Evony Food

Evony Food

What Food is most needed for:

Food is what makes your troops and army survive. If you do not have food, your army will go hungry, starve, and die. Food is usually in high demand, due to the huge armies that players have acquired. Of course, you need food to recruit or train troops and you need a small amount of food to construct buildings and fortifications.

The best way to get Food:

There are three popular ways to get food fairly easily.

– Build farms. The more farms you have, the higher food production you have which results in more food for your city.

– Buy food from the market. Food prices vary, but they are usually lower than lumber or iron.

– Plundering food off of other players, but mainly NPCs, is a reliable way to gain large amounts of food every day.

Out of the 5 resources, we rank food as the 4th “most important” resource.