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Evony News and Patches

Monday, August 31st, 2009
On August 22nd, 2009:

  • Package Aug C has been added!
  • Greatly boosted the resources awarded from the Wheel of Fortune! A higher level Town Hall and more resource fields will increase the resources given.
  • The tooltip for the Penicillin buff has been changed from “Cure” to “Penicillin” for added clarity.


  • If an attacker does not destroy at least 10% of the defender’s troops, the attacker will not receive information on troops and fortifications in the Attack Report.

Bug Fixes

  • Occasionally display errors could occur with gold and resources when posting orders in the marketplace. This has been fixed.

On August 23rd, 2009:

“Evony Community,

Today we experienced a critical downtime of over 3.5 hours with all servers and the main website being unavailable and then some issues with the forums. We understand that this has made many of our great players frustrated and disappointed. We’re disappointed too.

Evony is a small independent online game developer and publisher, a small business which has grown exponentially due to the great community of players we have. Today’s downtime was caused by an error from our hosting partner, The Planet. This has placed us in a very difficult situation in trying to address and fix the errors; however within a few hours we were able to get all servers back online.

As we’re a small company, when problems like this arise, it affects us very deeply. We’d like to take this opportunity though to try and make something good out of it by offering a token of goodwill to all players. We are releasing to all players a Compensation Pack consisting of 10 Amulets and 100 cents, FREE. While we cannot make up for the issue that The Planet has caused, we do hope you accept our apologies and gift and still continue enjoying the game.

Please allow us 3 business days to send out this pack to all accounts. Accounts must have been created before today in order to obtain the pack. You will be able to claim the Compensation Pack in the left hand corner in the game.

Best Regards,

Evony Team”

Thanks Evony, it’s really appreciated!

Evony Fansites Kit

Wednesday, August 26th, 2009

“We at Evony™ believe that we have the best player community around and that each of you support the success of the game; after all, since April 2009 we’ve had over 5,000,000 registered active players! Fansites bring large groups of the community together in many different and special ways and we at Evony™ want to show that we support those third party fansites, administrators and staff who dedicate significant time and resources to create a fansite or provide a fan service and keep it going at no cost to the community. We applaud your efforts! It is this type of community spirit we want to foster and encourage.

As such, we are proud to announce and release the Evony™ Community Fansite Program. When your Evony™ fansite or fan service is online and available and wishes to be reviewed, please contact us at [email protected] We will be reviewing your fansite or fan service and if it meets our preliminary requirements, you’ll receive soon after an application form and we’ll begin the formal review process.

If after the formal review process your fansite or fan service qualifies for being included in the Program, we will add your site or service to the Community Fansite webspace which will be located on the official Evony™ website with a direct link to your site! We’ll also be publishing the fact of your fansite being accepted.

If after the formal review processes your fansite or fan service does not qualify for being included in the Program, we will provide immediate constructive feedback on how you can perhaps change or expand your fansite or service to qualify for listing. You can re-apply, but only once per 30 days.

We’re sorry, the Program is not for Alliance websites.

For approved Fansites each recognition level has different rewards!

The Program

There are three recognition levels in the Evony™ Community Fansite Program:

  • Prinzessin Class Evony™ Fansite
  • Earl Class Evony™ Fansite
  • Knight Class Evony™ Fansite

All qualified fansites will have the Knight Class upon successful review and application into the Program. A Knight Class fansite may apply for Earl class after it has been a qualified listed fansite for a minimum of thirty days. An Earl class fansite may apply for Prinzessin class only after it has been an Earl class for thirty days and must meet the requirements.

Evony™ is setting a high standard for the fansites that we include on our Community Fansite area, and this reflects on the desire to have fansites that have a positive effect on the community.

Please read below for the requirements at each level in the program:

knight class

A Knight Class Evony™ Fansite agrees to:

  • Be a fansite not hosted on a free hosting service.
  • Display Evony™ material on a page separate from other non- Evony™ materials.
  • Present news on a page devoted to news posting.
  • Attribute news from the official site appropriately, in order to avoid confusion between company news and site news.
  • Present materials in an attractive format.
  • Update at least once weekly.
  • Display an Evony™ logo and link to the Evony™ site on the page of Evony™ materials.
  • Display appropriate copyright information.
  • Abide by the Rules.

