Evony Advanced City Teleporter

Evony Advanced City Teleporter

The point of an Advanced City Teleporter:

Advanced city teleporters are amped up versions of the regular city teleporter. With an adv. city teleporter, you can move one of your cities to any where on the map. Unlike the city teleporter, this advanced one can choose exactly the location you’d like to move to.

When Advanced City Teleporters are most useful:

– When you are running away from somebody much more powerful than you are and you’d like a quick getaway.

– When you are pursuing an enemy who is fleeing from you, you can teleport right in next to them

– When you’d like to choose a strategic position to place your city or cities

– If you’d like to put one of your cities next to your friends’

The cost of Speakers:

You can buy 1 Advanced City Teleporter for 90 game cents.

Item Importance: 6 / 10