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Evony Town Hall

Thursday, July 23rd, 2009

Of all the buildings in Evony, you had better know the Town Hall through & through, or you are missing out on a fundamental of the game.

First, I’ll go over the basic “features” that a Town Hall has.

– In the Overview tab of the Town Hall, it lists all your buildings and what level they are.

– In the Production tab of the Town Hall, it lists your Productivity, Max Labor, Required Labor, Production Rate (which you may change at any time), Basic Production, Providence, Technology Plus, Troops Upkeep, Hero Plus, Valleys Plus, Buff Plus & the Total Production for each resource.

– In the Valleys tab of the Town Hall, it lists how many valleys you have, what type they are, and what level.

– In the Cities tab of the Town Hall, it lists how many cities you have, the names you gave each city, your cities’ coordinates, your cities’ mayors, your cities’ population, and the loyalty of your city (determined by tax rate).

– In the Tax Rate button of the Town Hall, you can adjust your tax rate to get different amounts of gold, and different amounts of population. For a guide on earning efficient gold in Evony, please click here.

– In the Comforting button of the Town Hall, you may gain different things: Disaster Relief gains 5 loyalty and decreases Public Grievance by 15, Praying gains 25 loyalty, Blessing gives you food related to your population limit, and Population limit increases the amount of people you have.

– In the Levy button of the Town Hall, you may levy your people to gain more resources for gold, food, lumber, stone, or iron. Keep in mind you lose 20 loyalty if you do this.

– In the City Rename button of the Town Hall, you may quite simply, rename the city to something else that you desire.

Second, I’ll describe the importance of the Town Hall.

– The Town Hall affects how many resource fields you have to build more resource buildings on. At level 1 Town Hall, you have 13 resource fields, and you get an additional 3 fields each time you upgrade your Town Hall. At level 10 Town Hall, you can have a total of 40 resource fields to produce your resources.

– The Town Hall also affects how many valleys you can conquer. The limit to conquering valleys is your Town Hall level. At level 5 Town Hall, you may capture 5 valleys. Obviously, the more valleys you can get, the better your production is.

– The Town Hall is the reason some peoples’ cities look “bigger” than other peoples’ on the World Map. For more information, click here.

– The Town Hall is a pre-requisite for cottages and many quests.

Evony Cottage

Thursday, July 23rd, 2009

Cottages in Evony are probably the most basic building that you can construct. They have one purpose: to house any people who want to live in your town. The more cottages, and the higher level each cottage is, the more population you can obtain.

For a quick reference:

Level 1 cottages offer 100 population.

Level 2 cottages offer 300 population.

Level 3 cottages offer 600 population.

Level 4 cottages offer 1,000 population.

Level 5 cottages offer 1,500 population.

Level 6 cottages offer 2,100 population.

Level 7 cottages offer 2,800 population.

Level 8 cottages offer 3,600 population.

Level 9 cottages offer 4,500 population.

Level 10 cottages offer 5,500 population.

If I had 2 level 7 cottages, 5 level 4 cottages, and 1 level 9 cottage, I would have a total population limit of 15,100 people.

How come I don’t have a population of 15,100 then?

The reason is because of your tax rate. If my tax rate was 0%, then I would indeed get 15,100 people. If my tax rate was 10%, then I would have 13,590 people (90% of my population limit).

Now population is used for two main things: Workers and Troops for your army.

In any city, you need people to work in your farms, sawmills, quarries, and ironmines. Therefore, with each resource building that you build, you a certain portion of your population goes to work.

The remaining population is used to train, or recruit, troops. If I had 5,000 idle population, I have the ability to create 5,000 men. Of course, since troops such as archers take “2 population” I can only train 2,500 archers.

Yes, your population does replenish after you train troops – it just takes a short period of time.