Evony Informatics

Evony Informatics Technology


“Know both your opponent and yourself ever victorious. – Sun-Tzu

‘Know thy enemy’ has been an essential part of warfare since the dawn of time, with victory almost always falling into the hands of the informed. While intrigue and backstabbing (usually quite literally) have been part of the war since time started, in the modern era, intelligence has become a multi-billion dollar endeavor. New technologies such as spy satellites and remote microphones, have facilitated the gathering of information, giving eyes and ears all over the world to those who are in need.”

The point of Informatics:

With each Informatics upgrade, you can gain more information from scouting report and also gain more information about who is attacking you. Informatics is a necessity for people who want to play Evony. If you are not informed on the happenings of your enemy, then you will lose and die. It’s hard to emphasize that if you don’t eventually have level 10 Informatics, there’s not much point in your trying to become #1.

Level of importance: 9.5 / 10