A Listed Evony™ Fansite may receive the following:

  • A text only link on the Evony Webpage in the Community Fansite listing.
  • Regular posting of fansite news on the Community News Forum, when such news is emailed to [email protected] at least two weeks in advance
  • All Evony™ press releases
  • Occasional announcements from a Evony™ Community Liaison, via e-mail or newsletter
  • Use of the Fansite Kit and email notification when it is expanded

An Earl Class Evony™ Fansite agrees to:

  • Display Evony™ material on a page separate from other non- Evony™ materials
  • Present news on a page devoted to news posting
  • Attribute news from the official site appropriately, in order to avoid confusion between company news and site news
  • Present materials in an attractive and professional manner
  • Update at least twice per week
  • Report news from the official site in a timely manner
  • Host or link to a Evony™ -related forum
  • Expand site sections and content within a reasonable period of time when new campaigns, editions or games are released
  • Update content pages within a reasonable period of time when changes are made to Evony™ through updates and other means
  • Present a significant amount of original content, not merely a compilation (mirror) of Evony™ -produced materials
  • Display an Evony™ logo and link to the Evony™ site on the page of Evony™ materials
  • Display appropriate copyright information
  • Abide by the Rules

An Earl Class Evony™ Fansite may receive the following:

  • An image link only on the Evony Webpage in the Community Fansite listing.
  • Regular posting of fansite news on the Community News Forum, when such news is emailed to [email protected] at least two weeks in advance
  • All Evony™ press releases
  • Occasional announcements from a Evony™ Community Liaison via e-mail
  • Possible unique Earl Fansite-only materials, such as information releases, contests, screenshots, etc.
  • Use of the Fansite Kit and email notification when it is expanded
  • Limited prize support (One per year) for contests and competitions held by the Earl Fansite, as approved in advance

A Prinzessen Class Evony™ Fansite agrees to:

  • Focus exclusively on Evony™
  • Update when the official site is updated; carry Evony™ news as it is posted or, when possible, as it takes place
  • Update to report Evony™ news from independent sources such as gaming sites and print publications
  • Attribute news from the official site appropriately, in order to avoid confusion between company news and site news
  • Present materials in an attractive and professional manner
  • Host a Evony™ -specific forum or forum set
  • Present a substantial amount of original content, not merely a compilation (mirror) of Evony™ -produced materials and or the creation of an authorized fansite application.
  • Expand site sections and content within a reasonable period of time when new campaigns, editions or games are released
  • Update content pages promptly when changes are made to Evony™ through updates and other means
  • Post all Evony™ press releases, or post a direct link to them on the Evony™  game website
  • Maintain a specific traffic rate to be agreed upon
  • Email Evony™ fansite traffic statistics monthly
  • Display appropriate copyright information
  • Abide by the Rules

A Prinzessen Class Evony™ Fansite may receive the following:

  • A direct image link on the Evony™ landing page.
  • A dedicated area on the Evony webpage in the Community Section on your fansite.
  • Frequent posting of fansite news on the Community News Forum, when such news is emailed to [email protected] at least two weeks in advance.
  • All Evony™ press releases.
  • Occasional announcements from the Evony™ Development Director via direct e-mail.
  • Use of the Fansite Kit and email notification when it is expanded.
  • Only for Prinzessen Class Fansite – A private interview with Evony™ to use exclusively for your fansite.
  • Monthly collaborative meeting with Evony™ Vice Development Director.
  • Occasional unique Prinzessen Class Fansite-only materials, such as, information releases, contests, screenshots, etc.
  • Invitations to events available only to Prinzessen class Fansites
  • Prize support for contests and competitions held by the Prinzessen class Fansite, as approved in advance with Evony™.

The Expectations

All fansites in the Evony™ Community Fansite Program member site must agree to the following:

  • To meet and uphold high standards for quality for content and design.
  • To abide by the legal requirements stated in the Terms of Use.
  • To display the appropriate copyright, logo, and legal information and to attribute content and news post from the official site.
  • To assure that site content reflects positively upon the company and the game.
  • To attribute news from the official site clearly so that there is no confusion between official news and fansite news.
  • To disallow and remove links or promotion of adult (pornographic) sites, sites that provide or support software hacking or piracy, sites that support, advertise or offer in-game items for real currency, and sites that encourage game cheating.
  • To moderate Evony™ Community Fansite forums and live chat rooms to enforce reasonable behavior standards.
  • To actively monitor behaviour which reflects poorly on the community and report it to Evony™.
  • To assure that all staff members behave appropriately and to make staffing decisions that assure that the entire site staff is fully in support of the program, the site, and most importantly, the community
  • To abide by the game’s Terms of Use and EULA.

