Chapter 6 – Resourcing Versus Outsourcing

  1. Resourcing versus Outsourcing

An important thing to make sure you do in this game is to gather goods. There are a few ways to do this:

  1. The gatherer approach. All players go through this. It is simply when you build lots of city things so you can increase flow of goods.

Hint: Important Numbers:  1800 is 1 good/2 seconds, 3600 is 1:1 goods: seconds and 36000 is 10 per second.

  1. The raiders approach: This is simply when you steal all the goods you need. An excellent approach that yields a lot of goods, I don’t do this myself.
  2. The gold approach: You gather as much gold as possible through any means and then you have a high level marketplace. Why is this good? Well, when you have a decent inflow of your own goods, you can prowl the market for deals. This will allow you to get a lot of goods per gold.  (I’ve seen iron and food hit .01 on the market)
  3. The lumber approach: This is the only good an entire economy can be based off. Extremely valuable and tradable, a lumber city can generate up to 4 times as much as any other city.

Each individual city may be based off one of these economies, and I have personally tested all of them. Raiding yields the most danger, but the lumber economy is a gigantic lure.

More on Economy:

City Plots: These are where you build your resource buildings.

Hint: High Level vs. Many. It’s always good to have one high level building rather than 10 low level buildings. But you still want to fill up your city spots. It is advisable to leave two or three spots open, in case you really need a resource

Market: This is where players trade goods. Wood will be the highest price, iron the lowest price.

Warehouses: A lvl 9 warehouse with lvl 9 storage tech is good, but otherwise warehouses are really very bad. I’d build one only for the quest and for the prestige by making the tech.

Rally Point: This is an economic building in the fact that goods transports count as troop movement. Make sure this is a high enough level.

Resource buff:  If you go to your items (remember where that is?) and open up produce, you will see a few items. These will temporarily increase how much you produce for a certain amount of time. Some last one day, other 7. These buffs DO stack if you use more than one. New Players: It is advisable you wait till you have a 36000 production in what you want to buff first.

Hint: Types of resource buffs: There is the item, as described above. In addition, your Mayor’s POLITICS level will affect it positively.  (Bonus % = hero politics). All cities also have a 100 base production. The technology plus is from the agriculture tech, etc. The valley plus is what was described in the taking over valley section. The basic production is how much your city plots produce.

Lord Arumen