iEvony and Evony Queen

The following are some of the changes and updates the Evony developers have made in the last few weeks:

“In response to feedback from our players, we have changed some of the rules for the Queen of Evony voting to make the election more fair and free from bias. We are changing the following rules:

* Everyone who votes receives an award. No special reward will be given for people who voted for the winning candidate. We are doing this to avoid the “bandwagon” effect. We want players feel free to choose the candidate they like the best, not the candidate they think is most likely to win.

* Votes are no longer visible while the election is in progress. We will keep a tally but it will be hidden until voting is complete. Once again, this is to avoid the band wagoning.

* Because we believe the original election was unfair (due to the above reasons), we are going to reset the vote count. Everyone who voted previously may vote again in this fresh poll.

We believe these changes will lead to a more fair election in which all the candidates have an equal chance. Thank you for your feedback and we appreciate your patronage. We are all very excited about electing a queen and we hope you are too, so get out there and start voting, and may the best Queen win”

“Evony is announcing that iEvony, a very exciting application where you are able to obtain cents for free as well as credits which can be turned in for amazing in-game rewards which otherwise are unable to purchase, is being released as Open Beta.

However this Open Beta is on an invite only. Are you wanting to be one of the few who gain a special invitation code? Here are a few ways:

1. Start asking your alliance. Most likely someone there has obtained the special invitation code and software, which they can then invite you in on the Open Beta program.

2. Start asking your friends!

3. Ask on the world chat channel! Someone may invite!

4. Go to the Evony Forums, General Discussion, at the iEvony: Open Beta – Requesting Invitation Code thread. You may get selected!

I will be deleting any off-topic items here or comments. Multiple requests from a user will be met with a short vacation for that user. Your post may be deleted if you’ve been given a unique iEvony code.

Note: iEvony has nothing to do with the iPhone so please stop posting about needing one. iEvony is a client.”