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iEvony URLs

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Bold text== Please post your URL for new members to register with.

With your URL, you must give a short description as to why people should use your URL over anyone else's.

Note* This is not the place to post your iEvony invitation codes. The section for that is here: iEvony Codes

http://jargyle.evony.com Come and join us on evony server 86, if you join using my link, add "Warmaster" as a friend and I will help get you going by supplying you with resources, as well as help you get a jumpstart into this game.


http://jacob-sponsel.evony.com - server 90 - Come join a fun, addicting, great game with a lot of friendly people. The "Legacy" and "Legacy2" alliance is located in the state of saxony and we are growing strong.

== http://mecstw.evony.com - server 78 - Come join one of the fastest growing alliances in server 78. We are ranked 15 and moving up fast. We will help u with resources, help defending and attacking. we give advice freely and are very helpfull, come join now ==

http://ripps.evony.com - Server 30 - Join one of the many alliances in constant struggle for supreme server domination! alot of smart helpful experienced players that assist with any questions and send a teehee around now and again.

http://someguy101091.evony.com - Server 91, join WARFREAK...

http://jvivace.evony.com - Server 84, in alliance Circle. Great alliance on a great server. Will help ya get ready with resources and gold in game when you get setup. Send in-game mail to Holystrike after registering/loggin in.

http://lex-vandeneersten.evony.com - Server wn1, join this great game and mail me when you get there I'll help you out.

http://bankargh.evony.com - Server 84, in alliance BOOM. Great alliance, great server. Give it a go :)

http://gehund.evony.com - Server 87, I am in Alliance Lineage, Join me there

http://dontrustaustin.evony.com <just go get the credits...>

http://evonykey08.evony.com - Server 86, Join Alliance NUTS to play with with us crazy newbs. =)

http://kema.evony.com - Server 86, Join Alliance DOOMII and DOOOM.

http://psdawg.evony.com - Server 85, Apply to Megadeth. Full of expierence players for multiple servers. But hurry, space is filling up fast.

http://theduk.evony.com - Server 037, Lower Loraine. Guardian is currently ranked 9. If you want a good alliance, we've got some room to spare. We will help with new players and make room once your prestige is high enough for the main alliance.

http://footballlife.evony.com - Come play on Server 85, well established alliances and friendly people. If you are new to the game there are plenty of people willing to help!!

http://stretchdog.evony.com - Server 84: Come to THURINGIA and join the Moon or Sun alliance. We are peaceful alliances with lots of friendly neighbours who will support you and offer any advice needed. http://rosaroace.evony.com Join the best online game around and make tons of friends while playing with people from around the world in real time. If you need tips or game strategies or guides mail me in game after joining to Knightmare. http://eylandt.evony.com - Server 84, One of Evony's newest servers giving you fair opportunity to be up there with the best. Write Eylandt a message after joining if you need any help getting started.

http://gord.evony.com - Join with this link and you'll soon be added to one of the strongest alliances in the game. We provide help to new players

http://DSM4G3T.evony.com - Join with me and join the best alliance. we will also help you out with resources.

http://fenner.evony.com com join a new fast growing sever with lots of alliance ready to take new players under there wing.

http://kanhaya-211.evony.com Play Discreeting on your Browser Now! A New source of evony. Over 1000 people have signed up by this url.

Join Me in Evony for ingame resources and help! Server 74 Whisper or Mail Tomwa for help! I invite you to Join Evony! Server 30 Whisper Djadstar for help :)

I invite you to Join Evony! Click here and join Evony! Select a realm and begin your adventure.

http://www.jarrett-case.evony.com [1]<---Will give FREE iEvony invite codes to anyone who joins using MY URL! =] Do it! Now! What are you waiting for? The word FREE is an instant grabber...

http://tornrawks.evony.com [http://tornrawks.evony.com/
Server 53 -=- Come on in and mail me when you are getting started.
I will ALSO invite you directly into our alliance! Friendly, helpful people you can ask for tips, advice - even resources we can send you! Why wait or choose another? Click and join now!

http://dlevy.evony.com/ <u>«« ʘ Server 61 ʘ »»[2] Adv. Players from Servers 1-6, Massive Alliances ie: ArtOfWar with 7 full sister alliances = 800 active players with one initiative, World Domination. Use of Evolliance.com's interactive maps is a must in this server. Not even the players w/ $$$ and experience can survive on their own here. Newbs are welcomed if willing to become the best. Plenty of Help, Resources, Experience, and Ievony codes from any Top Alliance affiliate you join. Best server I've been on yet.

http://boskonovich.evony.com/ << newest server... lots of room... don't forget the free in-game support.

http://exbro.evony.com/ << all the cool kids are doing it.

http://danieljwilkerson.evony.com/ <<<<<<<< free iEvony codes to anyone that joins.

Anarchy-PTP.evony.com - free ievony code when you use my referral and creat an account just message me when you join Recon-Battalion-ODST.evony.com - I will also give out free ievony codes to those who use my referral link to join

http://biitti.evony.com/ Quick Power start, Hints & Tips, iEvony codes for free. server 69

http://suzi3.evony.com/ well come and join us on server 63 lots of fun and lots of help if needed

http://syed-bob.evony.com/ ==> Follow this link and I will personally guide you. Im online everyday for 10 hours! Learn from the best to be the best!! email me if you have any questions [email protected].

http://samfaulk.evony.com Follow my link and all your wishes shall come true. Disclaimer Note : Experiences may vary. If you got a big mouse and can keep up the clicking for a while, its gonna be amazing!

http://[email protected]/ Com to channel 40 and whisp me and I'll Help u to grow and find a hardcore Alliance!

