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Chapter 4 – Combat Lesson 2

Sunday, July 19th, 2009

Before fighting in this game realize this one fact:

“All the fighting calculations thus far are poor at best and result in unrealistic and unfair battles.”

-Lord Arumen

As above, you can quote me on that. So how do you overcome this? Well, this will teach the basics of combat.

  1. Pick your battles: Don’t attack people who have double your prestige. Don’t attack any valleys above level four if your archery is smaller than the level of the flat. (Example: lvl 5 archery, lvl 6 flat. DON’T DO IT. Unless you over compensate)
  2. Scout ahead: Learn the enemy’s tech and such. Unless you have a massive army on hand, never go into battle without knowing what you face. You never know if the enemy has anything worth taking. Also, it’s usually easy to tell when a city is inactive. (Check to see if the goods are at a number ending in three zero’s). Also, if the scouts die, it’s a good way to know NOT to attack there.
  3. Army types. These are good forms of armies:
    1. Scouting army: You have leveled up your informatics as fast as possible, and this army consists of 1000+ scouts (never for attack)

Informatics: (see chapter 2)

  1. Speed: No warriors, consisting of Calvary and Cataphracts. Used to thieve from in-actives while your siege force is out and about. Down sides: This army would be the only thing that can take out abatis, so any inactive that did the abatis quest has 100 of these to break through. That’ll cost the average player roughly 60 Calvary.
  2. War party: This is a force of one melee type (warriors are the cheapest) and archers. This would be used to destroy any and all opposing armies in fields and is good for defense.
  3. Siege force: This is a force containing a large amount of archers and swords. Also, it will contain transports for increased capacity and any siege weapons you can afford so to remove archers towers quickly.

How to protect your archers: Though this is taking advantage of the system, it is a perfectly reasonable way to do it. Put one warrior, one swordsman, one pike man, and one Calvary in your army of archers. This will double your kills. Why? Well, the game has it set up so the enemy army has uses their entire move action attacking your one man, so you therefore postpone their attacks for 1 round. With four types with four different speeds in the way, the enemies will be slowed and killed by the archers. (I personally hope this glitch will be removed from the game, but till then, take full advantage of it.)

Lord Arumen

Chapter 3 – Combat Lesson 1

Sunday, July 19th, 2009
  1. The guide to Units and Combat

Your army is a crucial part of this game. While I personally used a very small army the first few months, it all depends on your play style. I categorize war into three different play styles:

  1. Diplomatic: Small armies, a lot of talking to other players. Most people will stop attacking you, for a few days at least, if you ask them (as long as you’re far smaller than them.) Your army will only be for raiding inactive and very weak players.
  2. War Lord: Build up large armies consisting of only warriors and archers. As of the point this was written, archers are the “God” unit that in large numbers beat anything. WIth the new patch though, Ballistae and Trebuchets are more important, so consider making them.
  3. Defensive: Build up large armies of swords and archers. More expensive but a very good offensive force when need be. Also, your walls will be filled with mostly Archers Towers (Which I will talk about later)

The best units to build in this game are: Archers, Warriors, and Swords. But why is this?

Archers: Ranged infantry, and they are the “God” unit. Enough of these can kill any unit, since they do 60 damage to infantry and have a range of 1260 (since they require archery 1 to build). That gives them 5 shots on the fastest infantry.

Warriors: Cost only 230 goods and carry 20. They take a mere 30 seconds to build and become a screaming axe of death when they get to about 70k in size.

Swords: Cost wise, Swords are the best unit in the game. And they are worth it, but only with archers as backup. Else they will be mowed down all the same by the opposing archers.

Other Units:

Workers: Weak and pitiful, they carry a lot. Also, 250 are required for a new city.

Scouts: Worst fighters, besides Transporters and Workers, a scout army is a VERY important thing to have. You will kill off enemy scouts and prevent them from gaining full knowledge. Do reduced damage to walls, or none at all.

Pike men: Fast and with a 50% bonus versus Calvary, they look like a good choice. And if you mass them they are. But don’t rely on them.

