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Evony F.A.Q.


iEvony is designed to help all Evony players get more Game Cents for free! This is done through a process of trading credits (earned through referring other players to play Evony. Feel free to advertise your iEvony codes and URL.

iEvony Codes
iEvony URLs


NPCs Table

In each of these, record any successful & unsuccessful plunders/conquers you have. This is a place to examine battles from Evony players so that you know what the best combinations are.

Note: Please list all reports in order from least losses to most losses in each category.

NPC Level 1
NPC Level 2
NPC Level 3
NPC Level 4
NPC Level 5
NPC Level 6
NPC Level 7
NPC Level 8
NPC Level 9
NPC Level 10

NPC Invaders

As you know, in Evony - Age 2, there are barbarian invaders. Be prepared to defeat them!

NPC Invaders

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