Evony Stockpile

Evony Stockpile Technology


“When clouds appear, wise men put on their cloaks. – William Shakespeare

Human beings learned to gather naturally preserved food and to assist nature in the preserving process about 10,000 years ago, before the dawn of agriculture and animal husbandry. Human beings in the Stone Age stored nuts and seeds for winter use and discovered that meat and fish could be preserved by drying in the sun. Food preservation or storage was crucial to a country. Without this critical factor, a country was almost defenseless in wars.”

The point of Stockpile:

Stockpile increases the amount of resources to be protected by 10% each upgrade. This is by far the most useless technology in Evony right now. Given the fact that enemies probably have Privateering (decreasing protected resources) and that the amount of resources protected is so small, Stockpile is nearly pointless. It’s highly recommended to not have a warehouse in your city, and save that space for another more useful building. Stockpile also is a waste of your gold you could be spending in other, better ways.

Level of importance: 3 / 10