Regarding Traffic Statistics

In order to receive the rewards of Prinzessin Fansite status, fansites in that category are required to submit site traffic (hit count) statistics on a monthly basis. Statistics should be submitted via e-mail on the first of each month to [email protected] In the case of non-Prinzessin sites, we would still be grateful to receive this information, at the discretion of the webmaster. We acquire this information merely for general, statistical purposes. Traffic counts alone will not be used as a determining factor in a site’s acceptance into the Evony™ Community Fansite Program, and all information that is submitted to Evony™ is held as confidential and will never be revealed without the fansite owner’s express permission.”

Making Evony Better – Corabee

Wednesday, August 19th, 2009

An Evony member made a very interesting suggestions post. I thought it worthy enough to come here.


After over three weeks of play and evaluation, this is my assessment of the Evony RTS system. The goal of this post is to provide the community with food for substantive thought. To place this in perspective, I am a graduate of the US Army War College. I welcome any feedback beyond the drive-by infantile sort.

Evony Strengths

  1. The economic/city building system is first rate.
  2. Alliance system works fairly well.

Evony Weaknesses

  1. The association of noble rank to medal farming. This is the biggest negative of Evony.
  2. The non-realistic army/combat system, it takes the “strategy” out of RTS.
  3. Inability to use alliance members’ cities/allied cities strategically (e.g., as a staging ground for offensive operations). Adding this to Evony would elevate the game from decent/good to “totally awesome.” Again, an RTS needs to have the tools in place to implement meaningful strategic diplomatic and military goals.
  4. Lack of an Extended Truce. Everyone likes take vacations. Each account should get two Extended Truce items per year … this would put them in a protected mode while they are away from the game.

Any critique should provide constructive criticism — that is, it should also provide food for thought on how to improve rather than just a blanket “the strategic use of forces sucks.” It should provide a basis for a discussion on turning Evony from a decent RTS game into a stellar one.

Suggested Improvements


1. Add the ability to use allied cities. It’s great that you can Reinforce an ally with troops, but what about attackers? The option should exist to use an allied city as a Forward Operating Base for scouting and attacking. This would add a whole new dimension of strategy to the game.

2. Add the ability to conduct joint operations. Troops sent to Reinforce an alliance member or ally should have the option to “Conduct Joint Operations,” the Reinforcing troops usable by the hosting city and/or the reinforcing troops could draw on local troops in conducting operations.

3. Provide Alliances with appropriate reports about the state of the cities of their members. Strategically there is no way to get an overview of city status, other than by mailing members and asking. The Alliance interface should allow designated persons the ability to view a report of a member’s city (similar to a scouting report) so that alliance-wide strategic goals can be evaluated and set.


Nobility is a function of politics historically, not of medals won on the field of battle. Advancing through noble ranks should not be tied to mindless medal farming. Tie noble rank to Prestige and Alliance size. This would provide motivation to work on individual and collective prestige building.

Miltary Ranks

Tie the rise through military ranks to the current medal system and weight it with Honor gained.

Military Strategy

Currently there is no emphasis on combined-arms operations and power units unrealistically dominate the “tactics.”

There is an over-emphasis on ballistas/catapults to project power. Historically “artillery” are a great means to project power, however, while power can be projected, they do not have the means to take or hold ground. Also, siege-type units have a small unit strength (for example, a battery of artillery is 1/3 to 1/2 the size of an infantry company) and their individual self-defense weapons are minimal. Give strategic weapons a defense equal to workers. Futhermore, the presence of enemy troops in a resource or city would make them vulnerable to sallying if they are not protected. No more taking NPC level 1 cities with 50 ballistas with transport support. Catapults are designed solely to attack point defenses.

Stress should be placed on efficient combined-arms forces. A smaller, but arms-balanced force, can defeat a larger opponent that is one-dimensional in nature. By shifting to a combined-arms methodology of combat, the combat part of Evony becomes both more tactically and stratigically realistic.

Types of Combat

Basically these fall into two categories in Evony: City attack/defense and non-city battles. At the tactical level, the major difference (other than the defensive capability afforded by walls) is that combat outside a city is more fluid, while city defense/attack is a set-piece type of warfare.

Battle Overvew

The rounds of battle should reflect the three phases of offensive/defensive operations: the meeting engagement, the initial assault/defense and the reinforce/exploit phases.

