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I’m sure you all have seen somebody in the world chat typing something like this: “cmd:cheat:lumber:1000”. Alternatively, you may have seen somebody say “For 10k of each resource, press ALT-F4”.

Now this is very annoying to people who are legitimately trying to use the world chat. In addition, it is an obscene abuse of the world chat and rude to the new players of Evony. These people who are sending these messages should be reported and permanently banned from ever playing Evony again.

There is no such thing as a Evony cheat. There is no way to type something so that you can automatically obtain the resources lumber, stone, food, or iron. So please do not make a fool out of yourself by typing “cheats” that somebody cleverly told you about.

Straight to the point: do not press ALT-F4 or ALT-W. These will close your browser and leave you very confused. It is simply a sad joke to get “newbies” to become bewildered at why their screen went away.

So next time you see someone trying to “cheat”, or somebody telling another person how to “get free gold”…report them, and make yourself feel a little bit better.

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