Evony Iron

Evony Iron

What Iron is most needed for:

Iron is the least valuable resource at the beginning of the game, but as time progresses, iron quickly becomes an expensive resource. Iron is needed to train military units, and a small amount is needed for constructions and researches. Iron is excessively needed for cataphracts and other strong troops.

The best way to get Iron:

There are three popular ways to get iron fairly easily.

– Build ironmines. The more ironmines you have, the higher iron production you have which results in more iron for your city.

– Buy iron from the market. Iron prices vary, but they are normally slightly below lumber and significantly above the other two.

– Plundering iron off of other players and NPC, just like other getting other resources, is common.

Out of the 5 resources, we rank iron as the 2nd “most important” resource.