Evony Logistics

Evony Logistics Technology


“No mutton, no hay. Starving as both warriors and horses do in wilderness. It’s time to turn to warehouse. – Genghis Khan

Logistics is the management of the flow of goods, information and other resources, including energy and people, between the point of origin and the point of consumption in order to meet the requirements of consumers (frequently, and originally, military organizations). Logistics involve the integration of information, transportation, inventory, warehousing, material-handling, and packaging. Logistics is considered to have originated in the military’s need to supply themselves with arms, ammunition and rations as they moved from their base to a forward position. In ancient Greek, Roman, and Byzantine empires, there were military officers with the title ‘Logistikas’ who were responsible for financial and supply distribution matters.”

The point of Logistics:

With each Logistics upgrade, you enhance troop load by 10%. Although this is not an essential part of a strong army, it is very important. If you need to quickly get resources from one city to another or transport resources to an ally this is useful.

Level of importance: 8 / 10