Chapter 7 – Allies & Enemies

  1. Allies and Enemies

One of the most important things to do is to get in a good alliance. Without one, you are in trouble. Once you do get into one, you may get anywhere from 200 to 1000 prestige upon joining. But what makes a good alliance? 3 main points:

Locality: Are you close to them? If not can you teleport to them?

Teleport: There are two types of teleportation items. The regular teleport is sort of random. You do get to choose which state so you have about a 1 in 500 chance of being near an ally. The second type is advanced teleport. This lets you choose the exact location to teleport to.

Activity: Are the players active? If not, just leave. You want an active alliance.

Honor code: Are the players like you? Do they share your beliefs? It may make it hard to stay in the alliance if they don’t.

Should you make your own alliance? No. Not unless it’s within the first week or two of the server. A new alliance to late in the server will simply fail.

Enemies: Well, where you have 100 allies, you may have thousands of enemies. Fortunately, many of these players (90%) will listen to an honest plea for them to stop. The last 10% will stop at nothing to get under your skin. These players often attack new players (like you). How to stop them?

Alliance: A powerful alliance will deter most attacks

Truce Treaty: This item stops enemy attacks temporarily.

Truce Agreement: This will put you under a 12hour beginner’s protection-like state. Very useful, but you can’t use it again for 12hours afterwards.

Warehouse it up: Yes I said that these where bad, but not useless. Warehousing up is building that up warehouses and making sure you spend all your goods. This is perhaps the best way to deter these attacks, as long as you only have one city. Otherwise, the aggressor may just want your city.

Lord Arumen