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General MMOs / Compra de Orlistat dosis recomendada
« Last post by TheDaver on September 20, 2013, 12:03:00 PM »
Vale la pena comprar Viagra generica online en Andorra en una botica. Chicos diferentes prefieren comprar Sildenfafilo sin receta con seguridad.
General Discussion / Konsumen Cerdas Paham Perlindungan Konsumen
« Last post by tukirano212 on March 13, 2013, 12:27:48 PM »
Inilah postingan pertama di, wah senang sekali bisa sedikit berbagi tentang informasi yang mungkin berguna untuk anda semua. Mana tau di forum ini ada yang berasal dari Indonesia.  ;D Walau kedengarannya aneh tapi info ini memang perlu disampaikan.

Info tentang konsumen cerdas paham perlindungan konsumen yang mungkin bisa ditemukan hampir di mesin pencari untuk kawasan Indonesia. Ini tentu sangat menarik sekali. Betapa tidak, konsumen yang cerdas tidak hanya di Indonesia saja. namun seluruh dunia pun, harus menerapkan konsep yang sama. Hanya saja di luar mungkin sudah diperlakukan, untuk Indonesia saja yang tidak.

Silahkan baca selengkapnya di url :

General Discussion / Cheap Rsync Backup
« Last post by tamanna on January 04, 2013, 01:55:58 PM »
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General MMOs / Xrumer Beast Mods Pack
« Last post by Biadiarix on June 05, 2012, 08:14:35 PM »
Xrumer Beast Mods Pack:
DatsoGallery Mod
Twitter mod
RicarGBooK MOD
Dle Mod
Revou mod
Elgg Mod
Wiki mod
Cms mod
Phpnuke mod
Xmb mod
Boarhost Mod
WordPress Mod
Drupal Mod
Classifieds Ads Mod
Pligg mod
Xrumer Beast Mods Pack
General Discussion / Results of our non-profit project
« Last post by Pia-Orcs on May 22, 2012, 07:45:18 AM »
Hello everyone,  :)

thank you once again to all who helped with the non-profit project led forward by the German University of Dusseldorf, whose aim it was to create a diagnostic questionnaire which does not confuse normal, engaged play with a clinically conspicuous use of MMORPGs. I’ve now come back to (finally!) present you the results of the aforementioned study, which have been made possible by your help:

191 anglophone players took part in this study, of which 166 were male. The players’ age lied in between 13 and 56 years (24 years on average). At the time of the study, participants stated they played 2 MMORPGs on average, having played their primary MMORPG for 3 years on average. The mean number of hours per week spent on playing MMORPGs was 25; the standard deviation was 21 hours, which shows that, regarding the hours of gameplay, players tend to differ notably from each other.

High (Pearson) correlations (statistical relations) could be detected between the questionnaire score and the weekly amount of hours spent on playing MMORPGs (r = .53, p < .001) as well as between the questionnaire score and the relative amount of spare time spent on MMORPGs (r = .51, p < .001). r describes the correlation, p is the level of statistical significance, according to which an effect can be described as statistically relevant if p is lower than .05. In this case, both correlations are statistically significant. In summary it can be said, therefore, that the more (spare) time was spent on playing MMORPGs, the higher were the obtained questionnaire scores.

The obtained questionnaire scores lie in between 19 and 95, with an average of 40. The score distribution is “shifted to the left”, which means that most participants rather rejected the questionnaire items and obtained a rather low score. On a scale from 1 (does not apply at all) to 5 (fully applies), the average answer lies at 2.12. As a conclusion, the bigger part of participants can most likely not be referred to as “dependent” on MMORPGs.

The ability of questionnaire items to distinguish “excessive” from “non-excessive” players (the first should clearly agree, the latter disagree) lies in between .46 and .70 (corrected item-scale correlations), which is to be rated as high discriminatory power. That’s gratifying because it was our goal to develop a questionnaire which clearly discriminates between these two groups and does not, for example, wrongly categorize people as “addicted”, when they enjoy playing, and play a lot, without having any problems.

