Chapter 1 – How to get Started

A Guide To Evony:

“All of life’s a game, all the men and women merely players”

William Shak3sp3ar

  1. How to get started?

When you first start Evony you will have chosen a state. The truth is, choice DOESN’T matter. You will probably teleport once or twice during the game.

Once you begin, you will have a quest completed. Click “Quest” the “Daily Quest” tab to claim your daily award.

You will be tempted to do the roulette wheel immediately. DON’T

Click on a spot inside your TOWN

Make one cottage and level it up to level 2.

Click the CITY tab at the top, Make one of each resource tile and level them up to 2.

Hint: Speed up. Click this green button next to the construction time. This makes any buildings less than 5 minutes completed instantly, for free.

Resources: Lumber, Food, Iron, Stone, Gold

LUMBER:  most valuable resource, buildings use it as their main resource.

FOOD: Food is required by soldiers, and at the start of the game is plentiful

IRON: the slowest gained and built resource, it’s also hard to spend, until the late game. Swordsmen and Cataphracts use it the most.

STONE: also valuable, but less so than lumber. Walls require a lot of it. Eventually becomes worth a lot less.

GOLD: The slowest gained and least important (growth wise) resource, it will become very important once you are big and strong.

Go to quests. You should have multiple completed. Accept them to get back all your spent goods, and then some.

Next you will want to upgrade your Town Hall to level 2. This takes 30 minutes, but wait it out, or at least wait 15 minutes. Don’t waste your Beginner’s Plans.

Plans: These are speed ups for buildings and research and they are your best friend. They are free, at first, but to get more than what you start with costs money

While this is building, look around Evony. Go to the map. Get familiarized with the interface

Now you have a pretty good start. Go to city again and make one or two more of each resource.

Your good production will be near 420 for each resource. This is a good start, as it is near 7 per minute, and goods are easy to get at the beginning of the game.

You may notice that you have a little red minus next to your population. Don’t be worried, you aren’t actually losing any population. That’s how much under required you are. Make a second level 2 cottage to fix this.

Hint: Population still won’t go up? Just wait, it will

Go to quests. You should have more done. Also, look at the one called ADMINISTRATION. You should do that. Go to the town center and go to the production tab. (next to overview, which is the starting one.) There will be four little spots that you can change to 100. Do that.

Hint: Annoyed by the dumbness going on in world chat? Go to private chat. It’s the little word bubble with three dots in it next to the chat. Itll be nice and peaceful there.

Next we will upgrade your tax rate to 20% (after you finish the administration quest). Go back to the town center. In a button format rather than a tab, you will see TAX RATE. Click it. Adjust to 20%.

My Population is plummeting! Oh No! This is because your loyalty is going down. This will be addressed later.

How do I use my idle population? Well, you can

  1. Build resource buildings
  2. Build troops. This use of pop will replenish your pop after wards, like it was a resource.

Now you will build two more buildings. First, a rally point. You can hit speed up for free on this. Then you will want an embassy. This will take 12 minutes, but if you haven’t used beginners instructions (click speed up and select it) on the town hall, use one here.  The embassy will be instantly completed. Now you will have 4 more quests completed, at least. Complete these.

Now you know the basics:

How to build, how to do quests, how to manage through your town hall.

Next, you’ll want to do as many quests as you can. Do the wheel quest; see if you get something useful. Build up your city, make a lot of level one TOWN buildings and as high of level as you can CITY buildings.

Lord Arumen