Evony Iron Working

Evony Iron Working Technology


“Attack is the best way to defend. – “On War” – Carl con Clausewitz

Some examples of iron ornamentation date back to 4000 BC, but the use of iron for tools, weapons, and other practical purposes did not become common until much later. Prior to this time, bronze was the most widely used metal for such purposes. Although the term “Iron Age” denotes a period of time starting around 1000 BC, iron replaced bronze as the metal of choice at different times in various places. Iron is more common than copper and tin, the component metals of bronze, but iron is seldom found in a free state; it is most commonly found mixed with other minerals and elements. In order to be used, the iron must be separated from the ore. Once this technique was developed, and forges hot enough to melt the iron were developed, iron working become commonplace. Worked iron was harder, less brittle, and could hold a much sharper edge than bronze.”

The point of Iron Working:

With each Iron Working upgrade, you enhance troop defense by 10%. This is just one of the military technologies that you need in order to survive. Whoever has the highest attack, defense, and life will prevail – defense is one of those.

Level of importance: 9 / 10