Calvary: Powerful against archers in en masse, these units die quickly to abati.

Hint: When you attack a city and your force dies and you all you see are abati, they DIDN’T get killed by them. The units failed to break through the wall. Unless those units are calvary

Cataphracts: Extremely powerful, a legion of these would be the most destructive force in the game. It would also be impossible to support. They cost 36 food each.

Transporters: Hold 5000 goods, but move very slow. Transporters are a necessity for sieges, allowing you to steal a lot of the enemy’s goods.

Ballista: These weirdly target archers first. Good against archers, but often killed by other things soon afterwards.

Ram: Powerful durability wreckers. Use to smash through high level walls.

Catapults:  Powerful ranged units. Can kill towers easily without being hit. Super expensive and extensive to build.

Now what’s important: Don’t mix units of the same type. Send armies of one kind of melee, archers, and siege. Warriors, Pikes, and Swords sounds like it should work the best, but fails too, unless you are trying to use the meat shield method, upon which this works.

Following these basic combat rules should lead you to victory on the field.

Lord Arumen

Chapter 1 – How to get Started

Saturday, July 18th, 2009

A Guide To Evony:

“All of life’s a game, all the men and women merely players”

William Shak3sp3ar

  1. How to get started?

When you first start Evony you will have chosen a state. The truth is, choice DOESN’T matter. You will probably teleport once or twice during the game.

Once you begin, you will have a quest completed. Click “Quest” the “Daily Quest” tab to claim your daily award.

You will be tempted to do the roulette wheel immediately. DON’T

Click on a spot inside your TOWN

Make one cottage and level it up to level 2.

Click the CITY tab at the top, Make one of each resource tile and level them up to 2.

Hint: Speed up. Click this green button next to the construction time. This makes any buildings less than 5 minutes completed instantly, for free.

Resources: Lumber, Food, Iron, Stone, Gold

LUMBER:  most valuable resource, buildings use it as their main resource.

FOOD: Food is required by soldiers, and at the start of the game is plentiful

IRON: the slowest gained and built resource, it’s also hard to spend, until the late game. Swordsmen and Cataphracts use it the most.

STONE: also valuable, but less so than lumber. Walls require a lot of it. Eventually becomes worth a lot less.

GOLD: The slowest gained and least important (growth wise) resource, it will become very important once you are big and strong.

Go to quests. You should have multiple completed. Accept them to get back all your spent goods, and then some.

Next you will want to upgrade your Town Hall to level 2. This takes 30 minutes, but wait it out, or at least wait 15 minutes. Don’t waste your Beginner’s Plans.

Plans: These are speed ups for buildings and research and they are your best friend. They are free, at first, but to get more than what you start with costs money

While this is building, look around Evony. Go to the map. Get familiarized with the interface

Now you have a pretty good start. Go to city again and make one or two more of each resource.

Your good production will be near 420 for each resource. This is a good start, as it is near 7 per minute, and goods are easy to get at the beginning of the game.

You may notice that you have a little red minus next to your population. Don’t be worried, you aren’t actually losing any population. That’s how much under required you are. Make a second level 2 cottage to fix this.

Hint: Population still won’t go up? Just wait, it will

Go to quests. You should have more done. Also, look at the one called ADMINISTRATION. You should do that. Go to the town center and go to the production tab. (next to overview, which is the starting one.) There will be four little spots that you can change to 100. Do that.

Hint: Annoyed by the dumbness going on in world chat? Go to private chat. It’s the little word bubble with three dots in it next to the chat. Itll be nice and peaceful there.

Next we will upgrade your tax rate to 20% (after you finish the administration quest). Go back to the town center. In a button format rather than a tab, you will see TAX RATE. Click it. Adjust to 20%.

My Population is plummeting! Oh No! This is because your loyalty is going down. This will be addressed later.

How do I use my idle population? Well, you can

  1. Build resource buildings
  2. Build troops. This use of pop will replenish your pop after wards, like it was a resource.

Now you will build two more buildings. First, a rally point. You can hit speed up for free on this. Then you will want an embassy. This will take 12 minutes, but if you haven’t used beginners instructions (click speed up and select it) on the town hall, use one here.  The embassy will be instantly completed. Now you will have 4 more quests completed, at least. Complete these.

