Evony Privateering

Evony Privateering Technology


“The sinews of war are infinite money. – Cicero

A letter of marquee is an official warrant or commission from a government authorizing the designated agent to search, sieve, or destroy specified assets or personnel belongings to a foreign party which has committed some offense under the laws of nations against the assets of citizens of the issuing nations, and has usually been used to authorize private parties to raid and capture merchant shipping of an enemy nation. It wasn’t until 1856 that the right to issue letters of marque was relinquished by signatories to the Declaration of Paris.”

The point of Privateering:

Privateering is only important whilst raiding enemy cities. If the enemy has a warehouse, privateering decreases the majority of the enemy’s warehouse effects, thus, allowing you to loot more resources and gold.

Level of importance: 6 / 10