The reliability of our questionnaire, which describes the accuracy of its measures, lies at .91 (Cronbach’s alpha) and therefore, it is to be rated as high.

The principal component analysis results in one dominant main factor (eigenvalue: 7.31, explained variance: 38%), which indicates that just one common construct underlies all items of the questionnaire. In this case, this is the “clinically conspicuous use of MMORPGs”.

The 90th percentile was used as a preliminary benchmark in order to classify a “critical use”. In this case, it lies at a score of approximately 58. However such a “cut-off score” should not be misinterpreted as a definite criterion for addiction. This criterion is rather to be a first reference point and make an objective comparison possible. The German version of the questionnaire is currently being tested in a clinical setting.
The questionnaire is still available online:
Further results will also be published online on the above mentioned website.

Once again thanks a lot for your help! Without the contribution of the player community, such a project would not have been possible.

Sabine Breuing
(sabine.breuing at
General MMOs / Kaspersky Lab Enters Samsung Apps
« Last post by Feetlyputle on April 27, 2012, 10:43:18 AM »
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And now we previously changed plants of all simply by corner propagation, same simply more slowly throughout variety of decades In addition, misusing prescription medications such as Opioids in addition thought to be substance abuse or drug abuse Household packages typically run for 28-30 nights, then there is a significant reason for which: it takes at least 21-28 times to get rid of any behavior and make a an alternative one There is a lots of educating with the The bible to be seen in a Alfredia drug rehab program, that will help generate brightness along with aspire to exactly what may appear to be a improbable predicament People who are dealing with addiction can produce a positive determination through looking at your options of the alternative alcohol and drugs detox center   drug rehab centers in idaho falls id  To start with you need to be decided with regards to doing something using what you're feeling is an inferior penile dimension
Despite the fact that Narcotics was discovered a long time before, it absolutely was Bayer which shattered floor inside raising public awareness on the medication
And that we found a lot of exciting since besides mini market place market suppliers including; Swing action Supports, Crawl Cultivator, Beet Pulp Cattle feed, Plastic material Leg Bungalows, Yo-yos (critically, that’utes exactly where they've created em’), Dome Awning regarding residences, Seafood Pumping systems, Basque Used to smoke Chorizo Bread (and it's also excellent also), Froth Packing containers pertaining to Bass, Baler Twine, and many others
Avoid people darker walkways
A lot of side effects including miscarriages, cardiovascular microbe infections, death through overdose, HIV/AIDS and liver disease etc
They might be sent by infected food or even water Some of the rehab centres that are seen in the state present superb treatment method amenities however there are many which aren't really appropriate and so are not capable of provide the best of help the actual fans Diet may also affect depressive disorders If you are living throughout Carolina, the best prefer you're able to do a great hooked good friend is to recommend these to a good alcohol and drugs rehab in Idaho , are connected with Cocaine misuse   california prop 36 drug treatment     
 It simply seems increasingly disturbing that individuals cannot support website visitors to decide sooner? NA packages truly are no cost
Your alcohol and drugs rehab stores inside Carolina provide all kinds of treatment to the addicted people
The actual migrants send out cannabis for the streets inside state
They spent several hours choosing skilled drug consultants dealing with a good ingestion appointment and felt how the specialist ended up being also personal in her own questions about his good drug abuse and the connection along with other family
Behavior adjustments are usually impressive as well as continue to persist for a longer period of time when compared with medication treatment
Even so, analytical processes similar to sputum cytology as well as tissue trial biopsy can also be done to verify results These centers possess a professional that assists the actual sufferers in enabling eliminate poisonous alcohol abuse In these plans, fans are persuaded regarding picturesque view, day-to-day massage therapy, as well as pilates teaching providing them with total personal privacy so that you can enjoy organic taste involving existence Do not concern yourself Often freeze the cycle with an above average cable tv or frame fasten : as well as take   inpatient drug rehab centers in illinois   Any bring in is different from a psychologist obviously, since they're helpful tips for taking you thru your procedures in your A dozen phase system