Now you know the basics:

How to build, how to do quests, how to manage through your town hall.

Next, you’ll want to do as many quests as you can. Do the wheel quest; see if you get something useful. Build up your city, make a lot of level one TOWN buildings and as high of level as you can CITY buildings.

Lord Arumen

Lord Arumen’s Beginners Guides

Saturday, July 18th, 2009

Lord Arumen’s Beginner Guides are a great resource for new Evony players! Lord Arumen has agreed to have his guides for beginners posted here at Hods Realm so that more people can get the help they need. Please expect to see many chapters with guides to help your Evony experience.

The following is the Chapter’s Table of Contents:

Table of Contents:

  1. How to get started
  2. Beginning
  3. Combat: lesson 1
  4. Combat: lesson 2
  5. Trap lesson
  6. Resourcing versus Outsourcing
  7. Allies and Enemies
  8. Your Second City
  9. Combat Phacts
  10. Buying things/Speaking
  11. Defending yourself
  12. Loyalty
  13. Prestige and honor (Coming soon)
  14. Communication (Coming soon)
  15. Buildings and Such (Coming soon)

Getting Evony Medals

Thursday, July 9th, 2009

In a previous medals article, Hods Realm gave the basics for obtaining and finding medals. We gave you all the factors in determining how to get certain medals. Due to high demand, we will give you exactly where and how to get the medals you need.

*NOTE* This is the Hods style to obtaining specific medals. If you do what we tell you and you do not yield the same results, then we claim no responsibility. Medals ALWAYS have a chance of failure. We are giving you what we think is the best way to obtain the medals.

Please make sure you have read our general medals guide first.

Always allow troops to fully regenerate in an NPC or valley or you WILL NOT have a high chance of getting a medal. I repeat, always allow the troops in a valley or NPC to fully regenerate or you will lower your chances of getting a medal by a lot. *Note* Troops are fully regenerated after 1 hour of being defeated.

How to obtain the medals you need:

We will list five or less of the most likely places you will find the respective medal. The first is the highest probability, the second is the next highest, the third the next highest, and so on. Obviously, the first place we list is your best bet of getting that medal. You can of course obtain that medal a different way, but these are the most likely and the Hods way of doing it.

Cross Medals:

1. Attack any level 1 valley with 50 archers.

2. Attack any level 2 valley with 100 archers.

Rose Medals:

1. Attack any level 3 valley with 200 archers.

2. Attack any level 2 valley with 100 archers.

3. Attack any level 1 valley with 50 archers.

4. Attack any level 4 valley with 400 archers.

5. Attack any level 1 NPC with 50 ballistae.

Lion Medals:

1. Attack any level 3 NPC with 250-300 ballistae (depending on your hero’s attack level).

2. Attack any level 4 valley with 400 archers.

3. Attack any level 3 valley with 200 archers.

4. Attack any level 2 NPC with 125-200 ballistae (depending on your hero’s attack level).

5. Attack any level 5 valley with 750 archers.

Honor Medals:

1. Attack any level 4 NPC with 300-400 ballistae (depending on your hero’s attack level).

2. Attack any level 3 NPC with 250-300 ballistae (depending on your hero’s attack level).

3. Attack any level 6 valley with at least 1,500 archers.

4. Attack any level 5 valley with at least 750 archers.

5. Attack any level 2 NPC with 125-200 ballistae (depending on your hero’s attack level).

Courage Medals:

1. Attack any level 5 NPC with 350-500 ballistae (depending on your hero’s attack level).

2. Attack any level 4 NPC with 300-400 ballistae (depending on your hero’s attack level).

3. Attack any level 7 valley with at least 3,000 archers.

4. Attack any level 6 valley with at least 1,500 archers.

5. Attack any level 3 NPC with 250-300 ballistae (depending on your hero’s attack level).

Wisdom Medals:

1. Attack any level 5 NPC with 350-500 ballistae (depending on your hero’s attack level)

2. Attack any level 7 valley with at least 3,000 archers.

3. Attack any level 8 valley with at least 7,500 archers.

4. Attack any level 6 valley with at least 1,500 archers.

Freedom Medals:

1. Attack any level 5 NPC with 350-500 ballistae (depending on your hero’s attack level).

2. Attack any level 8 valley with at least 7,500 archers.

3. Attack any level 7 valley with at least 3,000 archers.

Nation Medals:

1. After completely wiping out a level 10 NPC, allow 40,000 warriors to regenerate. Attack and defeat the level 10 NPC with 40,000 warriors regenerated.

