Make sure you have read the Guide to Fighting a Weak Hero before you read this proof-page.

First NPC, Scout 1: Quite obviously, I do not want to fight a level 49 hero. Therefore, I will scout again. First NPC, Scout 2: This is actually a very ideal hero that you want to fight. It's level 7 and must be fairly weak. I scouted again just to see if I could get an even lower hero =p. First NPC, Scout 3: I could decide to try to attack the NPC now. I got gready and I went ahead and scouted again. First NPC, Scout 4: A level 10 hero named Faithe. I decided that I probably wasn't going to get lucky any time soon, so I chose this hero as the one I would be attacking. First NPC, First Attack: As you can see, I did indeed fight the level 10 Faithe. I was able to win even with a pretty weak hero myself (Samantha level 65). This should be enough proof already. First NPC, Conquer Successful: Just to verify that I did go on to completely take the level 10 NPC, here's the final report. (Note it is the level 10 Faithe that I scouted.) Second NPC, Scout 1: Anybody still have doubts? Someone still not believing? I went on to do a second NPC just to solidify and prove my point. As you can see, I do not want to fight a level 23 hero. I scouted a second time. Second NPC, Scout 2: A level 17 hero. Eh, I probably could do it without a problem, but I always want to minimize my losses so I scouted again. Second NPC, Scout 3: A level 20 - not a good result. I scouted again. Second NPC, Scout 4: By now, I was getting a little frustrated because I had gotten a level 29 on my fourth scout. I scouted a fifth time. Second NPC, Scout 5: Perfect! A level 8 hero named Felix. I sent my armies. Second NPC, First Attack: Quite obviously, I am fighting that same level 8 Felix that I saw in my last and final scout. Second NPC, Conquer Successful: Just for some final proof, the killing blow to the NPC. And there you go. I hope you understand it better now. Remember, Hods Realm of Evony is dedicated to making your experience that much easier.