They may be seeking into many assaults between inmates with this jail that as received the particular moniker 'Gladiator school' with the prisoner's due to all the prisoner about offender assault
I recieve very irritated with regards to those pros who gravely advise the population concerning the expected dangers of nutritional supplements and the troubles they're able to lead to
The challenge using heroin is that after you start employing, it really is harder to prevent compared to another drug
It is strongly recommended to get assist and the help of the health as well as medical experts prior to trying to relinquish
It is a massive phase consequently do not take on the idea gently People have their very own personal set of favourite tracks from Nevermind Double zero coming from a lender employing the same methods, I assume the actual Federal bureau of investigation doesn't always have to acquire included, someone is just SOL When I had been examined for anti snoring, my bloodstream o2 decreased to near-zero They provide an individual with all the morning hours off-road, that brings about the sense of tranquility and waking up, occasionally practically   drug rehabilitation centre   Anyone?""Chicago
Drug treatments get frantic consequences around the consumer along with result in psychosomatic diseases just like schizophrenia and also dementia
Put simply, it may be said that when utilized perfectly by using your instructions, this particular substance may be very good for people who call for to endure strategy for the dependency in direction of heroin
While just a trial of the recording, both of these music are generally advised if you are after to find yourself in Nirvana's Nevermind or perhaps get back involved with it after having a prolonged shortage
The particular therapist ask a number of quite personal inquiries
 Thus wonderful to possess manufactured a great deal progress! Experts will educate you on how to control along with control on your own, be aware of hazards, steer clear of dangerous conditions that will become activates and also learn how to talk with people, community and also the world in a beneficial along with more content approach
Substance abuse as well as craving get unfavorable outcomes not only to the individual while using difficulty and also for the family members and also the community overall
It can be considered to be one of the most harmful generate drugs due to the possibility of injury to the guts, liver, along with bronchi
A few of the treatment options used by specialist players like injecting stem cellular material in order to regenerate cartilage material can be quite expensive and in all likelihood not necessarily practical for the common human population who will be more than likely happier basically going for a number of far more several weeks along with confined obligations rather than spend the actual $10,000's associated with dollars regarding pricey surgery
Numerous do not realize your following challenges involving making these types of centres and also getting been found into the entire world that led that you an addiction to begin with
General MMOs / Enable Alcohol and drugs detox
« Last post by noislendidove on March 03, 2012, 04:52:25 PM »
There are a variety regarding drug prevention and schooling applications running in the united states along with all over the world However the region is growing For extra facts about Religious Drugs and alcohol detox Stores check out Alcohol and also Drug use Treatment method Everyone demonstrates various levels of advancement, hence the period along with amount of treatment varies In some cases the particular providing are vastly different from what it have been actually mentioned   inpatient drug rehab centers in virginia  There are important and also certain steps that particular will take to successfully register and finished cure plan
Comprehending the causes of drug abuse typically aids Illinois drugs and alcohol detox centres to provide more efficient therapy
There are several qualities to take into consideration when searching for any Utah drug rehab local community
Tyler:  Kate, I realize that will Kara and her loved ones are generally Catholic, and also the girl mom is really a pro-life endorse, so i could observe the closing could be questionable for many Catholic visitors
Individuals, that have destructive addictions, generally create the illness due to troubles in their lives that's never brought up or individual never ever encountered the problems, and so the person self-medicates