Justice Medals:

1. Attack any level 10 NPC with at least 90,000 archers and a few thousand warriors, pikemen, and swordsmen. Do this at your own risk, and only do it if your hero’s attack is very high.

There you have it. If you find that there is something we missed and you have proof that it is a very good way to obtain a specific medal, then please, send an email to [email protected].


*NOTE* It appears that this only works for the earlier servers. It does not work for the servers and worlds whose drop rates have been lowered.


Wednesday, July 8th, 2009

iEvony is the newest hit in Evony. Described as a way to gain game cents, all you have to do is refer a few friends, and you have game coins!

“Have you ever wished you could earn Evony Game Coins totally FREE? Here it is! You can now earn game coins just by telling your friends and family about Evony! Every time you recommend a friend and they successfully sign up for an account, we will reward you with a certain amount of Credits and increase your Discount Quota for each recommendation! Credits can be exchanged for Evony Game Items or Game Coins on our website for FREE! All you have to do is refer your friends and tell them about Evony! What could be easier?

iEvony is used to invite your friends to become Evony players. In return, it will give you Credits and increase your Discount Quota on Cent purchases! iEvony gives you a URL address that is unique to you. You are assigned the URL when you register and you can login to the Member Center on the official website to see the URL address at any time. When someone clicks your link and signs up for Evony, it will award you points which will accrue to award you Credits and increase your Discount Quota on Cent purchases!”

Now what I see, and many others see, as the most appealing reward for earning credits through referring, is the long-awaited alliance member limit extension. The Ritual of Pact (Advanced, Premium, and Ultimate) gives alliance hosts and members a chance to change their member limit to 1,000! That’s right, extend your member limit to 1k. The only downside is it only lasts 15 days, 30 days, or 90 days depending on how many credits you spend. You need 4,500 credits to extend your member limit to 1k for 15 days, 12,000 for 30 days, and 30,000 for 90 days.

Although this is extremely difficult to get, the work is well worth the time. 1,000 members could easily mean 9,000 cities to dominate an entire region!

If you’d like to be invited to join iEvony, please send an email to [email protected]

Alternatively, to save time, you may visit this page: iEvony Codes

Level 10 NPC – Fighting a Weak Hero

Tuesday, July 7th, 2009

As you all might know, one of the largest factors of attacking a level 10 NPC in Evony is the hero that the NPC has. If the level 10 NPC hero is level 50 with 110 attack, then it will be pretty hard for you to conquer it without heavy losses. If the level 10 NPC hero is level 11 with 71 attack, you have a much greater chance of conquering it with low losses.

Hods Realm of Evony is about to share with you exactly how to make sure 100% that the defending hero in a level 10 NPC is a low and weak hero. As you all know, this means that conquering that delicious level 10 NPC will be so much easier.

First, you will be given the requirements that you need to do it.

Second, you will be given the exact directions on how to do it.

Third, you will be given an explanation.

Fourth, you will be given proof for those who need it.


– Level 10 Informatics

– Level 9 or 10 Beacon Tower

1-10 Scouts


– Locate the level 10 NPC you wish to conquer.

– Scout the level 10 NPC.

– If the hero is over level 15, then scout the NPC again. Repeat until the hero is under level 15. You are ready to go.


The hero that is in your scout report is the hero that you will be fighting. If you scout the NPC and a level 12 hero turns up, do not scout the NPC again. If you scout the NPC again, you will be given another random hero which could potentially be higher than level 12.


