Evony Autos & Bots

Evony Autos

An auto in Evony would include something like a mouse recorder, building upgrader, or anything related to automatically changing or modifying any part of your Evony city/account.

Autos have been around for many years and mostly have been used for completely legal and commendable reasons. Unfortunately, the gaming world has changed all that. Un-ethical programmers began making these autos to help people “cheat” in certain games. It started with “flash game hacks” and then turned into “runescape auto woodcutter” or “world of warcraft auto killer”.

Allow me to remind you all that anyone using autos in Evony will be banned immediately and all your hours of hard work will have been in vain.

Evony Bots

A bot in Evony is extremely similar to an auto. The difference is that bots are much more advanced and usually include a whole package of autos in one. Bots evolved closely with autos.

Again, anybody using a bot in Evony would be banned and possibly IP banned very quickly.