Evony Military Science

Evony Military Science Technology


“I must study politics and war so that my suns may have the liberty to study mathematics and philosophy. – Sun-Tzu

While truly masterful works on war by men like Sun Tzu and Machiavelli have remained valuable since their creation, the acknowledgement of Military Science as a field of study separate from war itself only began in the seventeenth century. During the next two hundred years, numerous treatises on contemporary warfare surfaced. Two of the most influential military scientists of their times, Carl von Clausewitz and Antoine Henri-Jomini, birthed a rival that continues to this day, focused in large part on their major works, Clausewitz ‘On War’ and Jomini’s ‘The Art of War’.”

The point of Military Science:

With each Military Science upgrade, you enhance troop training speed by 10%. This is absolutely huge considering the possibilities. If two opponents were to start dead even, the person with the higher Military Science would win because he/she could rake out the troops more quickly than his/her enemy. Obviously, numbers would speak for themselves. It’s very useful not waiting 48 hours for a simple 1,000 swordsmen to complete. Upgrade your Military Science technology and you might not have to wait as long!

Level of importance: 9 / 10