Evony Phishing

Why is my account getting “hacked” on Evony? How are people hacking my Evony account? How do I hack somebody’s Evony account?

These are very common questions that players ask.

Well, quite simply, you are not getting hacked. Nobody is hacking your Evony account. There are two possibilities of what is happening to you and I will go over one of them in this guide.

You are getting phished. What is phishing?

Phishing – “The practice of luring unsuspecting Internet users to a fake Web site by using authentic-looking email with the real organization’s logo, in an attempt to steal passwords, financial or personal information, or introduce a virus attack; the creation of a Web site replica for fooling unsuspecting Internet users into submitting personal or financial information or passwords”

In this case, it is most commonly when a person makes a fake Evony server or forum where he/she attempts to trick Evony players into entering their username and password.

Here is an example of what a phishing site might look like:

Evony Phishing Example

Click here for an enlarged image!

Please be sure to check the url that you are putting your username and password on! If somebody sends you a link and tells you that a new server is released, then be sure that it is the real Evony and not a fake.

I will go into keylogging, cracking, and password logging in another article. Stay tuned!

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