The key to the meeting engagement is the army’s screen; in the case of Evony, that role would be filled by Scouts and Cavalry. The opening rounds of combat should determine who “wins” the meeting engagement. Denying your opponent battlefield information is the key to winning a battle. The result of this phase should impart modifications to the main part of the battle. The ratio of the result should determine who’s force benefits from better tactical intelligence and thus would more efficiently commit their main combat forces (warriors, swordsmen, pike) to best tactical advantage, it could be rated thusly: Screen Overwhelmed (big negative to combat modifier); Screen Bypassed (moderate negative); Partial Screen would provide intelligence, but also yield intelligence to the opponent (no modifier, both sides have benefited equally); Screen Gains Tactical Advantage (moderate positive); Screen Gains Battlefield Superiority (big positive bonus).

Middle rounds of combat should be weighted by the meeting engagement results (e.g., the commander with good intelligence will utilize it maximally. Here the Intelligence score of the commander can come into play). This constitutes the heart of the battle and would weight the effective deployment of archers‘ impact on the battle. Also during this phase, counter-battery combat takes place, ranged weapons seek to eliminate the enemy’s ranged threat.

The latter rounds are all about exploitation/reinforcing. Either the defender bolsters their defense effectively or the attacker is poised to exploit the breach of the defenses. If the battle is fairly even, neither side benefits from this; that is, the battle becomes a statemate with the attacker withdrawing in good order. If the attackers wins the battle of the middle rounds, they are then poised to exploit or pillage the resource or city. If the defender wins the battle, the premise is that they sallied effectively, wreaking havoc on the attacker’s strategic assets (transporters, workers, ranged weapons such as ballista and catapults, and siege equipment (battering rams)).

Rates of Fire

Ranged combat needs to factor in rate of fire. Archers are more effective than ballista in this, as a bow reloads far faster than a ballista does, and a ballista reloads faster than a catapult (see Caesar by T. Dodge for Roman army rates of fire). The volume of fire from 1000 archers will be much higher than a comparable number of ballista. So while ballista will have a definite effect during a span of rounds (due range diferential and the “power” of the weapon), ultimately the archers will prevail (given a favorable combat ratio and a positive result in the main battle) in the exploitation phase as they close to within range and directly engage strategic assets such as ballista and catapults. A suggestion would be to have archers fire every round, ballistas every two rounds and catapults every three (and against point defense targets only).

Combat Losses

The Meeting Engagement Phase
Scouts and cavalry loss ratios during this phase should actually be quite low, as historically an army’s screening elements tend to disperse and filter rearward of the army rather than stand and fight to the death.

The Main Battle Phase
This is where the majority of infantry and archer losses are taken, as well as losses to strategic weapons and defenses from counter-battery fire.

Exploit/Reinforce Phase
This is where the “fruits of battle” are realized. If the battle is fairly equal, neither side benefits (that is, the attacker is presumed to withdraw in good order, but with little to show for it). In the Exploit mode, the attacker plunders the resource or city. For the defender, the “Open City Gates” to fight option would need to be checked; that is, they sally forth to exploit the results of the battle, otherwise the impact on attackers strategic assets in the attack would be reduced.

The Spoils of War

City attacks should fall into two categories: the raid and the assault. The first is geared more to economic disruption and a favorable (or even neutral) result in combat would yield the bounty of the outlying farms, mines, quarries and mills. Based on Logistics level (or some other), this could have a production impact as the city’s resource fields recover from the attack.

In the assault, to effectively sack a city, the defenses must be breached and sufficient ground forces to conduct the pillaging should be present (sorry, but the crews of 50 ballistas cannot effectively plunder). In the combat system, this is where the close-in wall defenses should come into play as well as battering rams (a huge boost to gaining entry to the city. In this case of actually breeching a city, the spoils would include warehoused goods, gold and (possibly) population reduction.

In Closing

I will add more to this as time goes on, as real life calls and I also want to see what feedback this post garners.

Regards to all,

Evony Popularity Note

Tuesday, August 18th, 2009

I’d like to make a small note that Evony has surpassed 75 servers and worlds. The amount of Evony players has grown to millions and the game grows evermore popular.

I’m sure with the update of Age 2 and various other tweaks, Evony will have tripled in size. My prediction is that in 3 months, Evony LLC will be double what it is now.

Evony Scavenger Hunt

Monday, August 17th, 2009

The Evony Moderators have organized an event for the community to participate in and the winner will receive 50 game cents in-game.

“Hey all! It’s time for the first Evony Scavenger Hunt.

Ok, what in the world is that?

The Evony Scavenger Hunt is where players rush around trying to find various “things”, obviously revolving around Evony.

