Chapter 5 – Trap Lesson

  1. Trap lesson

So what is up with traps? Well, there are 4 types of expendable ones and 1 permanent type. But are any of them worth it?

Well here is a trap by trap analysis: (cost is total goods cost and worth is what it is good for)

Trap: A cheap trap. Built en masse and quick.

Trap: This is a very good weapon, but only for fighting players of equal power. If a level 10 wall had 55,000 traps (the max) then it would be effective against powerful enemies. But that magnitude of traps is very expensive and is quickly used up. (Costs: 700 goods) Worth: Killing anything but scouts, warriors, workers and pike men.

Abatis: A wooden barricade that kills horses very effectively.

Abatis: This trap is useful, but at the same time not. It only hurts horses, but takes units an extra round to get through. This increases defensive archer’s effectiveness. (Costs: 1450 goods) Worth: Killing any Calvary.

Rolling Log: A very deadly trap, but unfortunately a trap, so it can be used up quickly.

Rolling Log: I wouldn’t buy this trap. Though it consistently kills attackers, it is an expensive one time use item. The problem is that warrior and scout spam can activate and use up the traps. (Costs: 6300 goods) Worth: Killing siege weapons or many other units.

Rock fall: This trap is anti-siege. Useful, but not needed in large number

Rock fall: It is recommendable to have around 200 of these. They can kill siege units easily, and deal a lot to other units. (Costs: 8600 goods, but mostly stone) Worth: Killing siege units. Costs mostly useless material.

Archers Tower: This is a permanent tower. The best wall feature

Archers Tower: They are three times the attack strength, six times the defense strength and eight times the hit points of an archer. This makes them about five times better than an archer. Filling a level 9 wall with only towers is 15,000 towers. That’s as good as 90,000 archers ( a level 9 rally point) this is why archers towers are the best.

Lord Arumen