I will quite simply show you some scout and battle reports with a short explanation. I guarantee the proof will be more than enough and you will be satisfied.

Click the following link to see the proof: Level 10 NPC Hero Proof


Hods Realm will be releasing the FULL GUIDE to conquering a level 10 NPC with lots of scout reports, battle reports, explanations, details, and so much more! Stay tuned, because we’ll be posting the most in-depth guide to conquering a level 10 NPC soon!

Earning Evony Gold

Thursday, May 7th, 2009

I’m guessing…no I’m positive that every single person has experienced a time, or multiple times, when he/she has needed a lot more gold than they had. Now before I explain the process to obtaining more gold, I must warn you – you need to have excellent food production. If you do not have over 15k (minimum) food production rate, I would not suggest using this method. In addition, you must have over a population of 20k and at least 14 cottages of mid-level.

For when you are at the computer:

As stated above, this is the first part of two steps. This is what you must do when you are monitoring your computer and actively playing Evony.

Go to your Town Hall and set your tax rate to 100(%). Some of you may be saying…what the…why would you do that? That will just lower your loyalty down to 0 and you won’t have any more population. Yes, that is correct. However, there are two very easy ways to increasing loyalty: Disaster Relief and Praying. Unfortunately, Praying costs quite a bit of gold so it’s not worth it. On the reverse side, Disaster Relief (+5 Loyalty) is very convenient and does not cost anything but an ample amount of food. Every 15 minutes, continue to use Disaster Relief. You will soon realize that although your loyalty may go down, it should stay within 90-95 if you are using Disaster Relief every 15 minutes.

Please remember, do NOT keep the tax rate at 100 when you are not able to monitor your computer. Instead, you should set the tax rate to 50(%) when you are sleeping, or not at the computer. Why?

For when you are asleep or not at the computer:

This is the second part of two steps. This is what you must do when you are away from home, sleeping, or not at your computer.

Go to your Town Hall and adjust your tax rate from 100 to 50. Why? Simply because it is the most efficient tax rate that anybody could set it to. I would not state that blindly, so I have mathematical proof to back my claim:

Your Population = {1 – (0.01 x Tax Rate)} x Maximum Population
Tax Income = (0.01 x Tax Rate) x Your Population

By using substitution, we can conclude that:

Tax Income = (0.01 x Tax Rate) x {1 – (0.01 x Tax Rate)} x Maximum Population

Now, simplify everything down:

Tax Income = (0.01 x Tax Rate) x [1 – (0.01 x Tax Rate)] x Maximum Population

Tax Income = (Maximum Population ÷ 100)Tax Rate x (1 – 0.01 Tax Rate)

Tax Income = (Maximum Population ÷ 100) x Tax Rate – (Maximum Population ÷ 10,000) Tax Rate^2 = 50

Now, try plugging any number in for 10,000. The result will always be 50.

Thank you Zenrax for taking the time to do this math.

So, everyone, have fun making over 10k, 15k, 20k, even 35k gold an hour!

Leaving the 7 Day Protection

Wednesday, May 6th, 2009

There is always the question that people pose: Should I / Am I ready to dive into battle before my 7 day protection is up?

In short, no you should not upgrade your Town Hall past level 4 before your protection time is up.

It’s better to be safe than sorry. I know I would much rather come out dangerous than become a resource farm where my neighbors just mooch off my hard work and steal my resources.

The main reason you should not do this is because all the people who started before you and already let their 7 day protection run, have several days advantage over you. With those few days, they were able to build up an army to wipe you clean. In theory, if you waited the 7 days, you should come out about even and they will not risk trying to fight you.

Moving on, there is one secret situation in which you should upgrade your Town Hall past level 4 before your 7 day protection is up. I’m going to share it with you.

When a server is first released, usually the people who join the server within a few hours have an advantage because they know if they go out of the protection, there is nobody with 250k+ prestige ready to pounce on them. Not only do they have no fear of attack, they get more resource fields because each Town Hall upgrade adds 3 more spaces. Within a day or two, these people have a huge advantage and will be the first one with a large army because of the higher resource production. The chain continues, and they are a powerhouse.