You will face hardships – there will be times when you don’t know what to do

That’s what the Evony community is for! Before we start this competition, I’d like to start with a little cheer:

*Taken from a true post*








Now that we’ve all had some fun doing the Evony Cheer , let’s move on to the goodies.

The First Evony Scavenger Hunt

Hunt Moderators: Hods, Logrus, FoxyBunny

Submit all entries (Via Private Message) to


1) All participants must be registered Evony forum members as of the date/time this is posted.[/color]Those of you with multis will NOT be allowed to submit two entries. We know who you are!
2) Questions with regards to the game must be submitted to the game moderators via PM. If we think you have raised a question that needs to be answered for the good of the game, we will publicly answer it within this thread.
3) No hints, no tips, no cheats will be offered or allowed in the initial phase. We reserve the right to add public hints at random times if nobody can find all the objects.
4) The game begins at the moment this is posted, and ends when we receive a submission that has all 21 objects located correctly. The first (and only the first) completely correct submission wins.
5) In case of any dispute, the moderators running this game will make a joint decision. That decision is FINAL.
6) There will be no ties. One winner will be announced. One prize will be awarded.
7) Moderators, Representatives, and Admin are not permitted to play. Sorry!
8) Each player may only make one submission. If you are incorrect, game over, so think carefully before you send in your entry.
9) Only entries PM’d to Logrus will count.

How to Play:

1) A list will be provided (in the next post) of items hidden within the Evony forums. The first person to find all items on the list, and to submit their exact locations, will win. URLs are encouraged, but not absolutely necessary. However, saying “In Joey’s post” isn’t good enough…we’ll need to know which post in which thread in which forum.
2) The items we list will be quite specific. No tricks, no word plays. If we ask for a “court jester”, we mean a court jester, not a link to some user’s profile who you think qualifies as one, or a post with those words in it. All items will be noted as to whether it is a picture or wording we are requesting.
3) You are welcome to work together to find the items on the list, but there can only be one winner, so be careful who you share information with!
4) Sabotaging another player, cheating, attempting to cheat, altering someone else’s entries, or creating faked objects to confuse other players are grounds for immediate disqualification from the contest.
5) All items will be hidden somewhere on the Evony forums. Any/all forum areas are fair game, as are user profiles, visitor messages, and any other public areas. NO items will be found on any other websites or within the game itself.

Important note: You can only submit your answers once. Have all 21 listed, with their exact locations, and send to Logrus via PM. This is the ONLY WAY you can get credit for your answers and win the prize. Partial submissions, multiple submissions, postings, pm’s sent to the wrong person, etc. will not count. No exceptions![/b]


The winner will receive a serial code good for 50 Evony game cents, to be applied to the account/server of their choosing.

Did I mention you have to send your PM’d entries to Logrus to get credit?

Evony Language Thread & Scout Changes

Sunday, August 16th, 2009

Interestingly enough, the Evony forum has opened two beta language threads for players who do not speak the primary language (English). This means that there will now be more aid for those who speak French and Spanish (I’m sure more will be added as time continues).

Spanish Thread
French Thread

Evony is now more intent on the Scout Changes, and look to implement it a little later on:

“To help balance the upcoming change that will make it more difficult for players to gain information on other player’s cities, we are planning to make a change to scouting that will reduce one of the random elements that can hurt scout chances.

Currently, there is a small chance that scouts will fight all of the cities defenders on scouting missions, instead of just their scouts. We plan to change this, so that scouts will only fight other scouts on these missions. This will make scouting missions more likely to succeed and reduce what has been a source of frustration for some players.

We want scouts to be useful tools for gathering information and preventing other players from gathering information. We think this change is right in line with this philosophy.”

Empire Craft – Web Browser MMORTS

Sunday, August 16th, 2009

Empire Craft is a new free MMORTS (massively multiplayer online role-playing strategy) game that allows players to develop cities, armies, resource plots, and battle for dominance against other players on a massive world map. Each player starts out with a plot of land and must build up his/her city, defenses, food and resource production, and a massive army to conquer neighbors and nearby resource locations. Battle plans are enacted in real-time, and working together with your union members, basically guild mates, is the only option when faced with some of the more powerful lords in your area.

Interestingly enough, this sounds very familiar right? There are only a couple changed twists in this game.

There are three different races in Empire Craft each with a specific set of graphics for their buildings and landscape. Troops also have different strengths and statistics depending upon their race. The races are Humans, Dwarves, and Orcs. Unions (alliances) can be based on race or geographical location, but different races start in different areas. Heroes are also race specific, but you can still hire them regardless of their race.

