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Chapter 12 – Loyalty

Sunday, July 19th, 2009
  1. Loyalty

Loyalty is a very important part about this game. You will see that it is the small number next to tax rate. It will probably say “80/0” unless you have a tax rate higher than 20%. So what happens when you lose loyalty? You lose people. You then lose gold. If you lose enough people you lose goods. A simple slide to doom. Fortunately, loyalty is easily recovered. All you must do is go to your town hall, go to comfort, and select Praying or Disaster Relief.

Hint: Disaster relief is cheap and costs food. Prayer is expensive and costs gold. Which one is a smart idea? Disaster DUH! (Prayer is only for emergencies.)

So how do you lose loyalty anyway? Well there are 3 different ways:

Over Taxation: You’ve taxed your people more than they want (and they want 0). Its no big deal to only have 75% or even 50% of your max population, so long as the jobs get done.

Getting Attacked: When you lose a defense, the enemies damage you town’s loyalty. If it is too low, they steal it.

Levees: Fairly useless late in the game, levees are the opposite of comforting. Levees deal 20 damage to loyalty that automatically comes back slowly.

Public Grievance: This is damage to loyalty that doesn’t repair on its own. You have to use disaster relief for this one (That quickly fixes public grievance, a whole 15 points)

Comforting and levying can only be done once every 15 minutes.

Lord Arumen

Earning Evony Gold

Thursday, May 7th, 2009

I’m guessing…no I’m positive that every single person has experienced a time, or multiple times, when he/she has needed a lot more gold than they had. Now before I explain the process to obtaining more gold, I must warn you – you need to have excellent food production. If you do not have over 15k (minimum) food production rate, I would not suggest using this method. In addition, you must have over a population of 20k and at least 14 cottages of mid-level.

For when you are at the computer:

As stated above, this is the first part of two steps. This is what you must do when you are monitoring your computer and actively playing Evony.

Go to your Town Hall and set your tax rate to 100(%). Some of you may be saying…what the…why would you do that? That will just lower your loyalty down to 0 and you won’t have any more population. Yes, that is correct. However, there are two very easy ways to increasing loyalty: Disaster Relief and Praying. Unfortunately, Praying costs quite a bit of gold so it’s not worth it. On the reverse side, Disaster Relief (+5 Loyalty) is very convenient and does not cost anything but an ample amount of food. Every 15 minutes, continue to use Disaster Relief. You will soon realize that although your loyalty may go down, it should stay within 90-95 if you are using Disaster Relief every 15 minutes.

Please remember, do NOT keep the tax rate at 100 when you are not able to monitor your computer. Instead, you should set the tax rate to 50(%) when you are sleeping, or not at the computer. Why?

For when you are asleep or not at the computer:

This is the second part of two steps. This is what you must do when you are away from home, sleeping, or not at your computer.

Go to your Town Hall and adjust your tax rate from 100 to 50. Why? Simply because it is the most efficient tax rate that anybody could set it to. I would not state that blindly, so I have mathematical proof to back my claim:

Your Population = {1 – (0.01 x Tax Rate)} x Maximum Population
Tax Income = (0.01 x Tax Rate) x Your Population

By using substitution, we can conclude that:

Tax Income = (0.01 x Tax Rate) x {1 – (0.01 x Tax Rate)} x Maximum Population

Now, simplify everything down:

Tax Income = (0.01 x Tax Rate) x [1 – (0.01 x Tax Rate)] x Maximum Population

Tax Income = (Maximum Population ÷ 100)Tax Rate x (1 – 0.01 Tax Rate)

Tax Income = (Maximum Population ÷ 100) x Tax Rate – (Maximum Population ÷ 10,000) Tax Rate^2 = 50

Now, try plugging any number in for 10,000. The result will always be 50.

Thank you Zenrax for taking the time to do this math.

So, everyone, have fun making over 10k, 15k, 20k, even 35k gold an hour!