http://davetim101.evony.com/ <<------Anyone who uses this link will get a head start and will be able to get help from me for resorces and later on give you the chance to join one of the best alliances. Message me if you've joined, ill get you started strate away!! Server 2 is one of the earlyest servers since the beta and the earlier servers have all the fun, so join throgh this link now!!!

http://Movahdo.evony.com/ <--- Want to get a head start on everyone else? Hang out with really funny and helpful people? Be apart of one the most helpful Alliances in this game? Copy and paste this URL and Join the madness that is Exiles!(server 46) Or Join the Nuts on server 58!

http://markantillon.evony.com/ ---- Join Now !! if you join throu this URL, you can join our aliance "firexium" just enter server w25 in upper lorain state and join us and we will help you !!

http://paolo-nikko.evony.com/ <--- To all the Pinoy there join us!. server 9 .. we are one of the force to reckon with ^_^ http://Dasher.evony.com/ <--- my guild is growing quickly in server 51... and I'm so lucky I've rolled 1000 coins 3 times so far without paying a penny.

http://doc2freak.evony.com/ <-- Just copy paste this url & join the game. U 'll get a friend that will help you at all times be it a war or a daily chorus... just a msg away. Join in & together we 'll have fun!

http://guillotinegleam.evony.com/ - most recent. This game is awesome. Click this link and sign up, then message Haze if you need any help with anything. Even if you need resources, i have plenty to share. Also, I'm in an alliance called Serenity. We are a friendly yet powerful group that focuses on teaching players how to play and protecting members from others. Feel free to join.

http://bobpassed.evony.com/ - will be the most recent server so wont be overwhelmed by bullies

http://Legolas80.evony.com/ - Server 34 - Join here and I'll get you plenty of resources and advice to get you started.

http://sjfn.evony.com/ - Server 47 - Pick Me Too :)

http://acryptid.evony.com/ - Server 48 & 50 - Because I was stupid and didn't do my "Buy Item" quest, so this is the only way I can get 5 coins to finish that quest. I think that's a good reason so please use my URL? =)

http://omnipathicone.evony.com/ - Server 39 - I own the HDP alliance based in Romanga. Whisper Tekker and say you used this URL and you're in.

http://69bigpimpin.evony.com/ - Server 48 - Evony is a great game for all ages. i hope you enjoy. give me a message my user name is Serenity4s0 if you need anything, if you want to join a good alliance, or if you just want a code just hit me up there ever lasting.

http://flacitybug.evony.com/ - Server 6 - Join in the fun and contact Quimby for any help at all!

http://RedAlert.evony.com/- Server 43- Unit3- We will Teach you the basics of the game and give you enough resources to get you started.

http://belmin-b.evony.com/ - server 41 - join the game & me in-game... Belmin

http://berkal76.evony.com/ Turk oyuncular buradan oyuna kaydolabilirsiniz. Ayrıca size Türkçe oyun desteği sağlarım. I will help anyone who register with berkal76.evony.com

http://sgtreed.evony.com/ - Server 40 Element is your allianace of choice.

http://AlexMurillo.evony.com/ - COME ONE JOIN BEST GAME OF THE YEAR''!!!

http://catseye426.evony.com/ - Terrific game! Join me and my alliance in Swabia. We are newcomer-friendly!

http://tylerespe.evony.com - Great game, register through my link because it is the most awesome link here!

http://zombielord.evony.com/ - Server 6, join and PM me and I will give you the best help I can.

http://effiewu333.evony.com - Server 2, join BB for the best help you can get =3 Or PM me in-game for help.

http://slycrel.evony.com - Server 38, lots of fun if you like strategy, give it a go!

http://dj-vava06.evony.com - This game rullz please join you will like it if u need help and alliance contact me!

http://ray52bc.evony.com - Best game around contact SirWizAlot for help server 8

http://traveller.evony.com - Most addictive game on the internet!

http://m-ironhart.evony.com - Wow.

http://jikaru.evony.com - Server 27, When you reach 200k+ Prestige message Queen Jasmine for karnage.

http://witch-fm.evony.com - World's Best Web Game, so far

http://bee-mander.evony.com - <<<Register through this link

http://slimer528.evony.com - The only place to start...gotta love this game!!

http://iansan1727.evony.com - the path to Evony starts here...

http://alex-chen719.evony.com - yay

http://hods.evony.com - To support Hods Realm, please register new accounts through our iEvony URL.

http://douglaslps.evony.com - If you wanna play Evony, this is the best place.

http://benami.evony.com- Why should you use this link? Because you can...lol!

http://shiningmoon25.evony.com - If you would like to register to play Evony, click the link.

http://steve-wilde.evony.com - Server 40.... COME JOIN THE FUN

http://samuelshum.evony.com - Welcome everyone, have fun together~

http://keith8.evony.com - See you there!

http://clyde334.evony.com Quick Registration Here

http:----//shurakore.evony.com Click!

http://sostevenb.evony.com Click here to get started!

http://beatniqz.evony.com - server65 easy power start & hints&tips unlimited Media:Example.ogg

bleamy.evony.com - Come join us on server 65. Easy start, no bullies, and lots of great players

http://rockstar189.evony.com click here n join...n gt tips to move up a ladder in this game....thnx....

http://hiddentiger.evony.com Click here to join evony and join a world where you have to spend money to get anywhere. Enjoy the awesome marketing techniques and money farm. Hurry to click this link ASAP!

http://punkstt.evony.comserver 78 click my link register and i will give you free ievony codes!!!^^!

http://godbird.evony.com server 87 plz register, great alliance, SworD hosted by Damoklis.

http://kbballentine.evony.com servers 84, n1, wn1, 32, and 106. most commonly is 84 tho. spots for officers on 106 join Elite.message KendallB for officer spot.

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