Chapter 8 – Your Second City

  1. Your second city

Soon after getting your town hall to level three, you will want to build your second city. First, find a flat on the map. Click it to check two things. If someone owns it and what level is it. If someone owns it look for another. You don’t want a possible enemy. If no one owns it, check its level. 4 or higher? Unless you have around 300 men now, leave that alone too. (200 men probably could take a lvl 4, but why bother risking your men?) Send around 150 men to capture a lvl 3 and 100 or so to capture a two or one.

So how do I make a second city? Well, you need a flat. As far as I know, flat level in no way affects the city based on it. Then you need 250 workers. (The lord’s package provides these). Once you have a choice flat and your workers, you need 10,000 of EVERY resource, including gold. You also need to do the quest PROMOTION and under that, KNIGHT. The lords package will give you the necessary medals for this.

Medals: Very important in Evony, these are required for rank advancement. You can gain these, with a 40% success rate, by attacking valleys. Certain valleys yield certain medals more frequently. (See charts section, posted later)

A second city can fulfill many purposes:

  1. A Barracks: Make 80% farms and 9-16 barracks
  2. A (insert resource here) camp: Make 80% one good
  3. A Second city: Don’t focus on anything
  4. An Army Hopper:  80% farms, lvl 9-10 rally point, lvl 5-6 feasting hall
  5. A Fortress: Even goods, high level wall, tons of traps

It’s advisable that by your third city you have at least one barrack city.

City Planning: While the location of buildings doesn’t matter, what you make does:  There are 11 buildings that you can only have one of (not including the Town hall) and there are 32 building spots. There are three buildings you can make multiples of: Barracks, Cottages, and Warehouses. Of the 11 buildings, a few become useless later in the game. Forge: You only need 1, maybe 2. You can destroy it in any other city after you build a workshop. The Inn: You only need one high level one; your other cities can be reinforced with a hero that they can use. So the first city you make has 21 spots for 3 buildings. A perfectly balanced city would have 7 of each, but that’s stupid (No offense). You should have, for balance, 12 cottages, 2 warehouses, and 6 barracks. Less barracks and more cottages is fine for a warrior factory.

Hint: Capturing Cities, this saves a lot of time and effort, and can be fairly easy. But who know what this noob you just stole from has. You may have gotten worse than if you had just built your own city. But probably not.

Lord Arumen