Evony Cheats

I am about to tell you all how to cheat in Evony with ease. In fact, Evony cheats are quite easy to come by. In addition to this, hacking Evony and free Evony hacks are about to be released as well!

Well…uhm…. The truth is – you cannot “cheat” or “hack” Evony. Evony is a browser game and you cannot type “cheat codes” in the World Chat to obtain easy resources, gold, or even to speed up construction times.

The following is stated by an Evony Liason Representative:

“Evony has not agreed nor approved any third party non-related site, software or program at this time. Use of such items will place your account in jeopardy of being banned and removed.”

Evony means that they do not (and should not) approve of any Evony autos or Evony bots.

What is an Evony auto?

What is an Evony bot?

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