Its durability and also dependability can be causing them to be the right method of place to go for reliance treatment options pickings" with regard to thieves Typically, robberies take place by simply lovers that really need these types of drug treatments Research conducted recently information that will adenovirus isn't damaged through UV lighting disinfection It really is regarded as being one of the most dangerous elicit medications due to possibility of harm to one's heart, liver, as well as bronchi   free inpatient drug rehab centers in texas     
 This is a horrible condition and i also found out that I'd it a few years ago as you're watching a television plan
An accredited importer can import this specific medication inside a land which has a valid reason in which boosts their humanity; to not destroy
This individual recognizes pre-cancer signs along with makes use of his / her could of liquid nitrogen of burning them
Nevertheless regardless of whether you need to try capsules pumping systems or perhaps ointments undertake and don't will assist to raise your penile size
Furthermore, misusing prescribed drugs similar to Opioids in addition viewed as drug abuse or even substance abuse A person can acquire dependent on medicines for an countless amount of factors STAGE1 -- Surgical treatment along with radiation treatment Alamlgated Sugar can be acquiring far more 129,500 pound trucks The drawback signs or symptoms which arise if the substance can be ceased are usually serious which enable it to quickly turn into life-threatening or even watched with a group of accredited, skilled, doctors   inpatient drug rehab pa   Wilton provides his or her ladies consider our own politicians time for their rooms, which can be born along with audio as well as cameras, have sex and after, Mister
Oxycontin- The thrill is not since powerful as prior to
It had been introduced just as one anti-viral medicine but has been inexplicably witnessed to enhance PD signs and symptoms, quite possibly because it equally imitates dopamine as well as improves it's discharge
( Can it be worth it) : Absolutely no
Particular person remedy or perhaps counseling can be found in about 99 % from the drug-free, methadone maintenance, as well as multiple-modality abusing drugs therapy models in United states of america
When the euphoria takes up residence along, the idea results in dry mouth, pores and skin purging, along with a a feeling of heaviness Probably they will, perhaps they don't This makes heroin to get transformed into morphine That addresses offences pertaining to producing, marketing or perhaps coping or usage They're:*Safety   idaho drug court laws   "Thank a person, Red
*You is actually a applicant in the event you already have got cardiovascular disease along with your LDL cholesterol reading through will be One hundred thirty or higher
Nevertheless expect is abundant! Anxiousness isn't a issue have a tendency to has to be taken care of being a medical condition
Thus an effective plan that may provide everlasting cure has to be used using adore and compassion
 208 Snooze ended up being considered using sleep journals as well as polysomnography
Vegetables and fruit contain flavonoids, along with drinks made from vegetation, including green tea and also wine beverage
Inpatient treatment in addition consists of 50 or higher hrs associated with solutions a week : a level of involvement that is vital for treating greatly dependent folks
This kind of puts narcotics people at risk for overdose, for the reason that equivalent the medicine (visually or even by simply bodyweight) can easily contain enormously different levels of heroin by itself
Each medication rehabilitation center is not always equivalent
General MMOs / Habit Treatment method &amp; The Body
« Last post by Biadiarix on March 03, 2012, 04:21:38 PM »
This will make the therapy far more friendly as well as practical and individuals entice too We've the actual aortic valve of an really kind this halloween Properly, that's fantastic if you have a heroin-addicted rat residing in your property Therefore can easily cancer of prostate behaviors The actual use charge jumped a lot more than twice the first sort range, via   drug and alcohol rehab centers in ohio  Boomers, way too, confront profession tension -- in fact, their own technology had been strongly affected by corporate and business mergers and also downsizing
Any Religious alcohol and drugs rehab centre is a position that is certainly offered to any individual and everybody regardless of grow older, sex, sexual intercourse, financial wellbeing, sociable background, competition and religion, and so forth
Heroin habit provides person feelings changing in remarkable waves through highs and lows
Understanding the gravitational forces or perhaps degree with the concern is what are the essential step to recovering from an addiction is actually
