upon which this works.

Following these basic combat rules should lead you to victory on the field.

Lord Arumen

Chapter 1 – How to get Started

Saturday, July 18th, 2009

A Guide To Evony:

“All of life’s a game, all the men and women merely players”

William Shak3sp3ar

  1. How to get started?

When you first start Evony you will have chosen a state. The truth is, choice DOESN’T matter. You will probably teleport once or twice during the game.

Once you begin, you will have a quest completed. Click “Quest” the “Daily Quest” tab to claim your daily award.

You will be tempted to do the roulette wheel immediately. DON’T

Click on a spot inside your TOWN

Make one cottage and level it up to level 2.

Click the CITY tab at the top, Make one of each resource tile and level them up to 2.

Hint: Speed up. Click this green button next to the construction time. This makes any buildings less than 5 minutes completed instantly, for free.

Resources: Lumber, Food, Iron, Stone, Gold

LUMBER:  most valuable resource, buildings use it as their main resource.

FOOD: Food is required by soldiers, and at the start of the game is plentiful

IRON: the slowest gained and built resource, it’s also hard to spend, until the late game. Swordsmen and Cataphracts use it the most.

STONE: also valuable, but less so than lumber. Walls require a lot of it. Eventually becomes worth a lot less.

GOLD: The slowest gained and least important (growth wise) resource, it will become very important once you are big and strong.

Go to quests. You should have multiple completed. Accept them to get back all your spent goods, and then some.

Next you will want to upgrade your Town Hall to level 2. This takes 30 minutes, but wait it out, or at least wait 15 minutes. Don’t waste your Beginner’s Plans.

Plans: These are speed ups for buildings and research and they are your best friend. They are free, at first, but to get more than what you start with costs money

While this is building, look around Evony. Go to the map. Get familiarized with the interface

Now you have a pretty good start. Go to city again and make one or two more of each resource.

Your good production will be near 420 for each resource. This is a good start, as it is near 7 per minute, and goods are easy to get at the beginning of the game.

You may notice that you have a little red minus next to your population. Don’t be worried, you aren’t actually losing any population. That’s how much under required you are. Make a second level 2 cottage to fix this.

Hint: Population still won’t go up? Just wait, it will

Go to quests. You should have more done. Also, look at the one called ADMINISTRATION. You should do that. Go to the town center and go to the production tab. (next to overview, which is the starting one.) There will be four little spots that you can change to 100. Do that.

Hint: Annoyed by the dumbness going on in world chat? Go to private chat. It’s the little word bubble with three dots in it next to the chat. Itll be nice and peaceful there.

Next we will upgrade your tax rate to 20% (after you finish the administration quest). Go back to the town center. In a button format rather than a tab, you will see TAX RATE. Click it. Adjust to 20%.

My Population is plummeting! Oh No! This is because your loyalty is going down. This will be addressed later.

How do I use my idle population? Well, you can

  1. Build resource buildings
  2. Build troops. This use of pop will replenish your pop after wards, like it was a resource.

Now you will build two more buildings. First, a rally point. You can hit speed up for free on this. Then you will want an embassy. This will take 12 minutes, but if you haven’t used beginners instructions (click speed up and select it) on the town hall, use one here.  The embassy will be instantly completed. Now you will have 4 more quests completed, at least. Complete these.

Now you know the basics:

How to build, how to do quests, how to manage through your town hall.

Next, you’ll want to do as many quests as you can. Do the wheel quest; see if you get something useful. Build up your city, make a lot of level one TOWN buildings and as high of level as you can CITY buildings.

Lord Arumen

Lord Arumen’s Beginners Guides

Saturday, July 18th, 2009

Lord Arumen’s Beginner Guides are a great resource for new Evony players! Lord Arumen has agreed to have his guides for beginners posted here at Hods Realm so that more people can get the help they need. Please expect to see many chapters with guides to help your Evony experience.

The following is the Chapter’s Table of Contents:

Table of Contents:

  1. How to get started
  2. Beginning
  3. Combat: lesson 1
  4. Combat: lesson 2
  5. Trap lesson
  6. Resourcing versus Outsourcing
  7. Allies and Enemies
  8. Your Second City
  9. Combat Phacts
  10. Buying things/Speaking
  11. Defending yourself
  12. Loyalty
  13. Prestige and honor (Coming soon)
  14. Communication (Coming soon)
  15. Buildings and Such (Coming soon)