Chapter 12 – Loyalty

  1. Loyalty

Loyalty is a very important part about this game. You will see that it is the small number next to tax rate. It will probably say “80/0” unless you have a tax rate higher than 20%. So what happens when you lose loyalty? You lose people. You then lose gold. If you lose enough people you lose goods. A simple slide to doom. Fortunately, loyalty is easily recovered. All you must do is go to your town hall, go to comfort, and select Praying or Disaster Relief.

Hint: Disaster relief is cheap and costs food. Prayer is expensive and costs gold. Which one is a smart idea? Disaster DUH! (Prayer is only for emergencies.)

So how do you lose loyalty anyway? Well there are 3 different ways:

Over Taxation: You’ve taxed your people more than they want (and they want 0). Its no big deal to only have 75% or even 50% of your max population, so long as the jobs get done.

Getting Attacked: When you lose a defense, the enemies damage you town’s loyalty. If it is too low, they steal it.

Levees: Fairly useless late in the game, levees are the opposite of comforting. Levees deal 20 damage to loyalty that automatically comes back slowly.

Public Grievance: This is damage to loyalty that doesn’t repair on its own. You have to use disaster relief for this one (That quickly fixes public grievance, a whole 15 points)

Comforting and levying can only be done once every 15 minutes.

Lord Arumen