Evony Archery

Evony Archery Technology


“Do not throw the arrow which will return against you. – Kurdish Proverb

An important technological innovation, bows were perhaps the first machines built to store energy slowly then release it quickly. Bows and arrows have been in existence for 30,000 years. The original bows were made of springy wood – yew, bamboo, palm, etc. By 1300 BC, bows were made of composite material – wood, horn, and sinew. The first arrows were probably straight wooden sticks with one end sharpened and fire-hardened. Stone tips were added once man learned to sharpen flint.”

The point of Archery:

With each Archery upgrade, you increase shooting range by 5%. Archery is a technology that you have to upgrade to level 10 – or face destruction. If you are unaware of the importance of range, please read this guide.

Level of importance: 10 / 10