Level 10 NPC – Fighting a Weak Hero

As you all might know, one of the largest factors of attacking a level 10 NPC in Evony is the hero that the NPC has. If the level 10 NPC hero is level 50 with 110 attack, then it will be pretty hard for you to conquer it without heavy losses. If the level 10 NPC hero is level 11 with 71 attack, you have a much greater chance of conquering it with low losses.

Hods Realm of Evony is about to share with you exactly how to make sure 100% that the defending hero in a level 10 NPC is a low and weak hero. As you all know, this means that conquering that delicious level 10 NPC will be so much easier.

First, you will be given the requirements that you need to do it.

Second, you will be given the exact directions on how to do it.

Third, you will be given an explanation.

Fourth, you will be given proof for those who need it.


– Level 10 Informatics

– Level 9 or 10 Beacon Tower

1-10 Scouts


– Locate the level 10 NPC you wish to conquer.

– Scout the level 10 NPC.

– If the hero is over level 15, then scout the NPC again. Repeat until the hero is under level 15. You are ready to go.


The hero that is in your scout report is the hero that you will be fighting. If you scout the NPC and a level 12 hero turns up, do not scout the NPC again. If you scout the NPC again, you will be given another random hero which could potentially be higher than level 12.


I will quite simply show you some scout and battle reports with a short explanation. I guarantee the proof will be more than enough and you will be satisfied.

Click the following link to see the proof: Level 10 NPC Hero Proof


Hods Realm will be releasing the FULL GUIDE to conquering a level 10 NPC with lots of scout reports, battle reports, explanations, details, and so much more! Stay tuned, because we’ll be posting the most in-depth guide to conquering a level 10 NPC soon!