Evony Speaker

Evony Speaker
Evony Speaker 10 Pieces Package
Evony Speaker 100 Pieces Package

The point of Speakers:

Speakers are used to talk in the World Chat box. This means that each time you send a message via the World Chat, a Speaker will be subtracted. If you have game coins, but no Speakers, then game cents will be subtracted each time you say something in the World Chat. You also need speakers to send a group message to people in your alliance.

When Speakers are most useful:

–    When you are trying to recruit players into your alliance
–    When you need to send a group message to all the players in your alliance

The cost of Speakers:

You can buy 1 Speaker for 3 game cents.

You can buy a 10 Speaker Package for 27 game cents.

You can buy a 100 Speaker Package for 240 game cents.

Item Importance: 1 / 10