So, the only time I would ever recommend going out of protection before the 7 days expires, is only if you join the server within a day of its being released.

Resource Valleys

Wednesday, May 6th, 2009

This is the fourth (and final one) of four detailed guides to maximizing your resource production. Without a doubt, after you have read all four, you will have a much better idea of how to get iron, lumber, stone, and food much more quickly. The first guide on resource buildings and fields can be found HERE. The second guide on the Castellan / Mayor can be found HERE, and the third guide on researching technology can be found HERE.

To start off, I would highly advise that you scout your target before every attack. You never know what may be up their sleeve. Recruit a hero with a high intelligence rating and use this hero for scouting. You will yield better results. You will also need to upgrade your rally point to at least level 2.

When attacking a valley, I would suggest doing so with a large enough army that you outnumber the opponent 3 to 1. This will guarantee you very low casualties.

Try to only conquer valleys that are NOT controlled by another lord. The reason for this is because conquering land that is someone elses’ could lead to a war between you two. This would only cause resource loss on both sides.

Determine what resources you want to add a production bonus to and find level 1 valleys nearby and attack them. After the attack is over you have to tell the army to return, otherwise they will just camp at the valley. You will need as many soldiers as you can as you expand your conquest.

After you have all the level 1 valleys that your town hall can support, upgrade the town hall, now you can attack another 3 valleys (for each Town Hall upgrade). Keep upgrading the town hall until you have a level 4 town hall. Conquer as many level 1 valleys as the town hall at level 4 will support.

Now recruit some more scouts, preferably more than 30. Scout a level 2 valley. Research archers and recruit some archers, depending on what army you will be facing in the level 2 valley you just scouted. To be safe, get at least 50 archers.

Recruit an army so that it is 3 times larger than the army in the level 2 valley.

Abandon one of your level 1 valleys and attack the level 2 valley. Continue doing this for each level 2 valley. Continue doing this as you move up to ultimately, level 10 valleys.

Resource Research Technology

Tuesday, May 5th, 2009

This is the third of four detailed guides to maximizing your resource production so that your Evony experience is that much more fun. The first guide on resource buildings and fields can be found HERE. The second guide on the Castellan / Mayor can be found HERE.


To begin with your resources technology researching, you need an academy. The Routine Quest gives a reward for building and upgrading the Academy, so be sure to collect that. Once the academy is built, research Agriculture, Lumbering, Masonry, and Mining. This will cost gold. You will get some gold from the Routine Quest, for completing the first level of each of these. After that, it will slowly but steadily drain a large amount of your gold.

As each upgrade for Agriculture, Lumbering, Masonry, and Mining describes, you need to have the level resource building in order to research that level resource.

For example: In order to research level 6 Lumbering, I would need to have at least a level 6 sawmill.

The Construction technology is very important as the levels of your buildings increase. You need to research this technology as soon as possible. Unfortunately, the requirements to research this technology are:

Level 2 Forge
Level 2 Workshop
Level 5 Lumbering
Level 2 Metal Casting
Level 5 Academy

The more cities you have, the faster Academy research will occur. This is because the research carries over for to new cities, so you can be researching more than 1 thing in the academy at a time.

The Castellan / Mayor

Sunday, May 3rd, 2009

This is the second of four detailed guides to maximizing your resource production so that your Evony experience is that much more enjoyable. The first guide on resource buildings and fields can be found HERE.


Firstly, I’d like to address the possible discrepancy between the Castellan and Mayor. The Castellan and the Mayor are the exact same thing. It appears that UMGE has simply not adjusted all the servers to match each other.

When you first begin playing Evony, it is important to get a Castellan, or more recently known as Mayor, with a high politics rating as soon as possible. The Castellan/Mayor affects both resource production and construction time.

The Routine Quest already has a guide to appointing a Castellan. Be sure to follow that guide (Hero Recruitment) and don’t forget to collect your reward.

