Evony Aries Amulet

Evony Aries Amulet

The point of an Aries Amulet:

The Aries Amulet has the potential to give you the most valuable item in the game (Holy Helm of Mars). Each time you use the Aries Amulet, you spin the wheel for a reward. Hods.com currently has a table of what rewards you can get and what your chances of getting that reward are. Full information: Evony Amulet Wheel

When Aries Amulet is most useful:

– When you need to get some medals to promote yourself.

– When you want to get the best possible hero in the game.

– When you are about to lose, and you need to instantly get some loyalty back.

The cost of an Aries Amulet:

You can buy 1 Aries Amulet for 5 game cents.

Item Importance: 7 / 10