There’s a lot more but here’s the real question – is this Evony or is this a rip-off game trying to be like Evony?

There are a lot of questions to be answered. We’ll be addressing Empire Craft later on.

Evony Resource Cities

Thursday, August 13th, 2009

Evony players often talk about having “specialized cities”. This means that they have a “farm/food city” or “sawmill/lumber city” or “quarry/stone city” or “ironmine/iron city”. Your guess is probably right – that the particular city only has farms, sawmills, quarries, or ironmines. What is the advantage of that?

Farm & Food Cities:

We believe Farm specialized cities to be the 3rd best type of specific cities. Lumber and Iron cities are more strategic, but Farm cities are more effective than stone cities.


– You can support a larger army without having negative food production.


– If your farms cannot support that large army, then you will have negative food production and no means of getting more food. Since you used up all your resource field slots, you cannot produce other resources to make gold.

Sawmill & Lumber Cities:

We believe Lumber cities to be the 1st best type of specific cities. This means that this is a better city than food, stone, or iron.


– Due to the high prices of lumber in the market, you can usually sell 1 lumber for twice the amount of food. Therefore, you can support a twice as large army as that of a Food city. In addition to that, lumber is a necessity for researching technologies, constructing buildings, training troops, and building fortified units. In essence, lumber is the most important resource in the Evony.


– You have to wait 30 minutes for resources to transport to your city through the market.

Quarry & Stone Cities:

We believe Stone cities to be the 4th best type of specific cities. This means that this is the worst city to have and that food, lumber, and iron are all better options.


– You can have a huge amount of stone to build fortifications and construct buildings.


– Stone is the least valuable resource and therefore is fairly worthless. The average trade rate is 100 stone for 1 food, 500 stone for 1 lumber and iron. The prices speak for themselves.

Ironmine & Iron Cities:

We believe Iron cities to be the 2nd best type of specific cities. It was tough to decide which was more effective – iron or lumber cities. Iron is definitely a good city to have. Why is Iron worse than Lumber? Yes, we are aware that lumber and iron prices are virtually equal, so it boiled down to one thing: Ironmines take longer to build than Sawmills. That is the only reason.


– Due to the high prices of iron in the market, you can usually sell 1 iron for twice the amount of food. Therefore, you can support a twice as large army as that of a Food city. In addition to that, iron is a necessity for researching technologies, constructing buildings, training troops, and building fortified units. Iron is equal in prices to that of lumber.


– You have to wait 30 minutes for resources to transport to your city through the market.

Evony Prestige & Battle Changes

Thursday, August 13th, 2009
Originally stated by Dawnseeker, an Evony liason representative:
“In our efforts to make Evony more balanced, we are considering implementing a change to Prestige to prevent players from gaining Prestige at high rates by bypassing normal progression.

What we will do is cap Prestige at a fixed amount, based on the player’s title:

Civilian…… 100k
Knight……. 200k
Baronet….. 300k
Baron…….. 400k
Viscount…. 500k
Earl………. 700k
Duke……… 800k
Marquis….. 900k
Furstin…… 1,000k
Prinzessin… No Cap

So a civilian won’t be able to go above 100,000 Prestige, a Knight 200k, etc. What do you guys think of this? Do you think its fair? Any better suggestions? We’re listening!

We also intend to make a small change in battle reports. Right now it is easy for players to gain information about cities without scouting, by simply launching an attack. We would like to change this so that if an attacker is defeated in a battle and the defender does not take 10% casualties, the attacker will not receive information on the city, such as the number of troops and towers.

We want to do this so that scouts are valuable and we dont see “warrior scouting.”

Let us know what you think of these ideas! Thanks!”

These are possible changes that will come into play at Evony. If you agree or disagree – there’s still time! Please put your reply in this thread.

Evony Server Manager – Beta!

Tuesday, August 11th, 2009 has released a great tool for all Evony players! After hours of work, we’ve completed the beta stage of the Evony Server Manager.

Short summary:

This manager allows you to access multiple servers or worlds at the same time on the same page. This is very useful for people who play on many servers or worlds.

This manager makes Evony faster for you.

For more details and information, please read THIS THREAD.

As stated in that thread, we want all the feedback we can get. Please don’t hesitate to post suggestions or questions.