For those who are still confused with the steps the Routine Quest has in line for you:

1 – Build an Inn.
2 – Build a Feasting Hall.
3 – Upgrade the Inn to at least level 2.
4 – Upgrade the Feasting Hall to at least level 2.
5 – If you have the item “Leather Robinhood”, use it. It offers a level 10-15 hero which increases your chances of obtaining a high Politics hero.

6 – Recruit the hero with the highest Politics rating. Anything with 50+ Politics will suffice.

7 – Go to the Feasting Hall and make the hero with the highest Politics rating the Castellan/Mayor by clicking “Appoint Castellan” or “Appoint Mayor”.

So…why should I choose a Castellan/Mayor with high Politics? Politics is one of the 3 aspects of a Hero. A Castellan/Mayor’s Politics affects how fast you get resources, and how fast you construct buildings. This is very self-explanatory, as this is a guide to maximizing your resource productivity.

Be sure to look for the 3rd and 4th guides to maximizing your resources!

Resource Buildings & Fields

Sunday, May 3rd, 2009

This is the first of four detailed guides to maximizing your resource production so that you don’t have to worry about having the necessary materials when you’re going off to battle. The second guide to resource productivity with the Castellan/Mayor can be located by clicking HERE.

Resource Buildings and Fields:

When constructing buildings, time is of the essence. The faster the construction, the faster your resources will roll in. Any building or upgrade whose preset time is equal to, or less than 5 minutes will automatically build. Thus, the Speed Up button provides a free speed up of construction time for lower levels of most buildings. How does this tie into resources? You want to have as many resource producing buildings as possible as high as possible by using free speed up. To make things easy, this is the breakdown for how high you may upgrade your resource buildings until you are required to wait the allotted time:

Sawmills: You can upgrade up to level 3 by using the Speed Up button.

Farms: You can upgrade up to level 4 by using the Speed Up button.

Quarries: You can upgrade up to level 3 by using the Speed Up button.

Iron Mines: You can upgrade up to level 2 by using the Speed Up button.

If you are confused about the Speed Up button, a more elaborate guide on how it works can be found HERE.

Be sure that you have gone to your Town Hall and changed the production rate to 100 on all resource types. Now, go to the resource fields. If you do not know what this is, just click on “City” on the top right (next to Town, and Map). Start with the Sawmill and upgrade to level 3. Proceed to build and upgrade the Quarry, then Iron Mine, and finally the Farm. My advice is to evenly spread out the amount of each. For example: 3 upgraded Sawmills, 3 upgraded Quarries, 3 upgraded Farms, and 3 upgraded Iron Mines. Since these are part of the Routine Quest, be sure to collect your rewards.

Of course, you need villagers to work on the newly constructed resource buildings. In Evony, cottages house workers. You can build a cottage and upgrade up to level 3 using the Speed Up. Unfortunately, when upgrading to levels 4 and up, you’ll have to wait the specified time. Construct enough cottages so that you have a population limit of at least twice as much as the number of workers required to run your resource buildings.

Continue upgrading your cottages and resource buildings. Remember to try to keep the idle population number low. There is no point in constructing resource producing buildings if you don’t have the population to work them, so be sure to get the population first. If you ever find yourself in a high negative population, there are a couple things you can do to immediately fix it. The first is the Comforting feature of “Population Raising” and the second is applying the inventory item “Civil Code”. Population Raising can be applied by going to your Town Hall and selected Comforting. Click Population Raising. Keep in mind that it does cost a decent amount of food.

Everybody needs more resource building slots. But how do you get more spaces to build Sawmills, Farms, Quarries, and Iron Mines? Quite simply, you have to upgrade your Town Hall. Each time you increase your Town Hall level, you gain 3 more fields to add resource buildings. As a friendly reminder, do not upgrade the Town Hall level greater than 4 until the 7 days of protection has expired. If you do, you will probably suffer many disastrous attacks and you will feel very discouraged. Do not upgrade the Town Hall unless you have already filled up all the fields available.

Again, I suggest building an equal number of Farms, Sawmills, Quarries, and Iron Mines on the new resource fields.

Don’t forget to read the next 3 guides to maximizing your resources productivity, or else you’re missing out on some major advantages!

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Saturday, April 25th, 2009

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