Evony Age 2 (Age II) Beta

Evony has long promised that they were working hard on an Age 2 (Age II). Finally, the time is near! Evony has opened a beta server for people to test the new Evony age.

Beta server:

  • Server: Evony Age II Beta. Server Link: beta.evony.com
  • The server’s account limit is 15,000. The registration portal will be closed once the limit is hit. Daily maintenance will clear all inactive accounts. Inactive accounts are specified as: 1) failure to login the beta server in 48 hoursyou’re your prestige is less than 10,000. The registration portal will be reopened when the clearance is finished.
  • 1,000 game cents will be delivered to every account when the maintenance is done.
  • Beta server may be closed or reopened for registration or reset players’ accounts at anytime without notice.
  • The beta server will be taken offline two weeks before the launch of the live server.

Due to this new release, I’ve added the beta server to the Evony Server Status.

There are a lot of new items in Evony Age 2 ranging from Heroes Gear & Attributes, Stratagem, Quest items.

Let’s work together to figure out the secrets of Evony Age II at the dedicated Evony wiki. Edit in what you know!