For all suggestions, questions, and feedback, please post them in this section: Evony Server Manager – Beta Forum

Funniest Post in Evony – August

Tuesday, August 11th, 2009

Today, an extremely funny and commendable post was made by a user named Wildor. It was funny enough that it has made it to the front page of Hods Realm as the Funniest Moment in Evony for the month of August. This post is on the official Evony Community Forums.

Here’s the quote:

“As this is my first experience in online gaming, I can in complete truth say it IS the best I have known. Same with the forum.

So…Everyone now!







Here’s the picture:

Funniest Evony Post in August

Click Here to view Larger Image

Haha, I hope you enjoyed it everyone!

Evony Database – Resources

Tuesday, August 11th, 2009

We’ve added a new section for the Evony database: General. In this General category, we’ve completely finished adding the “resources” section. We plan to add multiple other parts in addition to redoing our Evony buildings database and finishing the Evony items portion of the database.

Evony Gold, Evony Food, Evony Lumber, Evony Stone, and Evony Iron are the five resources that we’ve added.

Stay tuned, because we’re going to have a lot more of information for you at the Evony database!

Using the Evony Community Forum

Monday, August 10th, 2009

Many players, or members, of Evony do not fully understand how the official Evony Community Forums work. This guide will answer all of the misunderstandings and should teach you a few things about forum boards.

Guide Last Updated: August 9th, 2009

1. Basics

a. How to register a forum account

b. How to create a thread

i. How to make a post / reply to someone

ii. Why isn’t my thread / post appearing?

c. How to search for information

d. How to send a private message

2. Staff

a. The staff hierarchy: explained

b. How to report a forum moderator

c. How to become a forum moderator

1. Basics

a. How to register a forum account

First, go to this url: Forum Registration URL

Second, if you accept Evony’s terms and conditions, continue:

Accept Evony Forum Conditions

Third, choose your desired username and password, and continue to filling out your email and the human verification

image: Evony Forum Account Creation

Click complete and you’re finished!

b. How to create a thread

First, go to this url:

Second, choose which forum board you’d like to make a thread in:

Choose Evony Forum Board

Third, click on the button “New Thread”:

Evony Forum New Thread

Fourth, fill in the title, content, and tags:

Evony Forum Thread

You’re all done! Your thread should now appear in the forum section that you posted it in.

b. i. How to make a post / reply to someone

First, find the thread that you’d like to reply to, or post in:

Find Evony Thread

Second, there are two options: 1) Advanced Reply or 2) Quick Reply

1) Advanced Reply – click on the “Post Reply” button:

Post Evony Reply

Then fill in the content:

Evony Forum Post

You have successfully posted!

2) Quick Reply – go to the bottom of the page, and you should see a box named “Quick Reply”. Put your reply in that box and “Post Quick Reply”:

Evony Forum Quick Reply

Nice, you’re successfully quickly replied!

b. ii. Why isn’t my thread or my post appearing?

There is only one reason why your post would not be appearing. It’s because your posts need to be “approved” and are in the moderation que for approval. You’ll have to wait until a moderator approves your post or thread. Your threads and posts are put into moderation probably because the system suspects you to be a spam bot. The reason for this is because you posted a link or URL within your first or second post on Evony. You were then “flagged”. To un-flag yourself, please contact Valkirah or Dawnseeker to adjust your account so that you no longer have to get your posts or threads approved.

c. How to search for information

First, go to

Second, click on the “Search” button towards the right side of the navbar:

Evony Forum Navbar Search

Third, fill in the information you want to search for. You may either search by keyword, or by username:

Evony Forum Search

d. How to send a Private Message

First, go to

Second, click on “Private Messages” at the top right corner of your page:

Evony Forum Private Messages

Third, click on “Send New Message” on the left sidebar of your screen:

Evony Forum Send New Message

Fourth, fill in the details and “Submit Message”:

Evony Forum Submit Message

Your recipient should receive the message within a few moments!

2. Staff

a. The staff hierarchy: explained

Contrary to what you may think, colored names on the forum do not necessarily mean “Evony staff”.