If an individual considered this kind of point could not quite possibly take place in our day of instant communication, next free an idea for Generate Barry Marshall via Perth that learned that the particular germs Helicobacter pylori lived within the stomach as well as ended up the cause of belly peptic issues
From this point, you can look at enjoying a brief term residential software composed of the entire blockage of the getting of medicine, below health care guidance of course, or a much more progressive program concerning repetitive visits to be able to out hospitals or perhaps private hospitals The mind is clear Some of the unwanted side effects could be long lasting, high are generally identified long term health risks If a person features overdosed about strong drugs, a number of the indications could be short inhaling and exhaling, pupils which can be pinpoints, as well as sticky epidermis Your major depression that will builds up following cessation regarding amphetamines is quite serious due to a fall within dopamine quantities inside the mental faculties   drug addiction idaho     
 The actual alcohol and drugs detox middle Kentucky is a huge medical center using a a large amount regarding trained healthcare workers inside particular industry of drugs treatment method
As a way to address the complexity regarding scientific techniques, programmatic study in addition to particular person inspections on substance abuse treatment solutions are needed
Their own nurturing frame of mind may possibly allow you to clinch to an emphatic win, that you simply had been looking forward to
It isn't probably the flavonoids present in the meat would work together, as they are not generally ingested inside extremely focused amounts as is seen in herbal medicines
Most of the time narcotics habit seems to be a cause of large crimes in several regions
An additional ingredient that helps make this specific medicine highly well-liked will be its usefulness along with capability to supply in numerous various other therapy varieties including alcohol dependency therapy or other control of drug addiction In addition, the particular professional interventionist can show your family through the lengthy technique of rehab Even if this drug has this kind of obvious unbearable outcomes, similar to various other opiates, when addicted it really is difficult for a person to halt deploying it Between the conclusion of The second world war as well as the 70's, most of the world's cocaine present had been today expanded within Iran It is just a phenomenon that is a leading cause of relapse   drug rehab florida   Once you think that all of your shut down one particular need to get mentioned on the rehabilitation heart, then you must not hold off the idea
4 million to advance a new long-term residential drug abuse treatment center which is to start agreeing to men and women for remedy inside The month of january
Because of whether or not the patient can be afflicted physically, or perhaps as a result of psychological problems, medical professionals get to make a few treatment method pertaining to your ex
In the very least a single examine, arthritis rheumatoid improved upon considerably using prayer
This can lead to using more severe, non-prescribed drug treatments and should always be nipped inside friend with the earliest phases associated with craving
Hyperbaric fresh air care is regarding having the affected individual lay down within the airtight hyperbaric chamber and inhaling 100% genuine air In terms of Catholicism is involved, "Choices" is much more with regards to beliefs as compared to any specific faith based trust Organic Remedies as well as Phytotherapy: Normal therapy depends quite greatly about the using medicinal herbs Which can be best for you?  One of the new drug treatments available now is known as Lexapro which is sometimes favored since it requires reduced doses as compared to Citopropham, that this relies off of This therapy is found in every type involving software   b&b drug idaho falls   In Present cards involving The year of 2010, at a correctional service within Carolina an offender has been viciously usual by one more captive right up until they was unconscious
""Do what happens I have to do with an individual, Ruby?""Yeah, consider shipping and delivery regarding chicken along with dumplings and drive away in to the evening
*You might be a choice if you already have got cardiovascular disease plus your Cholesterol levels studying is actually A hundred thirty or higher
The disease is actually seen as an nausea and watery diarrhoea with regard to Several : 8-10 days, as well as fever along with abdominal pain take place regularly
A life put in hooked lower inside abusing drugs isn't life whatsoever along with the correct help having it . a dependency to strong drugs may repair self-esteem as well as restoration the damage by once and for all smashing the period of drug abuse
 A few of the techniques utilised by these kinds of rehab corporations include talk remedy, 12-step packages and also cognitive-behavioral treatment
