Evony Gold

Evony Gold

What Gold is most needed for:

Gold is the main currency used to buy and sell the other four resources. For example, 1 food is worth 2 gold, 1 lumber is worth 3 gold, 1 stone is worth 0.5 gold, and 1 iron is worth 3 gold. Gold is the most demanding for researching technology. Technologies can cost anywhere from 1,000 gold to 5,000,000 gold.

The best way to get Gold:

There are three popular ways to get gold fairly easily.

– Set your tax rate to 50% to gain maximum gold. For an in-depth guide to earning gold off taxes, please view this page.

– Selling food, lumber, stone, or iron in your market is a very easy and quick way to get gold.

– Plundering gold off of other players or NPCs is a great way to earn some extra goodies.

Out of the 5 resources, we rank gold as the 3rd “most important” resource.