Evony Mining

Evony Mining Technology


“You should hammer your iron when it is flowing hot. – Publius Syrus

There is evidence of surface mining dating back to prehistoric times. The first mining was probably for flint, which was used for knives, scrapers and arrowheads. The oldest known underground mine was in Swaziland over 40,000 years ago, to mine for ochre to use as a body pigment in ceremonies. During the Neolithic Age, shafts were dug to extract flint from deeper in the earth. Gold, copper, and silver were other minerals early in history.”

The point of Mining:

Because each upgrade increases your iron production by 10%, Mining is for people who want to have higher iron production. The more iron you have, the more troops you may train and the more buildings you may construct. Just because iron is not worth much at the beginning of your game doesn’t mean it’s worthless – Iron becomes the most expensive (competing only with lumber) resource in the game. Prices nearly triple food and are almost 10 times as high as stone on average.

Level of importance: 8 / 10