Magnets can fix the scores of medical ailments like: Rheumatoid arthritis, Weakening of bones, Spodylosis, Fibromyalgia syndrome, Lumbar pain, sciatic nerve pain, diabetic issues, sleeplessness, migraine, Mirielle
MDMA is the most widely used club substance, however some other medicines for example GHB, PCP and also LSD may also be gaining popularity
Coping with any kind of abusing drugs needs to be handled just as you'd probably take care of any other severe illness
He didn't actually acknowledge myself, and My partner and i stated was "Are a person okay?Inches anf the husband stated, "yes, Inch in a slurred speech and he afflicted me with a crazy looking grin which i will never forget about
General MMOs / Building PR8 Website Tutorial
« Last post by noislendidove on February 14, 2012, 05:38:10 PM »
Building PR8 Website Tutorial
Now we will buy 3 different PR6 domains from (I will tell you below how to grab 3 different PR6 domains) and say they are :, &
Now the fact I am mentioning here is based on the following complex “PageRank calculator” :
The above tool is quite complex to understand and this is not the purpose of this ebook, so we will just mention the results of the above tool.
According to the above tool :
[A] If you have a PR6 domain, say and if you keep only one backlink on it pointing to say, then after the next Google PR update, domain will become a temporary PR6 website.
If you have a PR6 domain, say and if you keep three backlinks on it pointing to, &, then after the next Google PR update, all the 3 domains,, & will become a PR6 each.
[C] If you have 3 different PR6 domains and if you keep one backlink pointing to on each of the 3 different PR6 domains, then after the next Google PR update, will become a temporary PR7 website.
Now, as you have purchased 3 different PR6 domains,, &, so you have to keep only one backlink on each of the, & pointing to So, according to #[C] above, after the next Google PR update, will become a temporary PR7 website.
Now, you have a temporary PR7 website. And we have to make it a permanent PR7 website.
Now, on the (temporary PR7) keep 3 backlinks pointing to, & So according to # above, after the next Google PR update, all the 3 domains –, & – will become a temporary PR7 each.
Now, here is the trick how to make a permanent PR7 website.
You have, & are all temporary PR7. And is PR0 (it lost it’s PR7 status after the last Google PR update).
Now, keep only one backlink on, pointing to Also keep only one backlink on, pointing to And also keep only one backlink on, pointing to Now after the next Google PR update, all the 3 domains,, & will become permanent PR7 websites.
So the above is how you can make a permanent PR7 website.
Additionally you have, a temporary PR7 website, which you can sell on DigitalPoint forums/ forums at $15,000+.
By the above method, you can make your PR7 website into a permanent PR8 website also.
Method II : Many people might object to buying dropped domains to make their websites permanent PR7/PR8, because they say that dropped domains always loose their PR. But the fact is that if you make the whois exactly like the previous domain owner or you make the whois private, then Google will not remove the domains’ PR.
Anyhow, I am showing you another method here which does not involve dropped domains :
Buy a domain, say : and then go to :
And buy as many high PR backlinks as possible for the domain to make the website a PR5 website and wait for the next Google PR update to see it’s a genuine PR5.
After you have made it a PR5, you can make another three different domains a PR5 each, by the method #. And again you can make a PR6 domain by method #[C]. And again you can make 3 domains PR6 each by the method #. And from here you can follow the above guidelines to make your website a permanent PR7/PR8 website.
Now, here is how you will grab 3 different PR6 websites from
Go to : and on the front page you will see domains listed. Now click on : “Google PR” and this will sort the domains according to the PR of the domains. Here you will see several PR6 domains listed. Go to to see if the domains are with genuine PR or fake PR. But all of them are with genuine PR.
Now on at the righthand corner, you will see “Buy” – under this you will see – NJ (, SN ( and others. We will focus only on those domains which are under SN (
You have already sorted the domains with “Google PR” and you can see PR6 domains listed under SN (
Now go to :…toreName=basic
And then search with the PR6 domain as “” in the search-box – then you will see the number of bidders there and the “Order by” date. Usually has very low number of bidders compared to GoDaddy/ NameJet. Just bid there with a high amount under your budget and you will be able to get those PR6 domains very easily.
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