Evony Machinery

Evony Machinery Technology


“A god from the machine. – Menander

A machine is an object constructed of several parts that assist in the performance of a task. The machinery technology allows construction of fairly complex machines with metal components that story, modify and transmit energy in a useful fashion. A windmill is a machine of this time, as is a printing press. Man has used primitive machines throughout much of history. A box can be considered a simple machine, as can a mortar and pestle. More complex machines came into being in the Middle Ages – at least in Europe. The Persians had windmills back in the seventh century BC.”

The point of Machinery:

Machinery is actually a very interesting technology. What Machinery does, is when someone attacks you and destroys all or some of your fortified defenses (traps, abatis, archer’s towers, rolling logs, and defensive trebuchets) the higher your Machinery level, the more of those defenses will automatically regenerate. It’s similar to how NPCs regenerate 10% of their defenses and troops ever 2 minutes. Definitely, it’s fun to have half or more of your defenses pop right back up and see the surprise on your enemy’s face.

Level of importance: 9 / 10