Evony members – This is the ordinary player who is out there to have some fun. The color for regular members is plain:

Evony Forum Members

Evony forum moderators – Evony forum moderators are volunteers who are in no way hired or paid by the company, Evony LLC. Forum moderators volunteered to help organize and maintain order within the forum. The color for forum moderators is green:

Evony Forum Moderators

Evony liason representatives – Evony liasons, or Evony representatives, are paid by the company, Evony LLC, to do certain jobs. They are there to help convey thoughts, questions, and ideas to and from the players and the developers. The color for liasons is cyan:

Evony Forum Liasons

Evony administrators – Evony administrations are employed for Evony and have set jobs they have to do. Administrators can vary from developers to someone in charge of forum affairs. The color for administrations is red:

Evony Forum Administrators

b. How to report a forum moderator

It’s quite simple to report an abusive forum moderator. All you have to do is send a private message to Valkirah or Dawnseeker and tell them about the situation. They will deal with it accordingly.

c. How to become a forum moderator

It’s also easy to apply to be a forum moderator, but not easy to become one.

First, you must apply to be a forum moderator by sending a message to Evony Admin.

Second, you must wait for him to reply. Upon the reply, you will receive your rejection or acceptance. Good luck!

Evony Database – Research Technologies

Sunday, August 9th, 2009

Today, we completely finished the researched and technologies portion of the Evony Database. All 19 technologies are now available at the database.

We’ve divided them into three categories: Resource Technologies, Combat Technologies, and City Technologies

If you have a suggestion to add something to all of the research technologies in the database, or an suggestion on the Evony database at all then please, post it HERE.

Evony Database and Popular Posts

Sunday, August 9th, 2009

Two changes to Hods Realm: one major, one minor.

1. The Evony Database has been added! This means that you can access information on Evony buildings, items and more! Keep in mind that it will take time to add all of the individual parts so stay tuned!

2. The top 10 most popular posts has been added to the main page. You should scroll up and check it out!



Evony Workshop

Saturday, August 8th, 2009

In Evony, the workshop is very similar to your Forge – rudimentary at best and has fairly minimal uses. The workshop is necessary for offense and defense mechanics. You also need to upgrade your workshop in order to research the Metal Casting technology. Once you have fully researched your Metal Casting, the workshop ceases to have much of a point. It would be best to demolish the workshop and use that space for something more useful.

Evony Inn

Saturday, August 8th, 2009

In Evony, the Inn is used to recruit Heroes which benefits your city immensely. Increasing the level of your Inn allows more Heroes of higher level to be recruited. The quality of available Heroes varies respectful to your Inn level. For example: You may find 5 heroes in a level 5 Inn.

The best way to find an amazing hero is to keep your Inn at level 1. This is because at level 1, the heroes remain at level 7 or below. This means that your chance of finding a level 1 hero with a high level of an individual stat is fairly good. In fact, I can tell you now – I have only once found a good hero in an Inn that was above level 10 and I have found over 50 heroes with base stat of 69 or higher.

There are two main ways to finding a good hero (base 65+ of attack, politics, or intelligence).

1. Demolish your Inn and re-build using the Speed Up button. Continue to demolish and re-construct until you find a satisfactory hero.

2. Recruit the hero from your level 1 Inn regardless of how good it is. Go to your Feasting Hall and dismiss the bad heroes. The list in your Inn should have been refreshed. Continue to recruit and dismiss until you find that amazing hero. The only down side to this is the gold consumption, however, since the heroes are all level 7 and below, gold should not be an issue.

Evony Forge

Friday, August 7th, 2009

In Evony, a forge is the workplace of a smith or blacksmith. The main and only point of a Forge is to upgrade your Military Science research which enables you to create troops more quickly. A forge is also the pre-requisite for building your Walls. Hopefully in the future there is a more important role for Forges.

Evony Embassy

Friday, August 7th, 2009

In Evony, the Embassy hosts military units from your other alliance members. You need an Embassy if you want to create or join an alliance (level 1 to join, level 2 to create). An alliance host may increase the maximum capacity by upgrading his/her Embassy. For people who want their alliance’s military support, the level of the Embassy allows that number of armies to be stationed in the embassy’s city regardless of the army’s size. This means that if you have a level 7 Embassy, 7 of your alliance members may assist you with however much army they want.

Sending a bunch of your troops to reinforce an ally’s city will leave them there to fight and defend the city. The owner of the city may not control your army and you may recall your troops at any time. Food will be consumed on the owner’s part as if your army were his/hers.

You have to select the “allow troops of allied members to garrison your current city” option in the embassy to allow your alliance teammates to support you.

Corg Network

Thursday, August 6th, 2009

Hods Realm is now part of the Corg Network! The Corg Network provides multiple help & guides sites as well as wikis and tools. Corg is definitely your source for mmo gaming. The Evony Fan Forum has been relocated at the mmo gaming forum. All your accounts and posts have been transfered over so no worries about lost account details.

Corg Network

MMO Gaming Forum